Hold On

Album: The Young And The Hopeless (2002)
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  • This world
    This world is cold
    But you don't
    You don't have to go
    You're feeling sad, you're feeling lonely
    And no one seems to care
    You're mother's gone and your father hits you
    This pain you cannot bear

    But we all bleed the same way as you do
    And we all have the same things to go through

    Hold on if you feel like letting go
    Hold on, it gets better than you know

    Your days
    You say they're way too long
    And your nights
    You can't sleep at all
    Hold on
    And you're not sure what you're waiting for
    But you don't want to no more
    And you're not sure what you're looking for
    But you don't want to no more

    But we all bleed the same way as you do
    And we all have the same things to go through

    Hold on if you feel like letting go
    Hold on, it gets better than you know
    Don't stop looking, you're one step closer
    Don't stop searching, it's not over
    Hold on

    What are you looking for?
    What are you waiting for?
    Do you know what you're doing to me?
    Go ahead
    What are you waiting for?

    Hold on if you feel like letting go
    Hold on, it gets better than you know
    Don't stop looking, you're one step closer
    Don't stop searching, it's not over
    Hold on if you feel like letting go
    Hold on, it gets better than you know
    Hold on Writer/s: Benji Madden, Joel Madden
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Mark from Yorkshire UkWatching the video to this song always has me in tears and I'm 56. I lost my wife to suicide 18 months ago leaving me with our 3 kids including an 8 year old girl. I can never forget her reaction when I told her that her mum was dead. I can't understand Joe saying ' if you kill yourself, you won't be hurting anyone but yourself'. Obviously he has never experienced losing someone that way. I hope he never does. If this song stops one person killing themselves then well done Good Charlotte
  • Heather from Urbana, MdHey everyone, I think this is an amazing song and helped a lot of people through a lot of rough times... to the many people that are still going through sh*t, watch the movie Wristcutters... one of the funniest, but at the same time inspirational, blunt movies out there... if your not going through all the crap we all know to well, you'll get a good laugh out of it.
  • Lilly from A City, Ny- Joe, Columbia, SC
    you're right in one sense: it can NEVER be reversed and you should NEVER attempt, but in another sense, im going to come right out and say that you've said a stupid thing by telling this poor guy to stop moping cause he obviously wants attention. Yeah, maybe he wants attention CAUSE HE WANTS HELP BUT HE DOENST KNOW HOW TO SAY THE WORDS "HELP ME". This is what people don't get at all! When i'm feeling upset (and i did battle depression, once upon a time) and when someone says "oh, shut up, you drama queen" it only makes me feel like no one gives a s--t and i feel ten times worse. dont you think that someone who's told that would be further pushed to suicide????? and he's not just hurting himself, but people who care about him! think before you respond!
  • Joe from Columbia, ScNathan, stop moping. I understand if you feel really bad, but all the whining just makes it seem like you want attention, if you kill yourself, you wont be hurting anyone but yourself and it's a decision you can NEVER EVER reverse
  • Nathan from Paoli, InThis song never has and never will help me i still dont think i deserve to live whats the point if your family all left you you dont have a girl freind or any one to talk too even hotlines and antidepressants dont help
  • Emily from Chambersburg, Pathis song i can't really relate to, but i see how it helps people. its an amazing song. i used to cut myself like some of these other people, but i stopped recently because reading what everyone has to go through is terrible. my mom used to get abused and she divorced him so i can see how other kids get hit, but seriously no one should kill themselves. suicide is like saying you quit. i know you may be hurt and all, but you should at least try to make it through or tell someone you need help. you may think no one cares, but a lot people care. maybe not the ones that are hitting you or verbally abusing you, but a lot of other people do.
  • Steven from Yorkshire, United KingdomThankyou to Good Charlotte. If you are reading this, I want you to know hat you are a huge inspiration to me and wonderful people. I notice a lot of you on this site are American and I want you all to know that this song had had the same impact here in England incase anyone cares - I know you do. I can gladly say I have never committed suicide and when I feel bad it's this that I drift off to. If anyone is considering suicide out there, please, don't do it. I know you're going through some tough times, but you have your whole life ahead of you. Life is precious you don't just throw that away. You can regret and take back and make up for a lot of mistakes, but you can never take back death. This song and video proves one point not many things can: never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. If anything, it's the only thing that ever has.
    - monacoforeverr@msn.com
  • Alice from La, CaWow...this song just saved my life. I was looking for a song to put on repeat while I did the deed. Scary. I was about to close the page, and I decided I might as well listen to some Good Charlotte before I died, since it's one of my friend's favorite bands.
    Oddly, I'm feeling alive. I think I'll even turn myself in. This song really is a life saver. I'm still numb. But, I'm not feeling like ending any pain.
  • Jacob from Chicago, Ilit is a great song but all so helping to keep people alive by showning them theres always a good side to every thing just like death the reasons for this is one your at peace but two you leave everyone whos ever loved you behind
  • Laura from Palmerston North, New ZealandDon't ever even think about Suicide. And ieven if you do think about it, then think about who it will effect first. My boyfriend killed himself exactly one month ago and Me and his bestfriend are Destroyed. So many others he left behind 2 sisters and his Mum and Dad are so upset. If u want to break a million hearts at once and destroy a person then go ahead, but hopefully people have more of a heart then that.
  • Bobsaget from Santee, Caevery 18 minuets families all over america lose someone thet care about to suicide. thats just in america immagine how manny people kill themselves every day in the world. make sure that people you love know u love them..... hugs can save lives..... its not that much to ask ive been through a lot i know what its like to go through a lot of pain at once..... but after a while, it clears up.......its okay to get help, cuz ur gonna miss out on a lot..........<3
  • Mike from Cincinnati, OhI tryed to kill myself once. When i was 12 I tryed to strangle myself with a telephone cord. I had a braintumor when i was 6. I felt like a nobody. I am borderline handicaped{but not realy}and i felt that was the reason i didn't have many friends or a girlfriend. Was because of this. The only reason didn't go through with it was because what it would do to my mother. my aunt killed herself right before I was born so i kinda thought this was ok. I no longer think about suicide. Its the easy way out. Life is ups and downs. This song helped me put things in perspective. If you kill yourself think of all the people you will hurt and miss and all the things in life you wont experiene.
