Album: G 'N' R Lies (1988)
Charted: 10 4
  • One, two, one, two, three, four

    Shed a tear 'cause I'm missin' you
    I'm still alright to smile
    Girl, I think about you every day now
    Was a time when I wasn't sure
    But you set my mind at ease
    There is no doubt you're in my heart now

    Said "woman take it slow, and it'll work itself out fine"
    All we need is just a little patience
    Said "sugar make it slow and we'll come together fine"
    All we need is just a little patience (Patience)
    Mm, yeah

    I sit here on the stairs
    'Cause I'd rather be alone
    If I can't have you right now, I'll wait dear
    Sometimes I get so tense but I can't speed up the time
    But you know love there's one more thing to consider

    Said "woman take it slow and things will be just fine"
    You and I'll just use a little patience
    Said "sugar take the time 'cause the lights are shining bright"
    You and I've got what it takes to make it
    We won't fake it, I'll never break it
    'Cause I can't take it

    Little patience, mm yeah, mm yeah
    Need a little patience, yeah
    Just a little patience, yeah
    Some more patience, yeah (I've been walking the streets at night)
    Just trying to get it right (A little patience, yeah)
    It's hard to see with so many around
    You know I don't like being stuck in the crowd (Could use some patience, yeah)
    And the streets don't change but maybe the names
    I ain't got time for the game 'cause I need you (Gotta have more patience, yeah)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah but I need you (All need more patience)
    Oh, I need you (All need some patience)
    Oh, I need you (Just a little patience)
    Ooh this time (Is all you need) Writer/s: W. Axl Rose, Saul Hudson, Duff Rose McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Yahi from Brazil@Bjorn from Gardabaer, Iceland - I've noticed it now hearing Hotel California solo, real plagiarism there...
  • Phil from Neenah, WiThe classic rock band, Tesla, had made claims, once on Vh1 Classic's hard rock and metal show and review "That Metal Show", saying that they had originally done the concept for the acoustic ballad, including the music to 'Patience', and that Guns N' Roses had stolen the acoustic ballad and made it their own.
  • Rick from Pittsburgh, PaThe music and lyrics were both written by Izzy Stradlin. You Fools Who say You wrote it get a life
  • Beck from Boca Raton, FlMarc (Sault So Marie, On) thats total bull-sh*t and you know it. You did not create sh*t on stage so stop lying jackass. Still the song is good and a pleasant surprise from G-N-R.
    Shows Axle is talented beyond his means. Sweet Child O'Mine, One In a Million, November Rain etc are some of Guns and Roses finest songs. I prefer the mellow stuff to the cat
    killing. Lol. Now if Axle can stop bieng such a f*cking dick he might get the respect and recognition he deserves. Also he is not a racist b/c Slash is bi-racial.
  • Mary from Athens, GreeceAwesome song. Although its not very popular, I consider it the best of G n R.
  • Marc from Sault Ste Marie, OnFirst of all none of the band members had anything to do with writing the song Patience. I created the song live on stage in Tok, Alaska in 1984 when I filled in for George Lynch on lead guitar for Dokken. It was done as the second of two encores. An encore which I performed solo. So Guns n Roses beware... you will be sued
  • Gus from Fort Smith, ArGreat mellow guitar. Good bar band song.
  • Josh from Trenton, IlFavorite Guns~n~Roses song! Everyone just needs a little patience :)
  • Luke from Saint Augustine, Flnumber 4 on my all time favorite guns n' roses songs
  • Robert from Los Angeles, Cayo lolo i totally agree. we're in the same boat bro-seph.
  • Karan from Delhi, India@ Wayne from texas it is "you know i dont ike being stuck in the crowd" cheers mate :-)
  • Anuar Jacobs from Mexico, Mexicololo brown, great comment man, i think the same way
  • Joanne from Sault Ste Marie, OnI speak high volumes of this song because the first time I heard it I was in my good friends car and we usually hang out together in the evenings. One night while he was driving and I was talking to him and this came on and he ended up parking the car and he started to sing this song to me. It reminded of our relationship and how much we been through so much together and it meant alot to me having him sing and so I had to go out and buy the cd so I can listen to this song over and over. I just want to say a special thank you to my male friend for being someone and letting me be with you and I miss you a lot.
  • Vicky Tamblyn from Santa Rosa, CaOne of the best thrash band love songs ever sung or made by this genre of rock and roll. Patience is exactly what it says. The whistling in the first part of the song with Slash strumming live on Lies ,it's so in sync with it. It's totally unique as it is beautiful such as love is and should be. Truly it's what any man should do for any woman he loves. To have the ultimate waiting game called patience, is so worth the wait for your baby, and we girls understand don't we.
  • Lolo Brown from Gertrude, Bahamasthis song has gotten me through some very hard times, the way i've always thought of this song is that you cant force love, it has to happen with time and once you realize you truly care about a person, the problems of the past and insecurites about the future will all ease out over time.
  • Bjorn from Gardabaer, IcelandHas no one ever noticed that at 0:20 - 0:30, the guitar solo is completely lifted (stolen?) from Hotel California?
  • Sylvia from Derry, NhMy ex husband dedicated this song to me.. He lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area.. He looks just like Axl and has the same name.. The reason I am here is I typed his name out and brought me here.. He is a Bailey and I still have his last name! It really is freaking me out a little.. Maybe they are related?!?! I need feedback! And the Middle name is first letter N. Name is same as some body in the family... Help me figure this out.. He is from Virginia originally.
  • Raygm from Baguio, South Americaand oh,,i love your whistling part,,
  • Jason from State Of Fitz, Njwho cares what their names are> it's well documented! This is Izzy's song by the way, Axl didn't write the lyrics. I love the video. Axl throwing the phone on the ground and stepping on it.
  • Wayne from Crockett, TxI heard some where that the line "you know I don't like being stuck in the ground" is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the terribly false rumor circulating around at the time that Axl was actually dead. Anyone else ever heard this?
  • Robert from London, Englandgr8 Slash solo on live PARIS show, back in either 92' or 93'... same concert that featured Lenny Kravitz n' later on, Stephen Tyle & Joe Perry, of Aerosmith... THAT'S MY FAVE LIVE SHOW!.. of any band!, but, the solo for Patience in Paris that year was awesome, it owned! lol
    hehe, that's BY THE WAY, I hate hogging this comment board like this, so, PEACE! 1Love and SAFE ALL!, I'm out! :D
  • Robert from London, England"I ain't got time for this game,
    Cause' I need you."

