Album: Punch the Clock (1983)
  • Is it worth it?
    A new winter coat and shoes for the wife
    And a bicycle on the boy's birthday
    It's just a rumor that was spread around town
    By the women and children
    Soon we'll be shipbuilding...
    Well I ask you
    The boy said "Dad they're going to take me to task, but I'll be back by Christmas"
    It's just a rumor that was spread around town
    Somebody said that someone got filled in
    For saying that people get killed in
    The result of this shipbuilding
    With all the will in the world
    Diving for dear life
    When we could be diving for pearls
    It's just a rumor that was spread around town
    A telegram or a picture postcard
    Within weeks they'll be re-opening the shipyards
    And notifying the next of kin
    Once again
    It's all we're skilled in
    We will be shipbuilding...

    With all the will in the world
    Diving for dear life
    When we could be diving for pearls. Writer/s: ELVIS COSTELLO, CLIVE WILLIAM LANGER
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Ade from Coventry UkI once heard Elvis Costello say that he considered this to be Robert Wyatt's song that he covered.
  • Damon from Fayetteville, NcI first Heard this amazing song when I was 12 or 13, living in NYC. Didn't understand the significance, but I knew it was an amazing song that I played over and over and... Played that cassette so much it fell apart. Lol
  • Joe from Ithaca, NyImagine a popular artist today trying to cover a subject so well, in such an abstract way. I don't think the public has the intellect for the next EC, either. Sadly we (the masses) get what we deserve. More Britney, anyone?
  • Alan from Edinburgh, ScotlandSuede also did a fantastic cover of this for the War Child charity album "Help"
  • Don from Newmarket, CanadaCovered by Robert Wyatt, who had a hit in Britain with his version.
  • Craig from Madison, WiThis song is used in the movie "High Fidelity." Though this is a great song and all, I think the Elvis song they should have used in it was "High Fidelity." I know it's a stretch, but...
  • Wolf Chinnery from Hemel Hempstead,,, EnglandI cant believe that nobody has made a comment re this incredibly moving song.Right in the middle of the Thatcher years when we were fed a War to to disguise the rumblings of dissent at home.The only chance for a dying industry was to raise up its weary arms, build ships and ferry this countrys sons to their death.Not to be nit-picky but i think that Chets haunting solo is actually played on a Flugel horn,,,,,,bloody wonderful!!
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