  • Elizabeth from Austin, TxI have never thought about committing suicide but i have had several friends who have. I have always known that not every family is loving and kind and that bad things do happen to the innocent and defenseless unlike fairy tales, but it is just something you read about until it hits close to home. As i sat at the computer, reading what others have gone through and how dark the world is, the tears came and would not stop. Even as i write this I'm still crying. And I'm so glad that one of my favorite songs helps countless people to continue living.
  • Bobsaget from Santee, CaDONT COMMIT SUICIDE !!!!!!!!!! every time i hear this song i want to cry. but i dont know i just cant i always have a hard time showing emotions. i guess hats why i never had a date. but i dont think thats why i cant cry. i think its cuz im so happy that my fav band would write a song like this. suicidals and emos etc make me feel sad, but i feel close to them too. a few of my friends confessed to almost attempting suicide. i dont know it made me care about them more, cuz 1 they would tell me something like that, AND that they didnt do it. im no little miss sunshine but i love this song. if u like this and want to hear more like itlisten to we believe by good charlotte dont commit suicide cuz out there someone besides me loves you, so there you @ least have 2 people out there for you. if you ever need advice, think of what i said.....
  • Paige from Mantua, Njwhen i was younger i would listen to this cd for hours this song was always one of my favorites. when i started really thinking about suicide last year i played this song after years of not hearing it because i remembered how much it would help
  • Sebas from Auckland, New ZealandThis song has helped me thru the worst times In my life, and I thank Good Cahrlotte from the bottom of my heart for writing a song that teens can really relate to... This song has saved my life and I'm grateful to still be here altho I still wonder what It would be like If I wasn't here and sometimes I wish I wasn't, but thats when I start listening to this song and remember life Is worth living...
    Thanx GC You Guys Rock...
  • Nicole from N/a, WiI am sorry to hear that brittnay that this is not helpful enough. I have had my own troubles that made me feel depressed, but luckily not enough to do suicide.
  • Sashana from Nowhere, United Statesleah and Christina I just want to say,im really sorry. I've thought about killing myself to and this song has helpedme get through it. I have this one friend who just cuts all day she's into drugs and all and seh's lost. Her mum is blind and doesn't even see it and her dad's always out of town on buisness trips to notice. My parents gotdivorced when i was like 7 my mum was and still is ****** up she blames me for everything and sometimes i think about hanging myself or jumping off a bridge or just slitting my throat but I just listen to this song and I believe I have a erason to live and I should just simply .. 'Hold On.'
  • Leah from Pittsburg, Paithik this is an awesome song. this song kept me from killing myself. my dad beat me when ever he was mad at me an dif he was no there to beat me my mom would. i tried fighting back but i only got beat harder. i attempted sweicide 6 times by sliting my wrist. the last time i slit my wrist i passed out and my mom found me and took me to the hospital. when i recovered my mom beat me for attempting seuicide. i listen to this song every time i think about killing myself.
  • Brittany from Newry, IrelandAlthough this song is suposed to be good when your down and out, it was and still is not good enough for me. I've been through a lot of crap throughout the years, and yes I am suicidal, and yes I do cut myself, but no, this song sometimes makes me want to do it more. I don't know why but it does, I know that there are others out there that would disagree but this is what I know about my own feelings about the song.
  • Tony from Va, VaHold on is a really great song for ppl to listen to when there down and out.I've really like the song since it came out.Though i've never been suicidal,I've really listened to the song when i was sad.Congrats on the new album.It's pretty cool.Keep rockin'and doin' your thing.Benjii...nice hair cut lol!
  • Lj from Tahlequah, OkThis song honestly got on my nerves until I saw the video. It was these words from one of the people "The last thing he said to me was, "Have a fun time with grandma, mom. And I'll see you on Monday. And I'll be waiting for Monday the rest of my life." that inspired me to write a short story called Waiting for Tuesday that I'm now expanding into a novel. Writing this book has been getting me through some tough times lately. Here's a link to the short story if anyone's interested in reading: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2317616/1/
  • Christina from Jacksonville, TxI have a really sad, yet kind of weird story to this song. I had a best friend by the name of Robert. He was really depressed all the time, mainly because his mother was always working. Because of this, his father would beat him and his brother all the time and blame them two for his mother working saying they were useless and driving their mother away. He kept thinking no one cared about him. Which draws up a part of his life which shows in the song.
    "And no one seems to care
    Your mothers gone and your father hits you
    This pain you cannot bare"
    He soon gave up and decided to kill himself. He decided that just cutting himself wasn't going to "cut" it. So he overdosed then cut himself. His mother finally realized how much time she had missed with her family so she took off the rest of that same day to spend some time with her sons and husband. When she got home she saw Robert on the floor covered in blood and dead. They found out that he had started an hour earlier with the overdosing, cutting 20 minutes earlier, and he took so much that it only took the 20 minutes plus the loss of blood for him to die. In that time, that hour earlier I had started listening to my new Good Charlotte CD. I mean it was literally brand new! I actually had gotten it earlier because one of my friends older brother was working at Wal-mart and she gave it to me. I listened to the CD at the 1 hour point. Then at the point when they said he had overdosed, is when I had started listening to "Hold on". I listented to it over and over again because it kept reminding me of his life, but I didn't think that it was actually happening. I started to cry really hard because I knew he had did it for a reason. His mother had no clue why, but I did and still do. When I told her she felt like it was her fault, but it wasn't because she was trying to support her family because his father wouldn't get a job to save his life, or his sons life. All his father did all day was lay in the recliner and drink beers and watch "Comedy Central". The police said it was an accident. I already know it wasn't. The song thing was really weird, but explains a lot. Don't you think?
  • Joel from Columbia, ScMy former girlfriend attempted suicide. We got her to the hospital in time to save her. This song really helps when you're feeling lost.
