Queen of Hearts

Album: Laid Back (1973)
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  • Once I was glad
    Always happy never sad
    And every day
    Seemed like Sunday
    And although things were slow
    Never seemed to have no dough
    Somehow, I never once got lonely

    Ya' see the fact is more or less
    You're gamblin' with your own happiness
    And most all your would be friends
    Turn out so phoney
    Oh but times they change
    And rearrange

    And I'll sing to the Queen of Hearts
    Don't know where to start
    Or how to stop

    And after things have come and gone
    Left me feelin'
    That I've done so wrong
    Oh, I wasted so much time
    Feelin' guilty
    And as I watch you sit across the room
    Beautiful as the flowers bloom
    T'Leave it lay just one day
    Oh brother you're gonna come back
    To find it gone

    I love you queen of Hearts
    Tell me not to stop
    Just tell me where
    To start
    Where now baby
    Tell me where to start

    And after all that we've been through
    I find that when I think of you
    A warm soft wind runs
    Through and through
    And in my heart
    There's only you
    And I will always keep on trying
    To gather this strange piece of mind
    Without it there'd be
    Lonely me and
    Oh darlin' lonely you

    I love you Queen of Hearts
    Don't tell me when to stop
    Tell me when to start

    I love you queen of Hearts
    Tell me not to stop
    Just tell me where
    To start

    Writer/s: GREGG L. ALLMAN
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Janel from SacramentoI was not too familiar with this song until the past few years. I'd heard it on "Laid Back" but didn't paid much attention to it until the DVD "All my Friends" came out. It has become one of my favorite Gregg Allman songs of all times. So beautifully written. I really love it! The jazziness of it is so cool and shows how versatile Gregg could be....my fav!
  • Jack, Lived In Warner Robbins At The Same Apartment Complex Janice And Her Mom Doris Lived In from Belle Glade Fl.We were very good friends, and hung out together.
  • Willah from Sf Bay AreaLoved this exquisite song and its surprisingly juxtaposed beautifully melancholy and jazzy riffs from the first time I heard it as a teen in 1973. Whenever I play it, whether at home entertaining guests, or on my car stereo, people of all ages who've never heard it before stop what they're doing and ask me for the name of the song title and artist. I find it timeless and achingly touching. If I could have my way, after enjoying a long and happy life, I'd like to spend my very last moments comfortably in my own bed, listening to this song as a send-off...
  • Ron from Boca Raton, FlLuckily snuck back stage at Felt Forum in NYC sat on drum case literally next to Gregg’s wife for that show! It was incredible! Gregg was amazing and whole band was perfection...Gregg was about 3 feet away from us....wow
  • Tim from Apex, NcAs said above, which no doubt came from Gregg's book My Cross to Bear, this song IS the reason Laid Back got recorded! The Brothers gave it a rather nasty thumbs down. Turned out to be just the push he needed! We should thank them all!
  • Deborah from Oakland, CaThis song takes me back to 1973, when I was introduced to Greg Allman by my roommate at the time, Cindy Glessner. She constantly played the "Laid Back" album and "Queen of Hearts" always resonated with me. Whenever I hear that steel guitar intro, my heart goes back to those days of smoking lots of weed and being 22 and single in the 70's. Good times.
  • Ken from Chicago, IlReference to Duane: "To leave it lay for just one day...Oh, brother you're gonna come back to find it gone"

  • Greg from Harrington Park, NjBeautifully arranged, jazzy, melancholy lyrics, a musical masterpiece. Easily the best song Gregg Allman has ever written and it was for his solo album Laid Back, not w the Allman brothers band unfortunately. If you have never listened to or heard the Laid Back album you need to ASAP. It is a must have - from the beginning to the end the album is flawless.
  • Joshua from Twin Cities, MnNot to be confused with the Dave Edmunds song of the same title, or the cover of that song by Juice Newton.
  • Robby from Nyc, NySensitive and jazzy, introspective. Love playing along with.
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiathat's nice
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