I Don't Know My Name

Album: Perfectly Imperfect (2016)
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  • I don't know my name
    I don't play by the rules of the game
    So you say I'm just trying
    Just trying

    So I heard you are my sister's friend
    You get along quite nicely
    You ask me why I cut my hair
    And changed myself completely

    I don't know my name
    I don't play by the rules of the game
    So you say I'm just trying
    Just trying

    I went from bland and popular
    To joining the marching band
    I made the closest friends
    I ever have in my lifetime

    I am lost trying to get found
    In an ocean of people
    Please don't ask me any questions
    There'll be a valid answer
    Oh I'll just say

    That I don't know my name
    I don't play by the rules of the game
    So you say I'm just trying
    Just trying

    I now know my name!
    I don't play by the rules of the game
    So you say, I'm not trying
    But I'm trying
    To find my way Writer/s: GRACE VANDERWAAL
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Transgenderman172009 from OhioI am Transgender and Life has been hard for me. I know that this song is Based on her life but to me this song means That I couldn't identify myself as a girl and now I can As a boy. She's just so good at singing and When I heard this the first time I literally started crying. She's amazing.
  • Chloe From America from Sandy, OregonI love how Grace got the inspiration for her song based on her life. Grace inspired me to write a couple of my own songs based on my own life.
  • Alex from Sesame StreetNo matter what grace identifies as, i will always be a huge supporter and so should everyone, i also looooooooooooooove her music omg
  • Axel from QuebecI love that song and it’s actually my first concert song since coming out as trans genderfluid. I use the last verse as a statement of who I am and I wanna scream it to the world. I NOW KNOW MY NAME… and it’s Axel.
  • Alyx from The ClosetWas pretty sure she was of the Lgbtqia+ community at first but I'm not entirely sure yet I still love the song tho
  • Casper from AmericaThis song makes me happy because it reminds me of how I came out as nonbinary and changed my name and started using they/them pronouns
  • Isabelle from Nailsea Bristol Remember when you sings this song from the American got Talent
  • Brielle Agyekum from Accra, GhanaI love grace because we are like the same person, people bring me down all the time, but when i was six i heard i don't know my name and now i am 11 and do not care about what people think it is what i think that matters. I sing my heart out even if it is only for my family because one day i will get there. I now know my name and it is Brielle and i am proud of it.
  • You from Nowhere Anyone's Been BeforeHer voice is so unique I just love to listen to her music
  • Anon from In A Galaxy, Far, Far AwayI get LGBTQIA+ vibes from this song. It’s really good
  • Milo Park from Cambridge Hi i like this song its really amazing
  • Hey from A VentTbh I agree that she may be part of LGBTQ+ I mean, I think maybe the message was that she came out of da closet when her sisters friend entered her life? Meh idk part from that I don’t know any other meaning this song could potentially hold.
  • Maya from Canada Torontoi LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your music! its just so awsoeme can't stop lisining to it:)
  • Ella from IdkI love music you grace!!
  • Sele Na from PhilippinesHer songs are meaningful. People just doesnt understand what does it means
  • Random Person from From Nowhereikr, I was getting LGBTQIA+ vibes
  • E from My Location TfI can’t be the only one who thought Grace might be part of the LGBTQ+ community?
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