Only These Words

Album: Higher Truth (2015)
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  • In a castle
    Down a long road
    A little girl was born
    To a king and
    To a queen and
    Her mother's eyes welled up with tears of joy
    Staring at the tiny face
    Of a miracle she made
    She would say I love you
    She would say I love you

    Summer came and went
    Autumn rolling in
    Trees all stripped to bone
    Daddy's little girl in his arms, well
    They sit upon his throne
    Who is that thief hiding in the dark?
    Just a little girl who stole his heart

    And he would say I love you
    He would say I love you
    He would say I love you

    With only these three words repeating
    A simple greeting, but it's all you wanna keep
    Clever lips can be misleading
    A tongue can fly away
    And won't come back
    But, it's only these words we recognize

    Six o'clock A.M
    The alarm rings out
    Awoken from the dream
    No more castle down a long road
    No more kings and no more queens
    But she's a princess none the less
    And a handsome prince is what she'll get

    He will say I love you
    He will say I love you
    He will say I love you
    He will say I love you
    He will say I love you
    He will say I love you Writer/s: Chris Cornell
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Blackgiveswaytoblue from EuropeOk so now the original version mentioning Toni and Christopher of this song is going to be released? I would think that he wrote songs for all of his children and the one on the HT album is for Lily..and I really hope that if the song was meant for her, he told her.
  • Nikki from CaliforniaWhy is Vicky trying to make it seem like the Higher Truth song Only These Words wasn’t written for his first daughter Lily? The lyrics are very clear and his interviews about it are written clearly as well. He wrote Dandelion for Toni, why is she upset that Only These Words was for Lily? They each got their own song, seems like teenage jealousy towards Lily from both Vicky and the middle daughter Toni. Sad for them that they’re so immature.
  • Katieb from NyAccording to Matt Robinson, Chris' first demo recorded was for Toni BUT!!! He told Matt Robinson, music journalist, the first bars and verses of the song was written in 2002 for his other daughter. When he recorded final version for 2015 album he decided instead to direct it to Lily, as a gift to her because they were growing closer. As poster says below probably guilt too xx
  • Stoplyingvicky from ChicagoThis song has been confirmed as being written for Cornell's first born daughter, Lily. He confirmed it to other musicians during the production process. It's told from a dream perspective of a girl who's life isn't the cosy fairytale it should be, and Cornell expresses his guilt both at the failure of his first marriage and the breaking of the 'fairytale' life Lily should have had. This song is not about Toni Cornell. And her family all know that too.
  • Zelda from UsaAnd if he did write this about toni, then hes a s--tty father who tried to pretend he didnt have a life before vicky cornell
  • Zelda from UsaThis song was not written about toni cornell. I hate how people try to deny the fact that he had a beautiful daughter from his first marriage named Lily Cornell Silver who looks just like him by the way. Her parents divorced, she was borin in the summer. Song is definitely referencing Liky. Every blasted song cant be about toni sheesh
  • Lue Ann from IlHe obviously wrote this song about his daughter Toni. She was his princess and him and his wife loved her and represent the king and queen. And the ending of the song is a promise that she will one day find a man who will love her just as much.
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