Album: Make Yourself (1999)
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  • Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
    And I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear
    Take the wheel and steer

    It's driven me before
    And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal
    But lately I am beginning to find
    That I should be the one behind the wheel

    Whatever tomorrow brings
    I'll be there with open arms and open eyes

    Whatever tomorrow brings
    I'll be there, I'll be there

    So if I decide to waiver my chance
    To be one of the hive
    Will I choose water over wine
    And hold my own and drive?

    It's driven me before
    And it seems to be the way that everyone else gets around
    But lately I am beginning to find
    That when I drive myself my light is found

    So whatever tomorrow brings
    I'll be there with open arms and open eyes
    Whatever tomorrow brings
    I'll be there, I'll be there

    Would you choose water over wine
    Hold the wheel and drive?

    Whatever tomorrow brings
    I'll be there with open arms and open eyes
    Whatever tomorrow brings
    I'll be there, I'll be there

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  • Jay Smith from AustraliaMany times, faith calls for stepping into the unknown, doing something you have never done before, and discovering a power at work in ways you never expected.
  • Jd from CaTo me this is clearly a song about taking control of your life and not following the crowd!
  • Sondheim Sharon from OrFloridaman from Florida
    You, my friend, are 100% right. I couldn't have said it better.
  • John from Ontario Very insightful interpretations here. I kind of think it speaks to a number of topics. Fear of not being yourself, fear of having alcohol and drugs cloud your personal vision. The fear of not following the path that the rest of society seems to take. Perhaps open eyes means being sober and having clear vision that is not clouded by booze. Embracing life on its own and accepting what comes your way
  • Florida Man from FloridaI may be the only one thus far to hold this interpretation, but I don't think the lyrics are about rejecting religion or a car accident suffered by band members.

    The choice of water over wine, coupled with an admonition to hold the wheel and drive, points instead to a different interpretation. As 50 years of messaging in the western world have us understand, alcohol and driving do not mix. You are either getting drunk (wine) and riding as a passenger (who plays a passive role in the car's direction), or you choose sobriety (water) and take the wheel and drive (actively controlling the car).
    The path of wine gives you the benefit of intoxication, but the path of water grants you control.

    Taken at a deeper level, the wine/water dichotomy can be viewed as a choice between comfort at the price of freedom (wine) or freedom at the price of comfort (water).

    To truly be free comes at the cost of responsibility, critical thinking, and self-discipline, and many would prefer not to pay that cost, letting fear of that burden dissuade them from taking control.

    Yet, despite this cost, the lyrics extol the singer's choice to bear this burden: "my light is found".

    Thus, the song is a testimonial to the price of being the driver, and a message that the price to get behind the wheel, to be free, is always worth paying.
  • Anonymous from UsaMy interpretation of this song it is you who makes the choice to drive your own life or whatever else will drive it for you. It could be anything..You can choose to make your own path or follow one's already created..
  • #elevatelifewithangie from Chicago IlIt's clear that the Driver had been Fear. The fear had been driving/leading his life. But here he's describing his choice to be the driver of his own life. Very powerful lyrics and a story many of us can relate too. Always loved this song, but today 10/20/2020 I have a better understand of it's purpose. Elevate life y'all!
  • Rog from The YoThese lyrics are deeply religious whether it was intended to be or not. Open arms and open eyes is the core disposition of the hero in all mythical and religious stories.
  • Anonymous from Saint AugustineI’ve heard this song hundreds of times and it wasn’t until today that I hit my heart. I have lived 45 years allowing my life to be dominated and controlled by fear models. Mostly trying to control as much as I could to avoid the pain of any negative outcomes that I feared. It’s an exhausting way to live. I recently discovered this about myself and that’s probably why this song hit me so hard today. To me, taking the wheel is controlling the one thing we can control, your own thoughts. Allow yourself to think positively and deny permission to fear and negativity. That way you can face whatever tomorrow brings with open arms and open eyes.
  • Hex Omega from Washington State So in my opinion, I think he is trying to convey that the whole "Jesus, take the wheel" approach does not work for him.

    "Its driven me before and it seems to be the way that everyone else gets around"

    This is in reference to people who think they are letting God/Jesus make all their choices for them.

