Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)

Album: Long Cold Winter (1988)
Charted: 54 12
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  • I can't tell ya baby what went wrong
    I can't make you feel what you felt so long ago
    I'll let it show
    I can't give you back what's been hurt
    Heartaches come and go and all that's left are the words
    I can't let go
    If we take some time to think it over baby
    Take some time, let me know
    If you really want to go

    Don't know what you got till it's gone
    Don't know what it is I did so wrong
    Now I know what I got
    It's just this song
    And it ain't easy to get back
    Takes so long

    I can't feel the things that cause you pain
    I can't clear my heart of your love it falls like rain
    Ain't the same
    I hear you calling far away
    Tearing through my soul I just can't take another day
    Who's to blame
    If we take some time to think it over baby
    Take some time let me know
    If you really wanna go


    Do you wanna see me beggin' baby
    Can't you give me just one more day
    Can't you see my heart's been draggin' lately
    I've been lookin' for the words to say

    [Chorus: x2] Writer/s: THOMAS CARL KEIFER
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Rosie from Arizona This was my favorite song by them as a kid along with Nobody’s Fool. My older cousins introduced me to them along with many great bands. I would sing this song a lot in foster care. Especially when I would be leaving a place. Though there was only one good home that I had.
  • Left Head Kick from Middle Class UsaAwesome song, I remember this one from 1988 when I was a kid.

    “Don’t know what it is, I did so wrong...
    Now I know what I got, it’s just this song...
    And it ain’t easy to get back it takes so long...”

    I recall being with my ex girlfriend over the last couple years. Beautiful Mexican girl, very special. I couldn’t wait to see her, to work out with her, to travel with her, to experience nice things with her, but it became toxic. I guess we were young, we were in love, and we were stupid to think it could last forever.

    Things became toxic at the end because she wanted more and I couldn’t give it to her. Feel like she was taking her frustrations out on me because things were not going in the direction she wanted after years . My walls were up, and I was afraid of ending up like my parents.
    If you really care about someone you have to be honest with yourself, and either go all the way or, get out of the way.

    And now we don’t talk.

    “...Now I know what I got, it’s just this song...”

    Tom Keifer - sick lyrics!
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