Album: Baby I'm-A Want You (1972)
Charted: 15
  • I found her diary underneath a tree
    And started reading about me
    The words she's written took me by surprise
    You'd never read them in her eyes
    They said that she had found the love she waited for
    Wouldn't you know it, she wouldn't show it

    When she confronted with the writing there
    Simply pretended not to care
    I passed it off as just in keeping with
    Her total disconcerting air
    And though she tried to hide
    The love that she denied
    Wouldn't you know it, she wouldn't show it

    And as I go through my life, I will give to her my wife
    All the sweet things that I can find

    I found her diary underneath a tree
    And started reading about me
    The words began stick and tears to flow
    Her meaning now was clear to see
    The love she'd waited for was someone else not me
    Wouldn't you know it, she wouldn't show it

    And as I go through my life, I will wish for her his wife
    All the sweet things that she can find
    All the sweet things they can find Writer/s: David Gates
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 15

  • Humberto Campos from Recife BrazilIt is a letter so easy of understanding. In the first part it is the euphoria of the mistake when the narrator thinks to be him in the girl's narrative daily
    in the second part it is the deception when the narrator understands that it IS NOT HIM the girl's love.
    Then he concludes that's both to be very happy in the marriage. Simple like this
  • Seth B from Warwick at the end of the song the lyric 'i will wish for her his wife' can show how much he loved her and he just hoped they would be happy together, it also can show him letting her go.
  • Labed from IndianaSeriously, how many guys have you met who could or would handle that situation in the same way...0. Love the song but I always thought it was unrealistic. Plus, I read he made the song up. Bread should be in the Rock Hall of Fame.
  • Bob E from Richardson TxYes - the ending is completely surprising and selfless that shows how much he cares for the girl; so much so that he not only wishes all happiness for the girl that he lost but also for another guy that ends up marrying her. David Gates is a true poet !!
  • Kenneth from PhilippinesI think the meaning of "I will wish for her his wife" is having the other guy call the girl "his wife"
    The singer, wishes for the girl to be called "his wife" by the guy he originally fell inlove with.
  • Dan Olivero from Schaumburg, Il1974 Iroquois Jr. High Des Plaines, IL mandatory dancing at gym time. Could not tell you who I was dancing with but the gym teachers were playing a Bread album. Diary came on and for some reason I concentrated on the lyrics. It hit me like a punch. I fell in love with the emotional impact music can have. It has been a huge part of my life ever since, 42 years later and hopefully beyond. David Gates, what a guy. Love to meet him.
  • Katie from Tucson, AzGilbert, the lyrics are: "And as I go through my life, I WILL WISH FOR HER HIS WIFE, all the sweet things she can find" There's no "he will give to her....." line.

    He's found she loves another man, so he's wishing for her to be happy with this other man. It's not about a lesbian couple.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn April 16th 1972, "Diary" by Bread entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #81; and on June 4th it peaked at #15 (for 2 weeks) and spent 11 weeks on the Top 100...
    Between 1970 and 1977 the group had thirteen records make the Top 100; with six making the Top 10 and one reaching #1 ("Make It With You" for 1 week in 1970)...
    Besides "Diary", they had two other records peak at #15; "Sweet Surrender" and "Aubrey"...
    R.I.P. James Griffin (guitarist, 1943 - 2005), Michael Botts (drummer, 1944 - 2005), and Larry Knechtel (bassist, 1940 - 2009).
  • Gilbert from Quezon City, PhilippinesI can't understand that line... "And as I go through my life, he will give to HER his WIFE?" Is that his wife's love is waiting for is a LESBIAN? Because he will to HER his wife? I'm so curious please answer it :)
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyIn 1959 Neil Sedaka released a completely different song titled "Diary", it peaked at No. 14, one position higher than Bread's song...
  • Bill from Tuscon, AzWhat an suprising end to such a beautiful song.
  • Ladylhai from Q.c., Philippineswhen the first time i heard it, i just laugh.... coz i remember the time when my crush got my diary.... its so funny.... hahaha
  • Jeff from Columbia, MdI think it's supposed to be disconcerting air, not disconcerting wish
  • Lench from La Mirada, CaWhat a painful song! I mean, it's great, but painful for the one who's perspective it's from. Incredible love the dude shows, singing at the end, "and as I go through my life, I will wish for her HIS wife, all the sweet things she can find, all the sweet things THEY can find." Talk about true love, eh? Completely selfless. A much bigger man than I could ever be! Excellent lyrics.
  • Mark from Mchenry, IlThis song is absolutely beautiful. The story is very moving and is woven together so well. But then I expect no less from David Gates, one of the best songwriters of his generation but rarely mentioned in discussions about such things.
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