The Bermuda Triangle

Album: Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974)
  • I guess you've heard about the Bermuda Triangle
    There's something going on
    Nobody seems to know just what it is
    And the airforce won't let on
    It might be a hole down in the ocean
    Yeah or a fog that won't let go
    It might be some crazy people talking
    Or somebody that we ought to know
    Down in Bermuda, the pale blue sea
    Way down in the triangle, it's easy to believe

    Now here's one
    You see strange shapes in moonlight
    And shadows in the night
    They said that wingtip seemed to brush their faces
    And strangers stole their sight
    Way down in the triangle
    Where the sea was smooth as glass
    Giving you one answer to a question
    That you never thought you'd ask
    Ah down in Bermuda, in the pale blue sea
    Way down in Bermuda, yeah it's easy to believe
    Down in the triangle, it's easy to believe

    They came from Galveston
    They came from New Orleans
    And then from Bloomington, and Delaware
    The used St. Petersburg, they came from Tampa
    And then from Mexico, it doesn't matter where
    They all completely share,
    All of those ships and planes,
    A great big mystery that cannot be explained,
    Down in Bermuda, in the pale blue sea

    You're feeling safe in your harbour
    And everything seems certain
    Right next to Palm Beach and Key Biscane
    Behind a velvet curtain
    But then the moon goes grey with worry
    And the sea turns a pale white
    You better believe something strange is going on tonight
    Down in Bermuda, ah, the pale blue sea
    Bermuda Triangle, yeah, it's easy to believe
    Down in the Triangle, it's easy to believe

    They came from Galveston
    They came from New Orleans
    And then from Bloomington, and Delaware
    Bermuda, the pale blue sea

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  • Adrian from Johor Bahru, MalaysiaBarry Manilow recorded another song with the same title. It was a catchy tune but unfortunately it did not chart.
  • Richard from Anniston, AlGreat song. It's great how right before the second verse, Bob says, "now here's one..."
  • Linus from Hamilton, On, CanadaAre you crazy? It's not 'exactly the same' as anywhere else on earth. If it was, it wouldn't be famous and don't know what you're talking about.
  • Wilfred from Melbourne, AustraliaYeah Martijn, I agree to some extent... but Bermuda Triangle stories make for good entertainment every now and again.
  • Martijn from Helmond, NetherlandsThere's nothing especially strange about the Bermuda Triangle, statistically speaking. Taking into acoount the amount of air and sea travel in the region, no more ships and airplanes disappear there than anywhere else on the world's oceans.
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