    "Lately I'm beginning to find that when I drive myself, my light is found"

    He is saying that he has found that when he closes his eyes and plugs is ears to what is "taught" by the Bible about what to and what not to do, he is much more comfortable with his life and his choices. He does not feel like he has to live in fear of going to hell if he so much as farts outside the comfort of his own home.
  • AnonymousI'm equally conflicted by the lyrics and the name of the band as well as some others who've commented. I do love the song. I was raised Catholic. I don't really attend church anymore but I always enjoyed the sermon and trying to figure out the spiritual nature of it and how it speaks to me personally. The lyrics " choosing water over wine" seems to me since Jesus turned water into wine I would be choosing the world over Christ. But the fact that Jesus also hung out with the sinners and not the synagogue speaks to the fact that you have to be in the world to experience it in order to find your truth or your light and not be afraid of making mistakes because it's already a forgone conclusion that you will (trials and tribulations). But when you realize that the light of the spiritus sanctum is already in you and everyone else then you shine that light and help others find theirs. But all the while recognizing the shadow that dwells within also that you might be able to control it and free yourself of those pesky seven deadly sins and live by the seven godly attributes instead. Well that's all I got to say about that
  • AnonymousI've seen in this thread, some Christians, myself, who love this band and this song. I get it.
    This was one of my first CD'S, and I've always liked this song too, but I'm conflicted about what I think it means. A lot of people here are saying that they feel this song talks about living by faith (maybe in God), and not giving in to fear, of Satan's many and most powerful tools. That may be,.and I'd love to think that's true.
    What causes my conflict is the band's name, "Incubus," which literally means,...a demon that rapes women in their sleep. I sometimes wonder, that when the lead singer mentions fear, if he is refering to the fear many Christians are raised to have,...of living by one's own rules instead of God's, and being damned for it. "WHATEVER TOMORROW BRINGS, I'LL BE THERE," (Not GOD will be there??....or..., "I SHOULD BE THE ONE BEHIND THE WHEEL,"....not, "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL???" Maybe he is refering to having faith in himself, and living life HIS way, instead of living in fear of punishment, having faith in God, and following His way of living,..."THE CROWD." I don't know. Maybe they just chose an unfortunate band name, without knowing it's meening, because they thought it sounded cool.
  • Scott from CaliI directly relate this song to the struggles I have had with drinking. It helps remind me every time I listen to it... to choose sobriety over drinking, and how much better my life is when sober and clear headed...optimistic and happy.
  • Barbara from Orlando, FlWhether you believe or not, you might have heard the story of Christ turning water in to wine. Maybe he is asking would you choose water out of fear that wine would not be there, figuratively, not literally water and wine. Or would you wait and have faith (trust, patience, peace) that something better will come along. You don't have to take the first thing that comes your way if it isn't what you really want out of fear that what you really want will never become available to you. Don't be afraid, don't grab on to the first thing that comes to you (like a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife or a job) if you don't really feel good about it. Let go of the fear that you'll never get what you want. Or maybe it just means don't drink and drive;)
  • Nursegirl2001 from Wichita, KsWhen I first heard the song, it really caught me and I was like, "Wow who's singing this?" I tried for like days to find it and then googled some of the words and the song (with the correct lyrics!) popped up !! As I listened to the song in its entirety, it moved me and then I began to study the words. I realized that the song talked about fear motivating us to live our lives whatever that means to us individually. We each make our own decisions but I want my mind to be clear as I proceed through life...uninhibited by fear, where-ever or whomever that fear originates from. I want to be in control of consciousness around me. Fear is not of God either but of the enemy himself. Brandon himself (the leader of the band Incubus) expressed the meaning of this song above which is hat I thought that it meant. Super, super song with deep thought and a forever message !!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Brian from Boston, MaThis is a great song.I love the acoustic guitar in this song.I am trying to learn to play this on guitar right now. I am an ok guitar player.There are some odd chord shapes i'm having a little trouble with but I'm getting better. I also like what this song has to say. I can definetely relate to what this song is about. Unfortunatly I have been driven by fear a lot in my life.I have blown many opportunities and made some bad decisions because of fear. I always wonder "What if?"
  • Tony from Da Hood, Mii THINK it is funny how we can all bring our own experience to this jam. Mark of a great lyric/work of art. I am saddened that so many anti-christians feel the need to dump on the "Christian hive". Regardless of your religious/ spiritual beliefs it is abouth being ruled by FAITH not fear. Fear is the enemy:) Trust me not everyone in church is a brainwashed conformist. It is hard to make the choice to "hold the wheel and drive" either way GOD BLESS INCUBUS FOR SUCH A DOPE SONG!!!!
  • Kamran from London, United KingdomFor me it's more about being an individual, about not letting trends or crowds dictate your life
  • Jarod from Las Vegas, Nvevery word of this song is symbolic... basically, it's about taking control of your own life, not living in fear, and taking responsibility for yourself.
  • Lexi from Boston, Mathe thing about this songis it can be about any struggle, maybe he didnt intend for it to be about alchol, but it could to speak to someone whom has struggled with that, it is ambiguous in a way but it isnt at the same time, you know?
  • Adam from Spokane, Wa Jason, Boston Hts