  • Izzy from Buffalo, Nytheres one thing that i don't get. why would suicidal kids write to good charlotte of all people?!? i mean, good charlotte was the band that made 'bloody vallentine', and 'riot girl', and 'emotionless', i mean, why would they write to a band like that and be all like 'you know what? i hate my life. im gonna kill myself. see ya.' it makes no sense!
  • Izzy from Buffalo, Nyyou know, i just realized something, good charlotte might read this website to see what people think of their songs. hi, good charlotte, this song saved me!
  • Jorge from Codoba, South Americai can see how this song helps people, but whenever im sad or depressed i dont listen to a song...think of it this way, im sad laying in my bed because my dad just yelled at me for the smallest thing, something to be mad at yes, but i think of the kids that are have absolutly nothing and would kill for what i have...and i realize what im mad at about is complete sh*t to what they are mad at...and i continue through my very loving life
  • Veronica from Lakeport, Cai think everyone would agree this song helps you you feel better knowing your not alone in the world when you start to think you are, even if your having problems with friends or your family or anyone else, you can just think it will be better!! well there have been times were i feel so alone escepically when you have to be something your not, and i felt so loney but to go and turn this song on makes you feel super better,
  • Claire from London, EnglandThe fact that Good Charlotte collaborated with a suicide prevention group proves to me that this song was not just made to be a hit single. A lot of teenagers go through suicidal periods, due to a lot of peer pressure that is heaped on them these days. I went through it, most people did. This song to me represents that, no matter what, there are always people out there who want you to hold on.
  • Sunny from Clinton, IlIts like all these other kids said, its an Anti-suicide song put together, to help make the suicidal teens, and others in this world what effects it has on their famileis, even if they don't really see them now when they're living.
  • Maxine from Howell, NjIm here to thank Good Charlotte for writting the song HOLD ON, because my family isent the best many people may think we are but when its just my family only in teh house theres alot of problems. Also my mom is never home and my father yells at the smallest things and when i want to get away from it all i would go up to my room lay on my bed put in the CD and play the song HOLD ON and that always makes me feel alot better knowing that im not the only one and i should always try and not let go and i thank them alot for the song. i also would like them to know that they saved me from runing away. So thank you GC
    - Maxine, Howell NJ
  • Jessie from Calgary, CanadaI guess there not much I can say about this song other then to thank GC for writing it. I have been threw hard times... My dad is abusive and my mom is never around. My life is not the worst out there but it is also not perfect.... Just like everyone else I have problems... And this song helps me over and over again to get threw them. To face my problems and not run away from them. Although I think of suicide almost everyday I have never gotten as close to as I had before I started listeing to this song and others. I Love the video and how it shows real people who have lived threw suicide or who have lost love ones. I guess it makes me think before I act. THANX GC!
  • Kelsi from Ionia, MiThis song has helped me though the passing of my best freind because she was my only true friend. After her passing i started cutting and i was doing when the video came a and i went and told my mom to help me and that is when i changed my life around. I have not cut for 3 yrs!!!!
  • Marissa from Palmdale, CaJust appreciate that fact that the song helped kids. I'm no fan of GC but I respect them and the fact that kids put the blades and guns down to try and underdstand the message of the song is all that matters. If its all for the money and slap on the back but helps society it shouldnt even be questioned. We all know that they probably wouldnt be going around telling people to stop and think if they werent a mainstream band but they did write a song that has a POSITIVE impact on kids around the world. Isnt that all that should matter to everyone? You may not not know it but Hold On could be the song that saved your kid's life, your best friends and even if you deny it, possibly yours!It made thousands of kids rethink their actions and for that GC should get some respect.
  • Michelle from Ringgold, GaOne day i was sitting in my living room, everyone was sleepin'...and i had this gun...and i had put it up to my head to shoot it......and then that video came on...i hadn't even turned the tv on...
    and i guess i realized that it wouldnt solve anything....so i pulled the tigger...but jerked out of the way...now i have a scar on my eyebrow..
    and it will always remind me that..im not the only person going threw these types of problems...
    Thank you....i owe you my life...
  • Lauren from Columbus, Ohthis song is a great song and to all of the people who hate good charlotte should just stop for 3 minutes and listen to this song. it has helped me through all of the hard times i have been through. i have had depression ever since i was a child but this song really hepls me on those days when life really doesnt seem like its worth living. i owe good charlotte everything for making this song. i even got my mom to watch the video and she cried with me. thank you gc. your my hero's!
  • Lea from Thomasville, NcI love this song, simply because i know how it feels to be on the edge of nothing, wanting to cave in inside. My father left us, and at the time it felt like there was nothing left to live for. This song helped me realize there is so much more than nothing, you cant give up. If you do, youll miss out on what life is really about. Its about living for you.
  • Rob from Holstein, WiDepression severely messes with the mind and sometimes can be uncontrollable. I don't normally like GC but I can respect them for writing this song. Take the song for face value don't over analyze everything.
  • Crystal from Lv, Nvi have to be honest. i didnt realize until recently i was suffering from depression a couple years ago, i mean i always thought of suicide and sometimes if im really upset, i still do...but one night i was watching mtv in my room when the video for this song came on. i cried during the whole song, it was so inspirational. it made me realize, "what are my sisters and friends and family going to do without me?" so honestly this song saved me from commiting suicide and for that i am thankfull towards Good Charlotte. thank u guys!
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaSorry...I don't believe in telling celebrities all my problems...especially if they have a lot of followers and wouldn't have the time to give me adequate help. And if you thought about suicide as a teen, then you have a weak mind. Good Charlotte's job is to entertain, not to help suicidal teens.
  • Liz from Bealton, CanadaThank u thank u thank u.. right when i felt like giving i remembered your song.So i put my C.D into my player and lisened to it constently.I rote a letter to u about it I gesse u never got it. I'm still thinking about it. I think about it everyday. people are just jush idots. They think that they can go aroude herting u all the time and they think it is just a game. Have they lisened in school. I guesse not. Because kids will die / suicide. Atlest so one big stud up.

