Man of the House

Album: Starting Now (2008)
  • 6 A.M and Bobby's wakin' up
    Rolls outta bed with sleepy eyes
    Goes to his sister's room across the hall
    'Hey Daisy rise and shine'
    He pours two bowls of Captain Crunch
    Puts a fresh pot of coffee on
    He wakes his momma up off the couch
    The bus is here we love you mom

    He made the breakfast
    He did the dishes
    So she wouldn't have to

    Oh he's only ten
    This comin' of age he ought to be out playin' ball
    And video games
    Climbin' trees
    Or on a bike just ridin' around
    But it's hard to be a kid
    When you're the man of the house

    It's late at night and Larry King is on
    Momma's up on the couch again
    Bobby hears them all talk about
    That awful war his daddy's in
    So he runs off, straight up to his room
    Don't want his momma to see him right now
    He climbs in bed and says a silent prayer
    Then he cries his little blue eyes out
    Don't wanna let her down


    It's finally Saturday
    Bobby gets a phone call
    Another world away from home
    He says, 'I love you dad'
    Daddy says it right back
    Wish I could reach through this phone
    And hug you, and Daisy, and your mom
    I'm so proud of you son.'


    It's 6 A.M and Bobby's wakin' up
    Rolls outta bed with sleepy eyes Writer/s: CHARLES ELLIOTT WICKS, MICHAEL ANTHONY MOBLEY
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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