The Aviator

Album: Purpendicular (1996)
  • Riding on the moonpath
    In the silver of the night
    The fragrance on the air
    Was of another time
    I cried in all my innocence
    You were dressed in white
    And even if I'd had the strength
    I couldn't move to save my life

    The fear and the thrill
    Of the beast at the window
    The shivers and the chills
    On the hottest of nights
    He walked right through
    My open door
    As I began to run, he threw
    Some gold upon the floor, and said
    There's plenty more
    Where that came from

    I'm tired of the bombs
    I'm tired of the bullets
    I'm tired of the crazies on TV
    I'm the aviator
    A dream's a dream whatever it seems

    I flew along the lighted street
    I flew above the town
    I flew in ever rising circles
    Ever further from the ground
    As I begin to lose my breath
    Printed faxes turn a spin
    A distant corner of the room
    Will open up and let me in

    I'm tired of the news
    I'm tired of the weather
    I'm tired of the same thing every day
    I'm the aviator
    A dream's a dream whatever they say Writer/s: IAN GILLAN, IAN ANDERSON PAICE, JON LORD, ROGER DAVID GLOVER, STEVEN J. MORSE
    Publisher: Wixen Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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