    thank u Benjamin(Benji),Joel,Bill,Paul,(Chris)
  • Renae from Mill Grove, PaEven if Good Charlotte aren't cool anymore, I still like this album. This song helped me through many nights, and ocasionally it still does. Its like having someone beside you, like having somebody who cares when the world doesn't seem to.
  • Rach from Norfolk, EnglandThis song is the best song in the world to me! It represents everything, and its what i needed to hear a year ago!
  • Vanessa from Miami, FlWell...they thought about writing this...for two reasons....when Benji was a teenager...he was suicidal..and didnt want their fans..and ppl in general to go thru that...secondly, because, at one point...at a show...they were talking to a girl..and she was telling them about how she wanted to end her life...and she didnt have much to live for after her father died and brother died as well...then she gave them a suicide note...dont know if she killed herself tho...so yeah..i know one thing for sure...this helped me from my "suicidal" time.... Thank You Good Charlotte!! :)
  • Casie from Denver, CoThis song,well I dont wanna kill myself,I defenetly wanna stay longer but this song told me that no matter what I should hold on,it helped me because my life was really great I loved it,tons of friends and all that,well I had to move and everything sucked,no friends,nothin,I was at cero,then I remember GC sang that song and other songs and this told me I should hold on and stay for the challenge. Im still in the process of adjusting here and Im not getting everything I want still but I guess it takes time and Gc really helped me out go thrue really tough times.
  • Amie from Watford, Englandthis song saved my live i kept braking down running away but i heard dis song and it made me relise there is also good times in life all u have to do is wait for them to come thankx gc u rule
  • Kendra from Minneapolis, MnThis song has really helped me!!! I am 11 years old.Unlike alot of 11 year olds I have thought about comitting suiside my times. This song has made me think about how maybe I should stay longer. When I was 4 my parents got a devorice. Then in 2nd grade I was diagnosed with ADHD. So my life sucks already. so I just want to thank u GC!!!!
  • Kaula from Vernon, NjI used to cut myself but i finally stopped my mom
    caught me un the bathroom the police came big mess
    when i herd Hold On i was stoked that GC made a
    suicadal messeage for teens. GC u saved my life

