Two Pink Lines

Album: Sinners Like Me (2006)
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  • She was pacing back and forth
    On her front porch
    I pulled up slinging gravel
    In my daddy's Ford
    She cried all the way to Johnson's store
    I kept the motor running and parked by the door

    Yeah, I was foolish and wild
    She was classic and regal
    We were fresh out of school
    Both barely legal
    We were young and on fire
    It just couldn't wait
    Six weeks in, she was three weeks late

    One means nothing and we're home free
    Two means three and a diamond ring
    Yeah, wonder what faith is gonna decide
    We're just sitting around waiting on two pink lines
    Sitting around waiting on two pink lines

    Yeah, her daddy is gonna kill me
    And that's a fact
    Maybe we'll just leave town and never come, never come back
    Or I can stand there and tell him, face him like a man
    Ah, who am I kidding, he'll never gonna understand

    Yeah, that second hand just keeps slowing down
    I swear it stopped twice the last time around
    Yeah, we'll know the truth in 3 minutes time
    We're just sitting around waiting on two pink lines
    Sitting around waiting on two pink lines

    Hot summer nights
    Whispering her name
    Under the blanket by the riverbank
    Hearts beating fast
    We never thought twice
    She pulled me close and I held on tight

    When the moment of truth finally comes
    She gives me a look and she comes undone
    She says, "it looks like we're lucky, someone's smilin' down"
    She grabs her coat and say "see ya around"

    Yeah, these days the rabbit doesn't die
    You just sit around waiting on two pink lines
    Praying that faith is on your side
    Sittin' around waiting on two pink lines
    Sittin' around waiting on two pink lines Writer/s: ERIC CHURCH, VICTORIA SHAW
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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