Persona Non Grata

Album: Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was (2020)
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  • Getting dressed for a date
    Put on blue aftershave
    Wore a kilt like a Celt
    Hid the way that I felt
    Combat boots, falling leaves
    West village Halloween
    To a Bollywood song
    Taking shots 'til we're gone
    And we're gone in the autumn
    Persona non grata
    I'm the last of the best
    I'm your thoughts
    In the swamp

    There's a playground of children
    In the shadows of buildings
    There's a line out the church
    Where your homelessness works
    Where your stain glass and crimson
    Meets Ezekiel's visions
    Saw a valley of bones
    Where no man shall be saved

    And now you
    You come to me
    Asking that
    And now you
    You come to me
    And you're asking that
    Oh how can we reconcile?

    Left your innocence there
    In Tienanmen square
    You were filled with despair
    Underfed and depressed
    Vacant lot
    Where a prison stood
    God knows you never would
    Lie to yourself
    But you do every time
    Made a life of deception
    And passive aggression
    I'm gonna scream when I sing
    I'm gonna die in the rain
    Turn me on you're a knock out
    Climb up on my cloud
    Do your worst to me now
    Before I change my mind

    And now you
    You want to be true
    To me once again
    And you want me to be true
    To you, once again
    Oh yeah, you
    You want to be true
    To me, once again
    And you want me to be true
    To you once again Writer/s: Conor Oberst
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Pyffer from WiscoI'm just a guy that lives in his late mother's house next to the church/homeless shelter after coming home from the military. Willing to jump into a relationship with a seemingly fair woman, I found she had extremely detrimental effects on my mental health due to her abandonment issues that she vehemently denied. She claimed that I was insane and bipolar for feeling the way I did when she blew up on me(until I finally called it off).. then she disclosed her traumatic childhood experiences to me so that I would stay. Guilt for leaving, promising things would change, suicidal threats, anything.. I can't leave. 'Tomorrow will be the day', I say to myself....every single day.
    When I forgive everything in the past it backfires on me and I'm blamed for how I handled our previous situations. But then I'm told I'm the most patient and kind person she's ever met and she can't imagine her life without me. Yet it's abusive for me and I cant just leave.
    So take my story and try to understand how I interpret this song. It's a sort of solace to me to hear someone so successful convey these lyrics.
    - Cody
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