  • Jaime from Adelaide Sa, United StatesWhy would anyone right a letter to a BAND about how life sucks? Expecially a 'popular' band... With money and cars and expensive stuff... Why would you want a complete stranger to know about your personal problems?

    first of all, ppl like us wright to bands for help, yes it sounds stupid but we gotta tell someone! and with the money thing, some bands do take it for advantage but these guys have had a hard life so they deserve it. god bless them. they have worked so hard to find happiness but they probly wouldnt need money as long as they have each other and they n that! so get off of there backs they have worked hard for what they have got and havnt taken advantage of that! god bless themand every one.
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaGood Charlotte are just a bunch of celebrities who entertain. Why anyone would reveal themselves to them in a candid letter or message is beyond me. This is the future of America?
  • Secret from Tipton, MoOne night I was home all alone and just sitting on my bed with a knife in my hand cutting my self again. I decided that night I have had to much and was going to kill my self and go to some where better. I had my TV on and wright after I wrote my suicide letter and sighned my name in my own blood i picked up the knife and put it to my wrist and then i heard the faint words "hold on". I looked at my TV and turned up the song. I threw the knife to the other side of my room and got on my knees to pray and cried out to the heavens thank you God for this timing! This songa came at the perfect time for me and I'm so glad it came. GC you saved my life. Many ppl may think that songs wont stop ppl from takin their lifes. But deep thought sure as hell will! And that is exactly what hold on does. This song and GC are the ONLY reason I am here. My life is SO messed up all the time and has been for 7 yrs now. I still cut but i wont cut my self from the world. Hey if yall know some one who is suicidal dont report it even tho tons of ppl say to. A white room and a straight jacket wont make someone want to live any more than they do. This song saved my life and by some of these coments im obviously not alone. I know for a fact im not alone. I hope it helped you all as much as it did me. And pay attention to ppl and look for signs. Search for the writing on the wall that nobody ever sees and dont ask any one to stop cutting. EVER. Its a WAY better way of copoing than taking your life.
    thanks for reading my story. it feels great to know that more than just me knows it now!
  • Secret from Tipton, MoGC you saved my life. Many ppl may think that songs wont stop ppl from takin their lifes. But deep thought sure as hell will! And that is exactly what hold on does. This song and GC are the ONLY reason I am here. My life is SO messed up all the time and has been for 7 yrs now. I still cut but i wont cut my self from the world. If any of you know someone who may be or is suicidal DO NOT REPORT IT! OMG DONT! Ask a hotline or something or someone how to help that person. A white room and a straight jacket wont make someone want to live any more than they do. This song saved my life and by some of these coments im obviously not alone. I know for a fact im not alone. I hope it helped you all as much as it did me. And pay attention to ppl and look for signs. Search for the writing on the wall that nobody ever sees and dont ask any one to stop cutting. EVER. Its a WAY better way of copoing than taking your life.