    I personally like the way how they flipped that, and had NO TIME in a song like PATIENCE in the outro there. :)
  • Joseph from Canton, Gaaxl does lead vocals and i would have to agree velvet revolver is awesome (especially live).
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., OhCan't some of you people discuss something else besides what are the band members' real names?- That is certainly irrelevant to this song. I have never seen GNR perform this song- Who does the lead vocals? And by the way, the current lineup of GNR sucks goat balls- while Velvet Revolver kicks ass. Axl Rose reminds me of David Lee Roth- an a**hole who thinks that he is better without his former bandmates... How much success have either one has had?
  • Dylan from Olmsted Falls, United StatesEasily my favorite Guns-N-Roses song ever!!
    "Just need a lil patience, Yeah yeah."
  • Eva from Stockholm, Swedeni love guns n' roses so much. although i don't think this song is the best. get in the ring, it's the best! hope you've heard it.
  • Stacy from Evansville, InI dated the first boy i ever loved when i was 17 and he was not as into me as I was him. So the relationship was painful. Anyway he never commented much on music but once we were driving down the street and this song came on and he told me he liked it and turned it way up and got quiet. We broke up long ago but I always wondered if he was trying to tell me something with these lyrics, to be "patient" and it would work out fine, cause I kept rushing the relationship. I'll never know.
  • Bill from Raleigh, NcAlso, to add on to what connie said, Duff's real name is Micheal and Slash's real name is Saul Hudson
  • Eric from Milltown, Inhas anyone else heard john mayer's version? it's pretty good, and it's cool when he starts singing like axl during the "i've been walkin the streets at night. . ." part.
  • Spencer from Mcbride, Canadathats not entirely true connie. Axl chnaged his name because he didnt want his fathers last name of bailey because he leanred he had abused his mom, but kept the first name william. his band at the time was called axl and so people started calling that instead of W. because he didnt like william. Eventually he decided to change his first name to axl after his band and kept the last name rose.
  • Connie from Columbus, OhIzzy's real name is Jeffrey Dean Isbell. Axl's was born as William Bruce rose then changed to his step fathers name of Bailey he changed it back when he heard his real fathers name was Rose then to W.Axl Rose. I know this is correct I went to school with them. in Lafayette.
  • Guinevre from Truro, Englandaxl rose is the most bloomin' gorgeous rocker on the whole planet, or was 20 years ago. i love all their songs, but patience is just plain beautiful. i worship the acoustics, and the whistling solo is damn hot!!! anyone who doesn't love g'n'r is crazy! get in the ring!!!!!
  • Darren from Bombay, Indiaawesome song.... great intro, lyrics, guitar solo and ending.... Just a litttle patience yeah...
  • Bruno from Detroit, MiThe name Axl came from his early days with a band from Indiana he was in. They were trying to decide of names for the band. One member asked him what he thought of 'Axel' as the name of the band. Axl's response was 'A-X-L'. The band didn't keep the name but William became 'Axl'. The anagram for 'oral sex is a coincidence.
    We all know he goes by W. Axl Rose now. But the 'W' doesn't stand for William anymore it just stands for 'W' because in his words "William is an a**hole."
  • Amy from Leeds, EnglandIts one of the most beautiful songs ever written and the whistle is so cool. saul hudson is a gorgeous name and a gorgeous person...
    cant anyone agree on axl and izzys names?? its:
    W. AXL ROSE = William(Bill) Bailey(his stepdads name)
    IZZY STRADLIN = Jeffrey Isbelle
  • Olivia from Perth, AustraliaI read his name somewhere as "W. Axl Rose", so I think I agree with Axl from LA, CA
  • Caroline from -, NetherlandsAnd what's wrong with the name Saul Hudson? It's only a name. And a name doesn't tell you anything about the person behind that name. And I'm a realy big fan of GN'R. And you can also trust me about the fact that the real name of Izzy is Jeffrey Isbell and no George or somthing else.
  • Caroline from -, NetherlandsPatience is a great song. If I had never hurd patience then I maybe wasn't a GN'R fan now. And trust me the real name of Axl is William Bailey and nothing else.
  • Oscar from StockholmWhats wrong with slash's real name: Saul Hudson?
    I think its quite cool, not many people are named Saul nowadays. Of course, slash is way cooler, but if i was called Saul, i'd be proud of my name, i wouldnt change it.

