Album: Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
Charted: 1 51
  • My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I
    Got out of bed at all
    The morning rain clouds up my window
    And I can't see at all
    And even if I could it'll all be gray
    Put your picture on my wall
    It reminds me, that it's not so bad
    It's not so bad

    My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I
    Got out of bed at all
    The morning rain clouds up my window
    And I can't see at all
    And even if I could it'll all be gray
    Put your picture on my wall
    It reminds me, that it's not so bad
    It's not so bad

    Dear Slim, I wrote you but still ain't callin'
    I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom
    I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got 'em
    There probably was a problem at the post office or somethin'
    Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot 'em
    But anyways, fuck it, what's been up? Man how's your daughter?
    My girlfriend's pregnant too, I'm 'bout to be a father
    If I have a daughter, guess what I'm a call her?
    I'ma name her Bonnie
    I read about your Uncle Ronnie too I'm sorry
    I had a friend kill himself over some bitch who didn't want him
    I know you probably hear this everyday, but I'm your biggest fan
    I even got the underground shit that you did with Skam
    I got a room full of your posters and your pictures man
    I like the shit you did with Rawkus too, that shit was fat
    Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back,
    Just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan
    This is Stan

    My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I
    Got out of bed at all
    The morning rain clouds up my window
    And I can't see at all
    And even if I could it'll all be gray
    Put your picture on my wall
    It reminds me, that it's not so bad
    It's not so bad

    Dear Slim, you still ain't called or wrote, I hope you have a chance
    I ain't mad, I just think it's fucked up you don't answer fans
    If you didn't wanna talk to me outside your concert
    You didn't have to, but you coulda signed an autograph for Matthew
    That's my little brother man, he's only six years old
    We waited in the blistering cold for you
    For four hours and you just said, "No."
    That's pretty shitty man, you're like his fuckin' idol
    He wants to be just like you man, he likes you more than I do
    I ain't that mad though, I just don't like bein' lied to
    Remember when we met in Denver, you said if I'd write you you would write back
    See I'm just like you in a way
    I never knew my father neither
    He used to always cheat on my mom and beat her
    I can relate to what you're saying in your songs
    So when I have a shitty day, I drift away and put 'em on
    'Cause I don't really got shit else so that shit helps when I'm depressed
    I even got a tattoo of your name across the chest
    Sometimes I even cut myself to see how much it bleeds
    It's like adrenaline, the pain is such a sudden rush for me
    See everything you say is real, and I respect you 'cause you tell it
    My girlfriend's jealous 'cause I talk about you 24/7
    But she don't know you like I know you Slim, no one does
    She don't know what it was like for people like us growin' up, you gotta call me man
    I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose
    Sincerely yours, Stan
    P.S. we should be together too

    My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I
    Got out of bed at all
    The morning rain clouds up my window
    And I can't see at all
    And even if I could it'll all be gray
    Put your picture on my wall
    It reminds me, that it's not so bad
    It's not so bad

    Dear Mister "I'm Too Good To Call Or Write My Fans"
    This will be the last package I ever send your ass
    It's been six months and still no word, I don't deserve it?
    I know you got my last two letters, I wrote the addresses on 'em perfect
    So this is my cassette I'm sending you, I hope you hear it
    I'm in the car right now, I'm doing 90 on the freeway
    Hey Slim, I drank a fifth of vodka
    You dare me to drive?
    You know the song by Phil Collins, "In the Air of the Night"
    About that guy who could a saved that other guy from drowning
    But didn't, then Phil saw it all, then at a a show he found him?
    That's kinda how this is, you could a rescued me from drowning
    Now it's too late, I'm on a thousand downers now, I'm drowsy
    And all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call
    I hope you know I ripped all of your pictures off the wall
    I love you Slim, we coulda been together, think about it
    You ruined it now, I hope you can't sleep and you dream about it
    And when you dream I hope you can't sleep and you scream about it
    I hope your conscience eats at you and you can't breathe without me
    See Slim, shut up bitch! I'm tryin' to talk!
    Hey Slim, that's my girlfriend screamin' in the trunk
    But I didn't slit her throat, I just tied her up, see I ain't like you
    'Cause if she suffocates she'll suffer more, and then she'll die too
    Well, gotta go, I'm almost at the bridge now
    Oh shit, I forgot, how am I supposed to send this shit out?

