Your Life's A Cartoon

Album: released as a single (1988)
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  • I said your life's a cartoon

    [Shock G]
    You woke up, threw on a striped yellow tie
    Threw down a cup of coffee, kissed the wifey goodbye
    Leave the office each day around eleven o'clock
    Then you drive, stop, park, walk about three blocks
    To a peep-show booth and meet a girl named Ruth
    Wasn't sweating the shame, didn't use your real name
    Booked a hotel room, suite paid until June
    Get home and tell wifey that you're not in the mood
    But then the game got stale and your face grew pale
    When you came home early that day feeling ill
    Stepped through the door, dropped your brief and your beeper
    Your wife is getting down with all your housekeepers
    You was mesmerised, how could you be surprised?
    Only gave it to her Christmas and the fourth of July
    Oh, you had it going on, with ease you really worked it
    Let's review the scene just to see if it was worth it:
    Okay, last fall's when you started it all
    October to when you caught your wife bending over
    Broke up your home now you're on your own
    You lost your dignity; your self-respect is gone
    I got to laugh though, 'cause, cause you thought you was slick
    At least she got it free, but you? Youse a big trick
    You helped the pimps get paid, took a shot at catching AIDS
    And got your wife turned out by the butler and the maid

    Your life's a cartoon

    [Shock G]
    Try to take a nod on the bus, put your ear in a blob
    Left by a moisturiser overdoing slob
    Nice and wet down your neck with the jheri curl drip
    Couldn't see out the window cause the drip was so thick
    Walking through the mall with the house shoe lag
    Greasy doorag, sour jheri curl bag
    Loud talking and walking jerking your neck
    It's the first of the month, you got your welfare check
    Storekeeper johns, they're rubbing their palms
    Cause they know you never read the words in the Koran
    Where it tells you don't be jealous 'bout what you don't have
    Support the brother who opens up a shop on the Ave.
    You want slack cause you're black but if it ain't dirt cheap
    You're quick to say [Humpty: I'm finna go cross the skreet]
    And that's another thing, man, the way you're talking is played
    You got to know the language if you wanna get paid
    Oh, you got a few ends, you might be driving a Benz
    But it's the credit man who wins out in the end
    He's got your car loan, interest on your mother's home
    He's got your daddy paying off shit he don't even own
    That's what I'm talking 'bout, man, what's the deal
    But just listen, I ain't dissing, this shit is for real
    Get yourself a nose job, yeah that's down
    Trying to look like a white man, you brainwashed clown
    You're up on European fashion and Japanese cars
    But if Wong pulled his market off the block you'd starve

    I said your life's a cartoon

    Publisher: AAT MUSIC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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