No Competition

Album: Home Alone 2 (2021)
Charted: 18
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  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    No competition, I only see me
    Lady from Paris and she tell me, "Oui"
    Go take a pill and boost your self-esteem
    I got what you need, need
    Told my connect, "I'll be back in a week" (yeah)
    Whip like Gordon Ram', the crack is on fleek
    I buy her Louis, Louis to her feet or we can go CC

    None of my cats don't touch my ice (yeah)
    No words, I don't bite, bite (yeah)
    You can get it if you act right
    When I see ID, we do the bike ride
    Tables turn, bridges burn
    My young buck new, he learn
    She came already, I still eat and she squirm
    Circle the block like Big Worm
    She wanna see Louis V, double-G
    I fly-y-y overseas
    No lie-ie-ie, I'm a freak
    Take a pill, now she weird
    She said, "Ew!" on the stairs
    All of these hoes on me and I don't care
    Loyal to my wife, think I'm weird

    Said I'm geeked up
    I'm a G, word
    Hundred racks on my tee
    My lady on fleek, huh
    Said I'm geeked up
    I'm a G, word
    Hundred racks on my tee
    My lady on fleek, huh

    That's six-hundred brake on the truck
    And that's two-hundred thou' on the horse (horse)
    I like how I'm livin'
    I polish the glizzy, she polish the floors (like how I'm livin')
    The bricks are ceramic
    I'm offa the planet
    I won it and lost (won it and lost)
    Two-hundred miles per hour on the dash
    And the V8 sound like a horn, ayy (you dig?)
    The trap make me go evil on niggas
    And I got codeine in my liver
    I'm putting the press in the kitchen
    And I make the money deliver
    Biscotti for weeks (Biscotti, Biscotti)
    Exotic, exotic
    So high I can't speak
    And I promise I'm feelin' like Wallace and Gromit

    Said I'm geeked up
    I'm a G, word
    Hundred racks on my tee
    My lady on fleek, huh
    Said I'm geeked up
    I'm a G, word
    Hundred racks on my tee
    My lady on fleek, huh Writer/s: Adam Williams, Kevin Mike Gbaguidi, Ricky Banton, Wajdi Mlamali
    Publisher: CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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