    Dude, I'm totally with you on this one. You've got this down. Like drugs at temp. fix, wine isn't nothing like water. You really find who your are deep down when you make your own choices and stop letting the wine choose for you.
  • John from Houston , TxThe vid is good and crazy when everything's upside down.
  • Hassaan from Islamabad, Pakistanthe best song that will ever made and will be ever. this song give me courage in exams days. i will never forget that song i think no song is ever nearer to it and will be and i will ask incubus to make all their songs like this. this issss the beeeeeeeest ever.plz make more songs like this.
  • Emily from The Bury, CtThis song it amazing. to me it says "Take what life gives you, good or bad" when he says "Whatever tomorrow beings i'll be there
    with open arms and open eyes yeahh..." love it!
  • Brittany from G-vegas, NcI must say Brandon Boyd is Amazingly Hot in this video!
  • Emma from San Deigo, Cai love this song and the music video!
    both are rad! the lyrics are also awesome!
    (but they always are!) once had to use this song for speech class!
  • Brian from Orlando, Fl"'My Favorite Things' [an incubus song] is my personal beliefs about religion and how it oppresses the things I enjoy the most. Unfortunately, the simplest things, such as thinking for myself, creating my own reality and being whatever the hell I want to be each day of my life, are a sin. To be a good Christian basically means to give up the reigns of your life and let some unseen force do it for you." - Brandon Boyd
  • Kevin from Baltimore, MdI thnk this song is about an addiction to drugs, if you notice he says "would you choose whater over wine? hold the wheel and drive, i think its about making the choice to stay sober and make decisions for life in a clear mind set
  • Ben from Oakdale, CtI think that you are all ignorant and don't know anything. If you think you know something about incubus give me a call. Especially Kevin, Jason, Bob from NH and Matt. Also Jessica if you think Brandon would marry anyone lik you think again. My number is 917-2788.
  • Kevin from Suburb Of Pittsburgh , PaThis song is about being in control of your own life. It sounds like he is saying he has been a product of an establishment and is ready to "choose water over wine" and take control of his life.
  • Matt from Minneapolis, MnThe video for this song, which was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award, was filmed at the McNamara Alumni Center at the Unniversit of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

    Also, I was always told and assumed this had deliberate references to masturbation. "I should be the one behind the wheel" "Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there" As in, even if your single or alone you have your own "needs" to meet. "will I choose water over wine,, hold my own and drive" As in the water is onanism vs the thrill of real intamacy.
    "and hold my own and drive"

    Either way, the song is mediocre. Incubus hasn't been good since their earlier works, IMHO
  • Jason from Boston Hts., OhThe song is about how we let fear control our lives. The hive is like the collective, your peers, and how easily they can make decisions for you. When he sings "when i drive myself my light is found" means that when he takes control of his own decision, makes his own choices, then he has clairty, or he sees the light. As to the religous undertones "water into wine" i think that agian, its about not allowing a group to make your decisions for you. Maybe by belonging to a church limits your understanding of yourself and what your capable of. Its not anti-religous in meaning i think, it has more to do being incontrol of your own life.
  • Jessie from Brisbane, Australiawe live in an era where drink drving is a common cause of death on out roads. the reference in this song "choose water over wine" seems to indicate something about drink driving. teenagers just gettin their learners licence are usually at first afraid of drving on the road."let the fear take the wheel and steer". also about having the freedom to drive on your own and stuff instead of lettin other people drive you places all the time. maybe i'm jus sayin this because i'm just gettin my licence and i'm freakin out about my drivers test :)
  • Joe from Berkeley Heights, NjThe song, in my opinion, isn't about religion at all. I think it's just about taking your life back, no longer letting fear and insecurity "take the wheel". It's one of my favorite songs and it's very much descriptive of my life.
  • Ixman from Houston, TxThis cut is very obviously about turning away from religion - specifically Christianity.

    The references start from the beginning and continue all the way to the end:

    *) "...vague, hainting mass appeal." - an obvious reference to Christian group think.
    *) "...waiver my chance to be one of the Hive" - same thing. Now the lead singer is pondering just what happens if he chooses not to believe. Is there really a hell?
    *)Water over wine - very obviously a repudiation of Christianity. Jesus changed water to wine. The singer chooses things before - or without - Jesus. Water over wine.
    *)"It's driven me before and it...everyonve else gets around." He was raised in and around Christianity, as are many in the U.S. Now he is growing away from that.

