Friend Like That

Album: Hawk Nelson Is My Friend (2008)
  • I like it simple and
    I'm not a Superman
    I never said that I was more than that
    I'm not a wanna be
    I'm who I want to be
    And I intend to be
    How you created me

    I, I need somebody on the inside
    I, I want somebody who can set me free
    I'm not The only one who feels like this
    I've got a few others around me

    Hey let me hear you say
    Make some noise if you feel this way
    Hey if you've got a friend like that
    Hey let's scream and shout
    If you know what I'm talking about
    Anybody got a friend like that

    I once was little and
    I always had a plan
    You thought my friendliness
    Was just an act (hey)
    I'll be your friend indeed
    And you can count on me
    And I can guarantee
    Your friend I'll always be



    Does anyone out there feel alone?
    Can anyone hear me (whoa, whoa)
    Down and out your heart is cold
    It's never easy (whoa, whoa)
    But if you believe that there is hope
    Then sing it with me

    [Chorus: x2]

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