Album: A Sort Of Smile (2004)
  • Cantona
    A Sort of Smile
    It must've hurt when you fell.
    Too much weight and no broad shoulders for you to set it on.
    Well I wish I coulda been there, I woulda stood and watched it all.

    So what's worse, black or white?
    You've got no more colors but you still need to put it on.
    So you take the slimmer version, it don't fit and you can't make it.

    Take it easy now it's only words "I'm sorry."
    Easy does her now isn't that what you said?
    We're almost ready so here comes the truth, You turn it inside out, that's so like you.

    Well no one left to nurse the truth
    'Cause there's too much weight and there's no backbone for you to set it on.
    Now ain't that heavy baby?
    You've got to stand and bear it all.

    Well here comes the dirt that you fear.
    You little girl, you're so foolish but you still need to get it on.
    And truth be told I said it, but so what? I'd say it again.

    Repeat chorus

    Take it easy now I 'm sorry.
    You'll find your new face for tomorrow.
    It's only words so yeah I'm sorry.
    Well there you are crying,
    And here we are smiling.


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