    The idea that this is about alcohol is superficial at best, and likely hamfisted in thinking. Incubus are more subtle than that - hard rock underpinnings notwithstanding.
  • Francesca from Preston, EnglandWhat an awesome song!!! This was the song that first got me into Incubus and i think that the lyrics are very meaningful to ppl. to me they are about being helpless, feeling you should take control of your life rather than let other people control you. thats just me though...
  • Nieves from Merced, CaDid anyone even bother to read what Brandon Boyd said this song is about?? Fear. About being driven all your life by making decisions from fear, and what would life be like if you didn't live that way. quote-unquote. Awesome song and band.
  • Brian from South Bend, Inthis song was originally a song mike einziger (the guitarist) made for a tv show that requested he write a theme song,according to mike it was almost exactly the same as it is on the record, and the show turned it down. too bad for them.
  • Frank from Warminster, PaI've always felt this song referred to how so many people are controlled by religion, and Brandon (and others, including me) choose not to be lead around like sheep. The "water over wine" reference, to me, is the tipoff (changing water to wine...). But don't go by me; I'm an Atheist who is always looking for anything that supports a departure from religion. Great song, none-the-less!
  • April from Natick, MaOk so anyone who have ever actualy thought about the words to this song has some serious brain issues if they still think its about alcohol addiction! Use your brain befor posting!!
  • Nick from Plainfiel, IlDrive is about someone who lets other people control thier lives.
  • Jim from Swansea, Wales"Drive is about somebody with an alcohol addiction and his DRIVE for alcohol!!!!! Get it "will i, choose water over wine, and hold my own drive!!!" Its the difficult time while he is overcoming the addiction.
    - Bren, Perth, Australia"

    That is called a metaphor. The water represents the rougher choice of controlling your own life, whereas wine represents the smooth ride of being driven by fear. It's basically choosing the rough over the smooth.

    Great lyrics, great band.
  • Carlton from West Warwick, Rithis song is about controlling your life and not letting anything get in your way and not let anything persaude you to do something you dont want to do. and not to let anything to screw up your life like bad desions example alcohol. and to drink water instead of the wine so you dont get into an accident and hurt yourself. and no matter what look forward to tomorrow and welcome it with open arms because one day could change your life.
  • Mel from Sydney, AustraliaThis song is good but its the song which gets you into the band, you listen to Drive and decide to hear more of their songs & will surley then get into and LOVE the band...once you hear all their other songs drive doesnt mean as much as what it use to.All their other songs are just too good!!! that was my experience anyway
  • Erika from Yuma, Azthis song doesnt really mean anything in spacific to everyone. Its what one person relates to in there own situations.In outher words it meant something to brandon when he wrote it, but it could mean something completely different to me.:)
  • Bren from Perth, AustraliaDrive is about somebody with an alcohol addiction and his DRIVE for alcohol!!!!! Get it "will i, choose water over wine, and hold my own drive!!!" Its the difficult time while he is overcoming the addiction.
  • Kate from Wellington, New ZealandThis song isnt about brandons car accident man!
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaThis song is Incubus' only top ten hit on the pop singles charts. It peaked at spot number nine. "Drive" was also Incubus' first number one hit on the modern rock charts (check me on that one. "Pardon Me" may have been the first).
  • Maya from Sisseton, SdAwesome song by incubus. Does anyone else get annoyed with words that are spelled wrong on purpose?!
  • Joel from Manila, United Statesit's all about taking control of your life and accepting "whatever tomorrow brings"!
  • Glenn from Mildenhall, EnglandCiao, not chow.
  • Jaclyn from Montebello, CaI think the song drive symbolizes how far Brandon Boyd can drive you over the edge with his fineness. Chow baby!!! Brandon can drive me anywhere anytime.
  • Greg from Randolph, Njthis song is about taking over your life and not letting things like beer get in the way
  • Austin from Collierville, TnStrangley after the video for "Drive" was shot, Brandon was in a serious car accident.
  • Chris from Monticello, KyI agree with Mike in a way, it seems like the song is about a person taking control of their own life and not letting others run it for them.
  • Mike from Boston, MaThis song is actually about taking control of one's life and determining one's own fate instead of letting fate and fear dictate where we go in life.
  • Bob from Nook, NhDudes, This songs about a horrible car accident Brandon was in
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