    My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I
    Got out of bed at all
    The morning rain clouds up my window
    And I can't see at all
    And even if I could it'll all be gray
    Put your picture on my wall
    It reminds me, that it's not so bad
    It's not so bad

    Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy
    You said your girlfriend's pregnant now, how far along is she?
    Look, I'm really flattered you would call your daughter that
    And here's an autograph for your brother
    I wrote it on the Starter cap
    I'm sorry I didn't see you at the show, I must of missed you
    Don't think I did that shit intentionally just to diss you
    But what's this shit you said about you like to cut your wrists too?
    I say that shit just clownin' dog, come on, how fucked up is you?
    You got some issues Stan, I think you need some counseling
    To help your ass from bouncing off the walls when you get down some
    And what's this shit about us meant to be together?
    That type of shit will make me not want us to meet each other
    I really think you and your girlfriend need each other
    Or maybe you just need to treat her better
    I hope you get to read this letter, I just hope it reaches you in time
    Before you hurt yourself, I think that you'll be doin' just fine
    If you relax a little, I'm glad I inspire you but Stan
    Why are you so mad? Try to understand, that I do want you as a fan
    I just don't want you to do some crazy shit
    I seen this one shit on the news a couple weeks ago that made me sick
    Some dude was drunk and drove his car over a bridge
    And had his girlfriend in the trunk, and she was pregnant with his kid
    And in the car they found a tape, but they didn't say who it was to
    Come to think about, his name was, it was you
    Damn! Writer/s: Paul Herman, Dido Armstrong, Marshall Mathers
    Publisher: Peermusic Publishing, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Marita Mcgilvery from Olympia WaEminem is the best. Period. And if it didnt bother him or affect him in some way, he would not have wrote this, plus you can hear every emotion in his voice and in his lyrics, which he himself wrote and dedicated to all which whom were effected by this tragic siuation and mabey put a spotlight on this issue of overly obsessed fans. He does care and to all you out there saying hes homophobic, y'all just got to have SOMETHING to b**ch about dont ya? Forget the haters. Always been a fan, always will be. #Be
  • Just Donna from Florida"The part of this song that was deemed anti-gay was the line where Stan writes, "We could have been together" and Eminem replies, "That's the kind of thing that makes me think we shouldn't meet each other." Elton John didn't have a problem with it."

    I never saw that part of the song as anti gay, cause I don't think stan is gay. That part came about cause stan says they could've been together, I see it as Bros, friends. Why would ppl jump to thinking he's gay?

    Eminem says, that makes him think they shouldn't meet because crazy fans think they are the same as their obsession, that stan believed him and Em were the same and they should be bros, but as a fan who only sees media and hears the rhymes, thinks he knows Em but he doesn't know s--t. He knows the public persona that Em allows. Personally that would scare me too. Nothing to do with homophobia, imo, but all to do with a stalker fan, who could be dangerous.
  • Luke Lee from London, UkI'm surprised this song didn't do so well in the US. You couldn't get away from it here. Every time you turned on the radio, it was either this or Ms. Jackson by Outkast.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesMercedes - sorry if you think I'm an idiot, but you are wrong about a couple of things in your post. Dido was NOT nothing before Eminem made her a hit, she was already known for being the younger sister of Rowland "Rollo" Armstrong from Faithless, who had several hits between 1995 and 2002 - she occasionally recorded with Faithless and in fact it was her connection to Rollo that landed her the chance to record the song "Thank Yuo" for the film "Sliding Doors", and it was this that led to her being invited to record "Here With Me" as the theme to Roswell, which was completed in 1999 - a whole year before she ever collaborated with Eminem, let alone before Stan became a hit - so that actually had nothing to do with Eminem at all. There were calls for "Here With Me" to be relased as a single before "Stan" was even released. Also, Dido certainly isn't a one-hit wonder either - between 2000 and 2004 she actually had a run of seven Top 30 hits (including four Top 10 entries in "Here With Me" (#4), Thank You (#3)", "White Flag (#2)" and Life For Rent" (#8). If you don't agree with my views then that's fine - but don't go around calling others idiots just because you don't shre their opinions
  • Jake from Clarksville, ArI'm pretty sure that when lighting flashes it's just em's reflection....
  • John from Stockport, United KingdomI too, have to agree with 95% of the comments here. A great song, well structured and written in a style only Eminem knows how to...this is why he is as popular as he is. He doesn't mince his words with any of his songs. It shows though, if true, how some fans can be obsessive and sends them over the edge if they don't get that acknowledgement from a star. Phew, glad I'm not famous...YET.
  • Mercedes from Corona, CaDave & John,
    You're both idiots. Dido was nothing before Eminem made her a hit. If he hadn't made her well-known from "Stan", Dido's song would probably have never been used for Roswell, because nobody would know her. Adding "Thank You" to "Stan" did make it a more touching song, but he could have used a myriad of song clips that would have done just as well or perhaps better. I'm not saying Dido doesn't have any talent, but it takes more than that to make it in the music industry. Almost everyone in the industry got a leg up from someone, and Eminem was clearly her leg up. Plus, I don't know if y'all noticed, but Dido couldn't even keep her popularity. In all actuality, She's a one-hit wonder; "Thank You" was the only song of hers to make it on the radio. So she really does owe it to Eminem, not the other way around. Think about it.
  • Alec from Gilbert, AzI'm not exactly sure when I heard Stan. All I know is, it's one of the most phenomenal experiences, one of the most groundbreaking in music history.