    - secret
  • Annie from Houston, Txi cut once and then my best friend told me if your gonna hurt yourself then your hurting me so i stopped cuz i couldn't hurt any one of my family or friends again they have been thru enough hell
  • Ellie from Atlanta, Gawell suicide kinda runs in the family my mom's friend killed herself. and other ppl who cannot be named have done it to. I myself thought about it cause i had to hold back a really stressful secret that coild hurt my family then my b.f. told me if i kept on talking about it that he was gonna dump me so i didn't. I just cut instead.
  • Annie from Houston, Txok this song is the only reason why im still here and yeah it does help to know that cuz like if not saying i would kill myself but i thought about more than twice and if a hadn't saw that vid i might have though about it more so ppl who say it doesn't help u don't know what your talking about im LIVING proof of it today that gc saved lives by writing that song and yeah maybe it didn't help some but it sure as hell helped me and ya know what they would tell u i was worth it and the hundreds of others they saved are right along with me so who's right me and the ppl that are NOT in a casket right now or you and a few other ppl don't like gc and were just saying that to bash them ?
  • Brad from Singapore, SingaporeI think although this song is trying to drive a meaningful message across to people, it doesn't have half the feeling, zeal and effect as Blink 182's Adam's Song(1999-Enema of The State)does, and honestly, it really has no feeling at all(to me). The main tune is just not catchy enough and on the whole I think the song is too draggy. Just my opinon though. No offense to GC.
  • Katie from Manassas, VaWell, I don't really see how this song helps all you people. It makes you think, sure, but if I want to take my life, a song won't stop me. Sure it makes me think, but it won't stop me. I haven't cut in a while, which is a good thing, but it's got nothing to do with any song. It has to do with the fact that I have a friend who cares. And that's all that matters.
  • Christina from Chippewa Falls, WiOne of my good friends commited suicide in September of 2003. 3-4 other people followed. I cry even to this day knowing that if he had heard Hold On, he may have lived. Many of my friends, including myself, wanted to die. One of my other friends, and myself were presistinte cutters. Other one od'd but luckily it didn't kill her. When I heard this song for the first time I really didn't listen to what was being said. Suicide may look like it's the easy way out, but just think of all the people that will hurt if you leave, including those you haven't even met, or those you thought didn't care. The day my friend died, the whole school cried. Now when I even hear the song or see the video, I cry knowing that the song seemed to have been writen for my friends and me. As the song goes, we all feel the same way, but it's those who keep it bottled up are the ones who get hurt. Thank you Good Charlotte for making this song, not only have you saved my life, but those of my friends as well.
  • Anna Marie from New Orleans, LaOne of my best friends commited suicide. Nobody ever saw it coming. I still cry to this day. Even tho it was 5 months ago. Suicide is a big deal. You think that cutting yourself makes everything go awy, well it doesnt, it makes things worse. Its basically the first step to suicide.Yoi dont realize how many people care until your gone and they are the ones to deal with the pain of you not there. When your gone, you see how many people cared, but you cant do anything about it. Dont take your life away from you and everybody else. You never know what will happen tomorrow. God has a plan for everybody, and suicide isnt on your agenda. Thanks to good Charlotte for writing this song and changing lifes. If you liked the song hold on yall need to check out Blaine Larons song, How Do you get that lonely? Its great. Im not preaching to yall im just saying LIFE LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND NEVER GIVE UP!
  • Kathyrn from Tucson, Azwho cares who started it. as long as somone dicides not to go do somthing drastic it was worth it. so stop complaining
  • Hannah from Adelaide, Australiaim a cutter, this song is great, the film clip makes me cry evri time i see it. My friends started realising i cut and they want nothing to do with me now. So im thinking about suicide more and more. this song helps stop me from doing it.
  • Grace from Ventura, Cathis song helped me through so much. i used to be a cutter and i was going to kill myself a few months ago, so i immediately put it on repeat because i knew it would help. it stopped me from hurting myself. thanks Good Charlotte
  • Ashlei from Akron, Ohi love this song... i was diagnosed w/ depression in like 8th grade.. this was my song then. I used 2 be a really bad kid, i was always in trouble n stuff.. and whenever i was i would play this osng in my head to focus on sumthing else n make the bad go away.. i cried teh 1st time i saw the video 4 this song.. i loved it n it made me so happy that i like got through it n stuff.. a year l8r my best friend committed suicide. i had sent her this song via email 2 days earlier.. she didnt get it in time... but hey my life rox sox now n all is well! adios burritos!!
  • Alex from San Mateo, CaI'm gonna ignore the dissing, I'm listening to this song right now and it helped a lot.. Just like it helped most of us on here. I was cutting and I heard it and I knew that someone cared.. so yeah.. please talk to anyone who you know is cutting 'cause that was the only thing that stopped me. My music, and my friends.
  • Tegan from Darwin, Australialindsay, as a cutter myself, i just want to say, yes, please talk to your friends. it is very unlikely that you just telling them to stop will make them, but it would mean so much if they knew you cared. tell them how you feel, because sometimes cutting can be a cry for help, and if no one says anything, it often feels like it's because no one cares.
    good luck
  • Lindsay from Kennesaw, GaI have some friends who cut themselves and just thinking about them & the song makes me upset. i can't help but think that one morning i will wake up with one less friend than the other day.it scares me because i don't know when they do it and how many of my friends do it...your probably asking me why i don't tell them to stop but they wouldn't listen to me....i guess i'll try.
  • Tegan from Darwin, Australiai'd just like 2 say that i luv this song. if only because i want to kill myself, and this song is helping me stay here for another day or so. when i heard this song for the first time, i cried. i was planning to kill myself that night. this song possibly saved my life. i'm stil planning to kil myself....but maybe i can make it through....
    i hav had a friend kill themself. i wish they had heard this song, maybe it could have helped them. i think it's great that bands realise how much music can affect people, and put out songs like hold on to help them through the tough times.
    in response to why people would tel complete strangers how they feel-well, i don't know for sure. but maybe it has something to do with that they know they need help, and need to tell someone, but can't tell anyone else. plus, to them, GC prob doesn't seem like complete strangers. they prob feel like they understand what they're goin thru, coz it sounds like they do from theier music. whatever the reason, if it drives the band to produce a song like this, then it's a goods thing and who cares why they did it.
    o, n just because other bands have produced similar songs, doesn't mean GC are copying them. there are millions of love songs, but they're not all copying each other are they? and the more different bands make songs like this, the more different people will get to hear them.
    P.S: maybe the words 'hold on' were in a different song first, but isn't that the main thing to say in all such songs?
  • Hayley from Sydney, AustraliaThis song 'Hold On' saved my life, i wanted to kill myself a while back, then i heard this song and it saved me, it told me to hold on. I have and now im happy, my friends are happy and my family is happy!
  • Kenny from Cle, OhI think this is a really good song it is true if you look at the suicide numbers tehy are almost going up every year so a band actually telling people to hold on is great besides that I have never head the song (yes I am a nerd WWII to be exact) I'm sure it is a good song, I love the lyrics anyways I like this song and I think it is the song which has had the most impact on teens' life
  • Rachael from Mcfalrnd, WiHold on by good Charlotte is a great song for good charlotte to have written because so many people commit sucide every year and when they commit sucide they don't know how many good things they could have done in there life and i think this could prevent people from commiting sucide
  • Lauren from Keansburg, Njgood charlotte is my favorite band becasue i relate to their music so much, and they are all very very talented...i also think they are hott...but Hold On came out at the perfect time for me becasue i was going through so much in my life that i thought i was never ever going to go through between my mother being a drug addict and my grandmother slowly passing away for cancer this song helped me to realize if i was strong and held on in the end it would be ok...my life since then is better but not all together soon...my brother who is about a year younger went into drugs and alcohol to cover up all the hurt where i became a stronger person, and listened to this song about 5 times a day, its my favorite and still helps me through struggles today and i would love to just thank good charlotte for such a great song!
  • Heather from Bristol, Vathis song really means a lot to me b/c i my dad commited suicede and i have been in and out of a local mental hospital for trying to kill myself and this song helped me realize that im not the only one w/ issues
  • Michael from Livermore, CaResponse to "daughter of fenris" of Washington:
    Daughter of Fenris wrote:
    Why would anyone right a letter to a BAND about how life sucks? Expecially a 'popular' band... With money and cars and expensive stuff... Why would you want a complete stranger to know about your personal problems?

