Someday Is Tonight

Album: Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989)
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  • I've been waiting for you
    No, please, don't say anything
    There's something I need to say to you
    When I said someday we'd be together
    Well, someday is tonight

    Here we are, just you and me
    Got something for you, baby
    Wait and see
    No need to worry, come follow me
    I don't want you to think about anything else tonight

    We've been together for quite some time
    Now I know that your love is mine
    No more fantasizing of how it would be
    'Cause tonight all your dreams come true

    Ready to give all my love
    Won't hold back
    Someday is tonight
    Let me make your dreams come true
    Don't hold back
    Someday is tonight

    You know I promised
    I'd be worth the wait
    Now the wait is over, baby
    Please don't hesitate
    Boy, you make me tremble
    With your warm caress
    I never knew I could feel this way

    No more fantasizing
    You'll ever have to do
    'Cause tonight, baby
    All your dreams come true
    Ooh, I want you so bad, I can taste it
    Mmm, I'm yours if you want me

    Ready to give all my love (ready to give it)
    Won't hold back
    Someday is tonight (ooh, ooh)
    Let me make your dreams come true (dreams come true)
    Don't hold back
    Someday is tonight (mmm, oh, baby, ooh, baby)

    Ready to give all my love (ooh)
    Won't hold back
    Someday is tonight (someday is tonight)
    Let me make your dreams come true (let me make)
    Don't hold back (let me make)
    Someday is tonight (let me make your dreams come true, oh, yeah)
    Right now Writer/s: James Samuel III Harris, Janet Damita Jo Jackson, Terry Lewis
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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