    Now, I'm not used to Eminem being so serious. Looking at albums like The Slim Shady LP, Eminem Show, and even Relapse (which, to me really sucks), it seems that Marshal Mathers really does enjoy using his now-famous Slim Shady persona: A homophobic psycho, who is overwhelmingly violent and sarcastic.

    Stan's got a great story. First off, we have an absolutely obsessed fanatic, named Stan. He's got everything: rare albums like The Slim Shady EP, underground music, posters, everything. He's written to Eminem a few times before ("I wrote a couple letters back in autumn / You must not of got 'em, there must of been a problem at the post office or somethin'). He's an absolute maniac. He's an abusive asshole to his girlfriend (whom Dido sings lines for and plays in the Music Video), whom is very depressed because of this ("My tea's gone cold" / "I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all"), but tries to make something out of the relationship ("With your picture on my wall" / "It reminds me that it's not so bad... it's not so bad...")

    His anger issues are verbally and mentally obvious. ("I ain't mad that you haven't wrote back / "I just it's f--kED UP that you don't answer fans") He's even so addicted to Eminem he loves him. ("Sincerely, Stan." / "P.S. We should be together.") And this is him with his pregnant girlfriend. Granted, he does respect his family ("My little brother Matthew, you're like his idol, man"), and seems to really blame the rapper ("We waited four hours in the blistering cold for an autograph, and you said no.") for someone else's mistakes.

    And the end part is quite possibly the most sadistic part of the song, both in writing AND in nature. Stan's drinking, under depressants, and has locked his girlfriend in the trunk, suffocating. ("I ain't slit her throat or nothin'" / "I just tied her up") He's going to drive over a bridge. His anger level is at its highest. The details in this particular verse in the song are extraordinary, and shows the rap artists' poetic skills, clearly. (" I hope you can't sleep and you dream about it" / "And when you dream about it I hope you can't sleep and you SCREAM about it" / "I hope your conscience EATS at you and you can't BREATHE WITHOUT ME!") Absolutely poetic. And when the sound effects of the car smashing through the bridge rails and splashing into the water, killing Stan and his pregnant girlfriend, you feel SYMPATHY.

    It's actually kind of amazing, really.
  • Jez from London, United Kingdom'Stan' did indeed make UK #1 (for one week in December 2000, after which it was displaced by BTB) - as it did in ten other countries. In the US, restricted airplay meant that the cut didn't even make the Top 40. Bizarre.
  • Alison from Sydney, AustraliaStan is a great song but I do't like the video clip.
  • Becca from Sunland Park, Nmstan is such a great song the way he goes withh it its so great... emenim is the greatest
  • Dare_in from Springfield, IlI don't think anyone has mentioned it being "dark" did strike me that way.
    Sometimes kids take themselves too seriously...and then again...sometimes parents should take them seriously!
  • Brian from Ann Arbor, MiStan is by far my favorite song of all time. I cant stop listening to it. All of Em's new stuff doesn't even compare to this Stan. Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time.. and will forever live in fame for his natural talent behind the mic.. songs like this were written straight from the heart and get under the skin if its listeners.
  • Ivy from Springfield, Negood goood gooooooood song. i heard the original dido song playing on the radio, so after the part in this song came on, i turned off the radio and rapped the rest. my seven year old sister and her friends were AMAZAED at my freestylin skills. lol. 9/10
  • Sheldon from Surrey, ArEminemis hands down the best rapper who ever lived. I this song is proof.Its insanely genius, everytime i hear this song, i feel it in my bones. I feel very fortunate to have been in my prime age to listen to this song, and allow me to reflect on things in my life. This song is straight up sick. If anyone thinks there is one more song, in this world, rock, rap, jazz, that is more real than this i wanna hear it. Because i think no such thing exists. This is as real asit getsand it give me the f*cken chills.
  • Martini from Cologne, Nigeria1.The song refers to 97' Bonnie and Clyde[actual name] to the more common name:(Just the two of us[chorus formed name]).form The Slim Shady LP
    "If I get a daughter...I'm a name her Bonnie."