    I don't know if you understand why people listen to music or talk to people about their problems. We listen to music for a sense of understanding, inspiration, enjoyment, and one ofthe more common reasons, as an escape from the current problems in life. When you find a band that can help you do that, especialy if you are thinking of suicide. Have you ever thought of suicide? If you have, and you were serious about it, then you know the feeling i'm tlaking about, and if you don't then you ahve no room to be speaking in the first place. However, on the basis that you may just be showing us all a state of naivety, children and young teens need role models, and Good Charlotte is definatly one of the bands that is in the catagory of a teen role model. So lets say that you are just being naive, on that basis, people will write to ANY ONE that will listen when they are in that mind state, the mind state of being suicidal. If you listen to the words, if you watch the music video, maybe you would have abetter understanding of this concept, but until you do have abetter understanding of ALL of this, don't comment the way you did. You should feel so lucky to have a band like Good Charlotte that has the gutts to write a song like that, even if they are "popular" SO WHAT!!!! they helped hundreds of their listeners by producing that song, end of story. have a nice day
  • Dee from Ont, CaOkay. There's many people that commit suicide for the bad things that happen to them. Some write to bands because they're asking them to write a song that'll help them realize that life will get better if you hold on to it and don't let go. And some have held on. You can't complain about people that are looking for help, even if it is from a famous band. So, say your friend was about to commit suicide, would you really want her too? No. You wouldn't. So why not get somebody that they'll listen to(like a band) to show them that they don't have to go and that life will get better. So, if you don't appreciate people helping other people, than you're not exactly what people are expecting to help them, and they won't turn to you and ask for your help. Knowing that you helped save someone from doing this feels really great, so don't go ruining their hopes of being helped and the people that care about them's faith in hoping that they won't make the biggest mistake of their lives.
  • Jodi from Sydney, Australia"Hold On" is about when your depressed you dont need to just quit, hold on and things will get better.
    Most likely you will find thousands of songs just like other songs in the world, you will never find just one original.
  • Katie from Anthony, KsUm... I dont know why some of you are dissing this song. I for one wrote a letter to GC about my life because they had it hard too. I about commited suicide. Actually I have tried many times. I cut myself too for a long time. Since the sing came out, I have only cut myslef severly about twice, and that is pretty good for how it use to be. I love GC and i thank them so so so much for helping me get through hard times. Without that song I wouldnt even be alive right now. Maybe if you knew what it felt like to want to escape life, you would get it. Put yourself in other's shoes before you diss them.
  • Mark from Bismarck, NdHas anybody else noticed that this song completely rips off R.E.M.'s 'Everybody Hurts' I mean the central line is EXACTLY THE SAME!!! "Hold On"

