Everybody's Here

Album: American Saturday Night (2009)
  • I'm still breathing and my heart's still beating
    I might as well start living again
    And so I threw on a shirt, put on a jacket
    Went out to meet some friends

    And now I'm acting like I couldn't be better
    Like I've always got this smile on my face
    Walking around, weaving through the crowd
    And trying not to look out of place

    'Cause everybody's here
    Yeah, but if you look close you'll see
    Everybody's here, everybody's here but me

    The first time somebody asked where you were
    I didn't know what to say
    The second time somebody asked where you were
    I lied and said she's on her way

    The third time somebody asked where you were
    Well, I just wanted to scream
    Well, I guess the land of the living
    Ain't no place for a heartbroken zombie like me

    'Cause everybody's here
    Yeah, but if you look close you'll see
    It's painfully clear, everybody's here but me

    Now I look around and see a lot of single people
    But there ain't a single one like me
    Because they all wanna leave here with somebody
    And I just wanna leave

    Everybody's here, it's painfully clear
    Everybody's here
    Yeah, but if you look close you'll see
    Everybody's here, everybody's here but meWriter/s: JIM BEAVERS, CHRIS DUBOIS, BRAD PAISLEY
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Spirit Music Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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