    2.As someone else stated earlier in Bonnie and Clyde Eminem Slit his "girlfriend"'s throat.

    3."I drank a fifth of vodka dare me to drive?" as another person already mentioned comes from the song "My Name Is"

    4.Eminem did an underground song with Skam called Old world Order.
  • Paul from Boston, MaThis song is about Stan "the Man" Musial, the great baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals. When eminem was growing up he had a Topps baseball card of Musial. He lost it when he used it in the spokes of his bicycle to make the bike sound like a motorcycle. He was riding over a bridge at the time and the card fell into a stream. Hewrote to Stan Musial to try to get another card, but never got a reply. A genuine tragedy in is life and beautifully captured in this song.
  • Saltine from Htown, TxGreat song one of best of his
  • Dallas from San Antonio, Txdis song is awsum. its the only one em did that i actualy thot about.iv heard all his songs and he is my idol.
  • Tosheouna from Cadiz, KyI think that its really sad and ppl i looked this up and everything that goes on in this song is true. all of this happened. the guys full name was stanley mitchell. and if u pay attention to the video and at the tombstone it says his name on it.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnGood song thanks to Dido.
  • Kayla from St. Paul, MnThis song.... Im speechless I can't explain this song is so addicting. I love Eminem..
  • Stafler from Durban, South Africai've played this song over hundred times. i don't understand why it's so addictive
  • Ian from Durand, Ilwhen i watch it at the end when matthew stans lil bro, his mom is shocked when he pulls back his hood and its just going to be a cycle only wit mattew not with stan
  • Kenneth Reid from Petal, MsI don't know if anyone said this about the song: but I figured since everyone is making random comments about it, I would fill this in:

    When Stan is recording the cassette right before he runs the car off the bridge he makes the statement: "But I didn't slit her throat, I just tied her up."
    -Stan's making a reference to Em's song "Just the Two of Us": which is sort of a humorous song in-which Em slits a particular woman's throat(not gonna say any names) and he and his daughter toss the woman in a river.
  • Jasmin from Ogden, UtI like the song, I love the song Thankyou. my cousin and my family are mormon and she was not allowed to listen to eminem so when she was baby sitting me she put in the cd and she says " don't tell anyone I listen to him" I was like eight. I never new the song name of it untill now! I love it. An im surprised that they would work together.
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --It was ranked number 15 on Vh1's 100 greatest hip-hop sonsg.
  • Austin from Smallsville, NePowerful song. I was just wondering is it based on a real story.
  • The Walrus from Uralla, AustraliaThis is easily Emenem's BEST song. Most of the others are needlessly offensive and mind-numbingly repetitive. This song actually means something.
  • Allox from Qld, AustraliaThe guitar chords in the background are really cool. I find it so smart how Eminem changes the tone of his voice to effectively to make it sound like Stan changing, then Eminem's cool, calm voice.....
  • Jailene from K-town, WaWow, based on the comments, this song is pretty popular, and I have to say I love it. For some reason though, it always sends these chills up and down my spine, just cause it's so...I don't know, there's just something about it, ya know?
  • Stefano from Rome, ItalyThough I don't like hip hop at all, I really like this song.
  • Max from New Brunswick, NjI hate RAP and eminem, but this is the one song that I actually REALLY REALLY LIKE. It is a good song with a referece to another good song.
  • Bob from Detroit, Dethis is the best song in the world and for all you ppl who think otherwise then talk to my fists. i would do what stan did just to get him to notice me. he is my hero so all u ppl get lost
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesAaron - Eminem owes a lot to Dido, remember, he sampled her, not the other way round
  • Bryanna from New York, Nyi like this song cuz it shows how fans can go crazy and over obbsessed with their idols. I love Eminem but I would never do what Stan did
    Bryanna NY
  • Aaron from Brisbane, Australiaeminem owes it all to dido? John, Millersville, your so naiive. dont be so ignorant and stop just making up your opinion on an artist from what u hear from others without actually listening to their music.
  • Sean from London, EnglandStan is my favorite song of all time. eminem makes me proud to like rap and hip hop!
  • Jon from Oakridge, OrI wouldn't say that I'm not a rap fan but I hate most mainstream rap. There's some good rap/hip hop but it's more of like alternative rap/hip hop. I hate the crap that just keeps repeating itself and says nothing. Anyway, I DO love this song; one of Eminems best.
  • Jt from Tullahoma, TnI think this just might be Eminem's best song and I'm not really a big Eminem fan.
  • Ruy from Lima, PeruI think this song is really great and sad, and this song's bass is really cool also
  • Alex from St Louis, MoI think this eminems most critically acclaimed song but on my list number 2 his best song in my eye is loose your self because it it very inspirational but this is #2 then mosh
  • K from M, ChileBest moment? Three.

