Rico Suave

Album: Mo Ritmo (1991)
Charted: 7
  • Seguro que han oído que yo soy educado
    Soy un caballerito un chico bien portado
    Un joven responsible why siempre bien vestido
    Yo no se quien ha mentido

    I don't drink or smoke ain't into dope
    Won't try no coke, ask me how I do it, I cope
    My only addiction has to do with the female species
    I eat 'em raw like sushi

    No me gustan ternos, mi estilo es moderno
    Si me enterno, you me enfermo
    Mi apariencia es dura, vivo en la locura
    No me vengan con ternuras

    So please don't judge a book by its cover
    There's more to being a latin lover
    You got to know how to deal with a woman
    That won't let go
    The price you pay for being a gigolo

    There's not a woman that can handle
    A man like me
    That's why I juggle two or three
    I ain't one to commit, you can omit that bit
    You pop the question that's it
    Haber uno, dos, tres, cuatro mujeres
    why la situació allí no muere
    No es un delito calmo mi apetito
    Con un llanto o un grito

    So again don't let my lyrics mislead you
    I don't love you but I need you
    Would you rather have me lie
    Take a piece of your pie and say bye
    Or be honest and rub your thighs

    Well, it's ten o'clock and I'm two hours late
    I never said I was a prompt date
    But you kept persisting that I meet your parents
    Huh, they're going to love my appearance

    Ding dong el timbre suena
    Tu madre abre, que vieja mas buena
    Le digo ¡Hola! Pero no para bola
    Que se ha creido vieja chola

    Go and serve the food mom
    Que tengo ambre
    If you don't hurry, me va a dar un calambre
    why usted señor? Why's your chin on the floor?
    Sierra la boca por favor

    What's this amor, these little huevos?
    Esto sí que yo no pruebo

    I'm used to good ol' fashioned
    Homestyle Spanish cooking
    If i try that I'll be puking
    Well it's been a pleasure but we got to go
    Regresaremos temprano
    Cinco, seis, o siete de la mañana
    Su hija esta en buenas manos

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    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jorges from Oaxaca, MexicoI remember 2 singers - guys mentioned in the news and media like the new sensation: Gerardo and Ricky Martin (in their different and each time). Gerardo was mentioned like "one kid dancing and singing winning prizes in southamerica is gaining popularity". There were rummors Madonna wanted "date" with Gerardo and this one rejected her. Once he said in interview "sometimes I dislike meet or go out to joyride with my girlfriend because she is so pretty and we receive some bothering comments".
  • Fausto from Quito, Ecuadoryou might don't know this, gerardo is from ecuador he's still doing music but only for God and stuff he's a christian now, so he stop singing songs like rico suave , but is still a hit
  • Travis from Grandisland, Fl(Sam from Philly) Dude your tottaly wrong lead singer for the New York Dolls was David Johansen who was the step father to Liv Tyler(Steven's daughter) and Busterpoindexter.

    Francv your wrong too because the lead singer for the minuteman was D. Boon(RIP)

    Check you facts guys!
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhHow can you confuse the lead singer of the New York Dolls, with Gerardo? lol
  • Francv from Chicago, Ilthe guy who played gerardo was the lead singer of the 80's punk band the minutemen and just did it to get money
  • Sam from Philadelphia, Pathe guy who played gerardo was the lead singer of the 70's punk band the new york dolls and just did it to get money
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