    I'm gonna notch this up to coincidence, 'cuz I doubt GC would actually listen to R.E.M.
  • Tyler from Nashville, InThis is officially my theme song. Not only have I nearly attempted suicide, but I think about it constantly nowadays. This song helps me realize what life is for and that everyone goes through the same s--t, just some have harder times than others. And it's the truth.

  • Letty from Terre Haute, InI REALLY like this song i've tryed to kill myself before and i heard this song and it made me rethink about it.
  • Gabe from Utica, NyThis song is a great way to convince people to keep trying and hold on. This is another slow classic. I love this song.
  • Lewis from Northumberland, EnglandGood Charlotte appeal mainly to a younger audience, so kids who are having problems might not understand the fact that GC might just go "that sucks" after reading the letter. Also the song was written before GC became mainstream/superstars, as it appeared on their second album - but was released after the likes of "lifestyles..." and "girls and boys" which makes it harder for some people to comprehend.
  • Shawna from San Diego, Cadaughter of fenris, that's exactly what i was thinking, even though the song serves a good purpose. it's weird that theyre whining to superstars who will just read it & be like "um. that sucks." but i guess they were looking to have the band write a song about suicide, that's all i can come down to.
  • Daughter Of Fenris from N/a, WaWhy would anyone right a letter to a BAND about how life sucks? Expecially a 'popular' band... With money and cars and expensive stuff... Why would you want a complete stranger to know about your personal problems?
  • Laura from Victoria, CanadaSomehow I believe Joi, although it is good to finally find some music that is against suicide and given up *cough*eminem*cough* It doesnt matter how you look at it, music will always have an influence on how people look on life. Why not look at it from a good point of view.
  • Nikki from Jackson, NjI think Gc did a good thing by writing this song... I knew someone who died to suicide last october... It was a week after I heard this song for the first time.
  • Joi from Tucson, AzHow does Alatriel know that Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Third Eye Blind don't realize that r.e.m. and pearl jam started it. Did they ever say hey were the frist bands to ever write songs about suicide? Its not like those songs dont still influence people but new ones should still get written. And they should still do what they can to help kids from doing it
  • Alatriel from Lothlorien, Otherthis song is getting major accolades and nationwide recognition because it has prevented so many suicides. good charlotte is joining blink-182 and third eye blind in an effort to prevent suicides. they don't realize that r.e.m. and pearl jam started this in the nineties(r.e.m. with "everybody hurts" and pearl jam, among many, "jeremy")
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