Album: Make Yourself (1999)
  • Meet me in outer space
    We could spend the night
    Watch the earth come up
    I've grown tired of that place
    Won't you come with me?
    We could start again

    How do you do it?
    Make me feel like I do
    How do you do it?
    It's better than I ever knew

    Meet me in outer space
    I will hold you close
    If you're afraid of heights
    I need you to see this place
    It might be the only way
    That I can show you how it feels to be inside of you

    How do you do it?
    Make me feel like I do
    How do you do it
    It's better than I ever knew
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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI think DJ Kilmore uses a sample from the Supremes' "Reflections" on this song (the spacey sounds in the beginning and throughout the song). I just heard that song on the radio and it sounded the same.
  • Emily from St. Louis, MoBack when this came out I heard something on the radio about Brandon writing this song for his girlfriend at the time. Meet me in outer space meaning meet me in our secret place away from the media and fame, let's just pretend we're two normal people in love. That never really jived with the lyrics for me, but thought I would share with everyone anyway. Awesome song, performed with the conviction of someone truly in love.
  • Tbsfan from Zapata, TxI think this song is a love song. When he says "i need you to see this place, it might be the only way that I can show you how it feels to be inside of you" I think he is referring to them making love. They're love making is so amazing and out of this world that outerspace is the only way to describe it. Maybe thats why the video is sortof like that as well. When hes "inside" of her he feels sooo connected to her and its nothing he has ever felt before.
  • Shelly from Nmb, Sca love song for sure and very trippy.almost a 60-ish vibe to it.i gave me an out of body expirence.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI wouldn't call it romantic, or a love song. It's about love, and it's so amazingly good. It just describes being in love so well. Especially the line "Meet me in outer space, I will hold you close if you're afraid of heights" and then the chorus "How do you do it, make me feel like I do" is so great. This song is love.
  • Matt from Dallas, TxOn "Live at the Red Rocks", they play The Police's Do Do Do Da Da Da during the bridge.
    The Police are large musical influence on the band.
  • Tim from Abilene, TxYeah this is a Good song, Me and my wife p[layed it as the closing song to our wedding, Our first great experience together was an incubus concert at the riveria in chicago
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaOut of all of Incubus's songs, this is my number one favorite.
  • Renee from Saint John, CanadaI love this song. One of my favorite songs ever.
  • Erika from Yuma, Azsimply put, theire most romantic song ever.
  • Mel from Sydney, Australiathe song is not about how Brandon feels inside the band "it might be the only way that i can show u how it feels to be inside of you" hes refering to the connection he felt with jo English & the connection was so deep he felt "inside" of her, knew her inside out
  • Belinda from Miami, FlThe girl in the video was his girlfriend at that time.
  • Nate from Lansing, MiActually i heard/think that this song is about how Brandon Boyd feels inside of the band. It tells of how important the band is to him and how it makes him feels. It makes me think of the band like when it says" it might be the only way i can show you how it feels to be inside you"
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, Pait was the 2nd single off their breakthrough album "make yourself" released in 1999. peaked at #2 on the modern rock charts.
  • Desirae from Harrison, OhThis is a beautiful song, it tells you exactly how it feels to be in love
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