Carl Perkins' Cadillac

Album: The Dirty South (2004)
  • Life ain't nothing but a blending up of all the ups and downs
    Dammit Elvis, don't you know
    You made your Mama so proud
    Before you ever made that record, before there ever was a Sun
    Before you ever lost that Cadillac that Carl Perkins won

    Mr. Phillips found old Johnny Cash and he was high
    High before he ever took those pills and he's still too proud to die
    Mr. Phillips never said anything behind nobody's back
    Like "Dammit Elvis, don't he know, he ain't no Johnny Cash"

    If Mr. Phillips was the only man that Jerry Lee still would call sir
    Then I guess Mr. Phillips did all of Y'all about as good as you deserve
    He did just what he said he was gonna do and the money came in sacks
    New contracts and Carl Perkins' Cadillac

    I got friends in Nashville, or at least they're folks I know
    Nashville is where you go to see if what they said is so
    Carl drove his brand new Cadillac to Nashville and he went downtown
    This time they promised him a Grammy
    He turned his Cadillac around

    Mr. Phillips never blew enough hot air to need a little gold plated paperweight
    He promised him a Cadillac and put the wind in Carl's face
    He did just what he said he was gonna do and the money came in sacks
    New contracts and Carl Perkins' Cadillac

    Dammit Elvis, I swear son I think it's time you came around
    Making money you can't spend ain't what being dead's about
    You gave me all but one good reason not to do all the things you did
    Now Cadillacs are fiberglass, if you were me you'd call it quits Writer/s: JOHN MICHAEL COOLEY
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