Dream of You and I

Album: You and I (2016)
  • This is, uh
    Based on some music that I heard in a dream
    That I saw in a dream
    Called, it's going to be called "you and I", ouch!
    'Cause it's what the people in the dream were saying

    You and I, you and I, you and I
    All for you

    It's like that, I heard the people singing that in a dream
    Yeah, and it was a dream where I was in an auditorium at a college
    And everybody was congregated and singing the same words
    And there was this, y'know a bunch of
    This band on stage and they were like, y'know, sorta spacey Deadhead band
    With teen- y'know, like, guys in their twenties, like a bunch of grunge guys but
    Kinda playing this, this, other thing, not like what I'm playing here on guitar
    And the people kept on beating out, uh
    Rhythms on drumsticks
    This really great rhythm, it was in like, 7/4, this really cool space jam
    And what it was, it was a song
    I dreamed that this song was about, uh, about this guy, uh
    Or, y'know, the person in the song is singing to his lover
    That uh, y'know, he's completely theirs
    The lover has forbidden anybody to have contact with him
    The lover has taken away his freedom, taken away his days and nights
    Taken away his, y'know, his dreams
    Uh, sent away his friends
    Forbidden him to, y'know, get close to his parents, all that stuff
    And what it was, it was an AIDS rally
    And that song was about AIDS
    Or about something like that
    So every time the refrain came around
    The people would say "you and I, you and I, you and I"
    And they point to the sign that said, y'know, like
    It said AIDS with a circle with a slash through it
    And they go "all for you"
    They go like, point to the sign, so that was the dream
    I woke up with it
    Anyway, as long as you got that on tape, I'll remember that Writer/s: JEFF BUCKLEY
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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