    1) Hit me back, just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan, this is Stan.

    Just makes it so unbearably real, especially when you've heard the song before and know where it's going. It sounds like something that would, and could, happen, and that makes it so much more disturbing.

    2) We waited in the blistering cold for four hours and you just said no. That's pretty s****y man, you're like his f**king idol... I ain't mad.

    Up until then you can see where Stan's coming from, and you can see that he's right, that was a really selfish thing to do, but then he just swings suddenly to not being upset: it shows how f**ked up this actually is for him, and how unstable he's become.

    3) I hope you can't sleep and you dream about it. And when you dream I hope you can't sleep and you scream about it. I hope your conscience eats at you and you can't breathe without me.

    Do I need to explain? The rhythm and the intensity in his voice.... wow.
  • Aaron from Winnemucca, Nvhe made the song to answer crittics saying that he was corrupting kids and stuff. and how could he be dead for two years he performed at the grammys last year
  • Ashley Jade from Cleveland, GaEminem did not die in Vegas 2 years ago. He's been seen in the public eye hasn't he?
  • Randy from Lexington, KyThis could be a rumor but i heard that eminem died 2 years ago in vegas and 50 cent has been writing his songs and used recordings of his voice 2 cover the songs
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis song is one of Eminem's best songs ever! It tells the truth, though.
  • Nikki from Brampton, Canadai love this song so much. people think this song encourages people to go crazy like how stan did but i think em is just tryna say that thats what fans do. they go crazy with celebs. im pretty sure tho that i would go crazy too but not that crazy.
  • Tony from Ningbo, ChinaOf course,I love Eminem .I wonder When he will come to China to have the Eminem show.He is the person I admire most.I always listen to his songs when I am unhappy.The best relaxation I ever have had.
  • Ankur from Moonman, CanadaI only know three musicians that could think of something as talented as this: Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Eminem
  • Chris from Darwen, Englandbest eminem song ever!!!!!!!! your the man e!!!!
  • Chrissy from ManchesterEminem's best song by far in my opinion. I think John has a point, Eminem does owe some of this song's success to Dido, but this song also started her career in the USA. Great song, very meaningful and super.
  • Chris from Slidell, LaThis is one of Eminem's best songs. It is impressive. I hate that new s**t he's coming out with now though.
  • Claudia from Los Angeles,california, AzI love this song,It made me cry because when i was 7 i first heard it recorded on a tape.(my bro had recorded it)And 3 years later when i asked my sister's friend if he knew about it he told me yes and i asked the name of the song and he told me stan.So i looked it up and watched the music video,it was the most touching thing i had ever been through.At first when i heard it i thought it was Dido and Eminem talking 2 each other then when i saw the video i understood everything...
    I thought i was the only one who chose this song as a favorite but, I was wrong.I love ur talent Eminem if your reading this your my idol i look up to you and so does my boyfriend dont ever quit we love you!God Bless,Bye!^_^
    - Ur Loving fan Claudia Martinez
  • Sum Sum from New DelhiI love the song. I guess it became superhit because of Dido. Its about a neglected fan. The video is ok..makes lot of sense! I heard eminem is anti-gay, is it true?
  • Shane from Newcastle, EnglandAt the end of this video, when the lightning strikes, you can see Stans face in the window: looking in on Eminem writing his letter.
  • John from Sydney, AustraliaI've never really liked Eminem, but I really like this song a lot. I think it's very clever. I suppose what got me into it was the fact that it's based on "Thank You". I don't actually like all of Dido's songs that much - but I really like that first verse of that song. This song deals with really heavy stuff - it's really interesting to see Eminems thoughts on the mind of someone who's suicidal. Eminem very cleverly uses sound effects and the editing of his voice (for the verse in the car and rain and stuff) in this song. It surprises me how much insight this one song gives to Eminems attitudes and values. Usually one song won't give that much of an overall impression of an artist. I suppose it's the very clever blend of text-types between letter and song. Personally, I apreciated the song for its music and it's words (but moreso the words) and I think it's great - a view i do not share of most of the rest of Eminems songs (although I do like "Lose Yourself").
  • Kevin from Indepence, Moit is such an angry song, which is clearly about the obsessed fan that takes his love for slim to a new level.
  • Jen from Nvoh this song was so good lol and the video really shocked me great song no one could beat that!!
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cathis is what separates eminem from all other rappers. do you think mike jones or that idiot trick daddy could do something like this? Never. Great song.
  • Amber from Shropshire, United StatesI think the song is mint,Eminem dragged Dido Back up from the bottom when they made this tune ! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • John from Millersville, MdI think Eminem owes it all to Dido, seems that all the modern rap/hip-hop songs use older stuff as background music. Quite frankly, Eminem's lyrics come across (in his typical style) as crude, tactless, and certainly far from deep. When expressing vague sadness that a fan murders his pregnant girlfriend and kills himself is considered deep, the artist in question needs to evaluate his song writing tactics.

