Album: 3 Feet High and Rising (1989)
  • Hello boys and girls. Welcome to your De La Soul readalong storybook!
    When you hear this sound...
    That means turn the page
    And now we begin our exciting adventure of
    De La Soul is Dead


    Oh my God, Vanilla Ice, oh oh
    He's so fly!
    The boy is slamming
    Did you see his body?
    Yes, yes! And his dancing!
    That boy is slamming!
    He can dance too!
    He could
    He can dance better than any rapper I ever seen!
    And plus his dancing! I'm just saying!
    Yeah baby!
    He's so jammin'!


    Jeff: Yo, what's up?
    Girls: Yo, Jeff, where you been, man?
    Jeff: Guess what I just found, I just found a De La Soul tape in the garbage
    Girls: For real? Let's hear it!
    Jeff: Naw! No!
    Girls: Aww, be like that!


    Bully: What's up, cocksnot? How ya doing, buddy?
    Girls: Cocksnot? You gonna let him call you that? Sucker!
    Jeff: Leave me alone! Don't Touch Me! Don't Touch Me!
    Bully: What do we have here? What do we have here, buddy?
    Jeff: Nothing!
    Bully: Listen, you little Arsenio Hall gum having punk!
    Girls: Oooh! You let him call you Arsenio! Oooh!
    Bully: I want the tape!
    Jeff: It's mine!
    Girls: Oh, he played you! Jeff's getting played! Jeff! Jeff! Bodyslam him, Jeff!


    Bully: Now! I've got the new De La Soul tape! Hey dicksnot, buttcrust, get over here!
    What's up baby?
    Bully: I just got this De La Soul tape, man, slamming. Where's the box? The box!
    So, yo, let's get with the ?
    I got the bidox, let's do this like ?


    ...28. For those who have all four answers correct, you will recieve
    A specially selected Grand Prize. Thanks, and goodnight, for Three Feet
    High and Rising, this is Don Newkirk Writer/s: DAVID JOLICOEUR, KELVIN MERCER, PAUL HUSTON, VINCENT MASON JR.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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