Sassafrass Roots

  • Roaming 'round your house
    Wasting your time
    No obligation, just
    Wasting your time
    So why are you alone?
    Wasting your time
    When you could be with me
    Wasting your time

    I'm a waste like you
    With nothing else to do.
    May I waste your time too?

    Warding off regrets
    Wasting your time
    Smoking cigarettes
    Wasting your time
    I'm just a parasite
    Wasting your time
    Applying myself to
    Wasting your time

Comments: 3

  • Ashlee from Presscot, Azyeah i could of told you that lol... but it doesnt really match the title does it?? :/ hmm....
  • Jeremy from Mississauga, Onhaha wasting their time indeed, im sure the Sassafras Roots had a big influence on that lols
  • Jay from Jackson, Mshmmmmmm.. that explains the "waisting ur time" thing...... lawl
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