    This song is Eminem's best. It is also a terrible song.
  • Richard from Great Yarmouth, Englandas a musician myself i tend to listen to every song i can to see what the story is behind it. And does this have a story or what! My wife couldnt stand m&m b4 she listened to this song.Now she absoloutely loves him from stan to my band and superman to mockinbird, there's another great tune!!
    -richard,great yarmouth,england
  • Gabriel Maclean from Toronto, CanadaThis is an incredible song. I'd like to know if all that stuff with Stan actually happened though, if yes someone post it. Thanks
  • Jamie from London, EnglandThis is probably Ems deepest songs. Mind you The Einem Show gets pretty deep an all. Just wanted 2 say so.
  • Daniel from Leeds, EnglandBrilliant, powerful and one of many instant classics on The Marshall Mathers LP. He's the best artist around nowadays. From a Beatles fan.
  • Stephanie from Auckland, New ZealandI like the song, and that's not becauuse i like Eminem, it kinda speaks out, i dont know how but it just does, im a person who listen to music to calm me down n while im listenin, i listen to EVERY single word in the song to find out what their message is.
  • Ken from San Diego, CaIt's a good song...awesomely written. The way he sings it sounds like that crazy stuff happened, but I don't think it did.
  • A.j. from Chicago, IlThis would be a great song for everybody if it weren't sung by a rapper known for writing songs about raping his mother and hacking up "f*ggots". Very emotional, intense song, but really graphic for something played on MTV almost every hour in 2000.
  • Vikki from New York, Nyeminem always ends up sampling the most random songs out of the blue like sing for the moment and that song in runnin. i think all those samples dont work except in stan where everything is done perfectly
  • Joe from Oshawa, Canadai was downloading music and i saw the artist for a song i love called stan featuring is really messed eminem featured dido not the other way around.
  • Anonymousis whats in the song stan something that really happened???
    please e-mail me at
    and tell me
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeThe parody of this on Mad TV, while predictable, is hilarious. Instead of Elton John and Eminem hugging after the performance, they start making out.
  • Linda from College Station, TxI really want to know HOW IN THE WORLD Eminem hooked up with Dido to make this song? Em doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that normally listens to music like Dido.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesSorry, my mistake, I meant Roswell, not Farscape in my previous post - I'd just been watching Farscape, and put that in by mistake!!!
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesActually, this song didn't make No.1 in England for 11 weeks at all - it was famously beaten to the top spot by cartoon character Bob The Builder. As for the view that Dido owes Eminem a lot, what people seem to forget is that Eminem sampled Dido, not the other way round. With "Here With Me" having been used as the theme to Farscape, Dido would eventually have made it big without Eminem's help anyway.
  • Jacqui from Bedford, VaSad song...
  • Shana from Radcliff, KyEm finally takes a look in, at what it's like to be the fan, and what it is to be him..........
  • Cassandra from Cobram, AustraliaEminem rox but I not allowed to listen to it. i listen to it behind mum's back1
  • Gustavo from Manteca, CaThis song just flows and has a good beat. It truly shows Eminem's artistic abilities. Dido owes him a lot.
  • Phillip from Dublin, IrelandStan is an impressive song and proves once and for all that eminem is a serios artist and not just a stupid sicko. Admittedly, its pretty sick though
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