Young Girl Sunday Blues

Album: After Bathing at Baxter's (1967)
  • Marty Balin & Paul Kantner)
    In my heart I have a feeling,

    and I don't know what I'm gonna do;
    What should I do?
    Oh, what a beautiful world, the world;
    What should I do?

    Maybe you've found it too;
    And tomorrow.
    Today is made up of yesterday,
    Don't you know what I have found?
    And all her sorrow.
    Young girl Sunday blues,
    One side of me is filled with brightness,

    no matter what I might say;
    The days are made with waterfall colors,
    Couldn't I make you stay?
    If rain falls down the side of my face,

    must be a rainy day;
    But I get lost in yesterday,
    And tomorrow, tomorrow;
    Young girl Sunday blues,
    And all her sorrow.

    and I'm high;
    I walk beside you laughing,
    When I tell you I dream,
    Don't try to touch me with words;
    It might seem like silence,
    But so much can be heard;
    I think of things,

    that loving you brings,
    Maybe my thing is her;
    Today is made up of yesterday,
    And tomorrow;
    Young girl Sunday blues,
    And all her sorrow;
    Let yourself wander free and easy

    Ah, come into my mind,
    Ah, come into my life,
    Sunday blues girl,
    Young and new girl,
    You're the only true girl,
    Here can please me,
    I said "Please me, yeah!
    Please me!
    Please me!
    Please me!

    Copyright 1967, 1968 Icebag Corp

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  • Apsa from AfricaThis track is a mixture of live and studio work. They took a live version, and added a studio recording of Marty's lead vocals.
    They did that because they'd actually tried to record it in the studio, but were never satisfied with the results.

    Marty had a song that could have been included on the album, it's called "Don't let me down". A good blues-rock song they'd often played in concerts.
    And by the time the album was ready to be released, in late 1967, he had begun to write an other song called "Things are better in the East". This song's never been issued on an original album, untill it made its first appearance on the "Jefferson Airplane loves you" boxed set, in the early nineties. Gorgeous song.
  • Curt from Sarasota, FlThis, to me, is the quintessential hippie love song by the quintessential hippie band on their spaciest album. Love it.
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