Album: Your Favorite Weapon (2001)
  • Laetitia, you destroy me, so I
    Can see why I feel so lonely
    When you and me could be forever
    Perfectly perfect together.
    I know.

    Broken down in my dead bedroom,
    Stuttering to pictures of you.
    I'm sure that you can always
    See me.

    I saw you staring through the
    TV last night.
    So I'll leave my door open all
    Night, in case you decide you

    Want to stop on by.
    Because you got to know who's
    Been singing that song on
    The radio.

    The one that goes...
    My friends all call me crazy
    Cause I stay up late anticipating,
    And planning for the day I sweep
    You off your feet, I'd never leave
    You alone.

    Laetitia, you got my hand shaking,
    I'm begging you oh baby please
    Stop breaking my heart because I
    Got the feeling that you and I
    Will never really get it on.

    So I'll leave my door open all
    Night in case you decide you want
    To stop on by.
    Because you got to know who's been

    Singing that song on the radio.
    The one that goes...
    Girl, come to me.
    The only broken-hearted lose
    You'll ever need, or I'll be left
    Alone forever with my magazines. Writer/s: Y, BRIAN LANE, GARRETT TIERNEY, JESSE LACEY, VINCENT ACCARDI
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Vamps from Indianalove the song, and at least now i can know what tf im singing along to xD
  • Jssmchh_rawr from Fayetteville, Nchah, i always wondered where he got the name latetia. hahaha. i agree, that "girl come to me, the only brokenhearted loser, you'll ever need. or i'll be left alone forever with my magazines" is pretty corny, but i think that brand new is the only band that could really pull that off. their lyrics are sometimes cliche, and often very simple, but with a bigger meaning behind them that you have to really think to understand.
  • Chris from Milwuakee, Wi"Laetitia you've got my hand shaking" wonder what Jesse was doin in his "Dead Bedroom"????
  • Damon from Seeley Lake, Mt"Girl, come to me, the only broken-hearted loser you'll ever need, or I'll be left alone forever with my magazines."
    This line comes off as both completely corny yet innocent and sincere. It kills me.
  • Damon from Seeley Lake, MtThis song is great. I LOVE brand new. Its awesome that they can right the deepest lyrics youve ever heard then turn right around a deliver this funny schoolboy homage to a supermodel. This song cracks me up.
  • Daniel from Suwanee, Garight there with ya max, i love this song too
  • Max from Gothenburg, Swedenhaha love this song =p
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