    not sure if i got the spelling right there...
  • Marlow from Perthmy youth wouldnt have been the same without GnR!
  • John from Northam, Australiaeverywhere it has his name written as jefferey isbell n not gefrey or whatever. this song is heaps cool, i wrote ballad yesterday for my band and i want it to be like either this style or like november rain not the same music but the same feel.probably more like november rain because its like a love ballad and it would suit it to be lik either song
  • Carla from Lisbon, PortugalAxel Rose is more than a huge and eternal
    rock star.I believe in his strengh,kindness
    and intelligence.
  • Rahul from Mumbai, IaWhat a song.I believe the best song by the 'guns n roses'
  • Jose from New York, NyLike the rest of the members, Slash had to pick a cool name. His real name is Saul Hudson... GnR just wouldn't have been as badass if they had kept names like Jeff, Bailey and Saul.
  • Emu from Paradise City, Othernever mind what axl's real name is, hasn't anyone noticed how gorgeous he is (without the bread)? same to be said about izzy.
  • Michael_stradlin from Slupsk, PolandThe real name of Izzy is Jeffrey Dean Isbell.

    Izzy wrote Patience about his ex-girlfriend named Angela - she left Iz for his friend Andy from Hanoi Rocks
  • Iain from Dubbo, AustraliaAxl was born William Bailey. He hated his stepfather and went by Rose when he learned of his biological father. Eventually he chose Axl because of the anagram (Axl Rose = oral sex, rearranged), and became W. Axl Rose (it's listen that way on the IMDb, the GTA San Andreas credits, and on his grave in the Don't Cry video)
  • Dave from Brisbane, AustraliaHmmm funny they dont have Dont Cry on here, I had a vid of the making of Dont Cry and the band had a great deal of fun making it.
    Patience is a great song, the amazing thing about G&R is they have a song for every mood Im ever in.
  • Ana from Lokev, Europebeautiful song. specially the first line: shed a tear cause i'm missing you ...
  • Amy from Leeds, EnglandI agree with annabel from canada, its a beautiful song, and i love the whistlin at the of my faves, deffo
    oh, and izzy is Jeff Isabelle, and axl is William Bailey, rose is his biological fathers real name
  • Chris from London, Englandaxl's real name is William Bailey, trust me!!!
  • Joe from Detroit, MiAxl Rose was once known by the name of Bill Bailey. Bailey being his stepfathers name (NOT HIS MOTHERS). He took the name of Rose when he found out when he found out it was his real father's name.
  • Bob from Kelowna, CanadaBailey was Axl's surname, but he changed it to his mothers maiden name "Rose" at one point.
  • Axl from La, Cahey axl's real surname isnt bailey, his name is william axel rose, but william is no true rockers name so he called himself axel (like his evil father) but he took the 'e' out because it looked unique AND because axl rose is an anagram of oral sex!!!!
  • Katie from Montreal, CanadaThis is a great song- the solo is amazing when Slash does it live! For the record, Axl's real name is William Bailey, Slash's real name is Saul Hudson, Izzy's Real name is Jeff Isbelle, Duff's real name is Micheal McKagan, and Steven Adler is Steven's given name.
  • Annabelle from Alliston, Ontario, CanadaI love this song! Its so beautiful without being sappy, a far cry from those 80's 'power ballads'. The wonderful use of acoustic instruments underscores the sweet message perfectly but Axl's performance is really the highlight here IMO (love the poignant whistle!): tender without being weak. Definetly one of my favs from GNR.
  • Molly from Philly, Paactually, Izzy's real name isn't George. It's Jeff Isabelle.(Isabelle can be spelt differently, it just depends what your resource is)
  • Nate from Buffalo, Nynot one of my favorites. guns n roses is supposed to be badass and this one is too subdued. at least november rain is a real wailer.
  • Billy from Laurinburg, Nci think that this song is about william losing a girl to another man, he knows he can win her back if shes has patience. he under stands that if cant be with her now he'll wait how ever long it takes because his love will never change for, he wants her to know that hes the one she should be with.

  • John from Holland, Miits got a great wistle solo in for an intro!
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