73 (Everything Changes)

Album: Thankful (2008)
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  • Southern California
    Standin' in the drive
    A picture-perfect moment
    Frozen in time
    Mom holdin' Dad
    Dad holdin' me
    In '73

    There's me in that striped dress
    Beneath the Big Boy sign
    Bottom of the Polaroid says fall of '79
    Yeah, that's the night that Dad
    Tried to explain to me
    Why he had to leave

    Everything changes
    Hey, that's reality
    Sometimes I wonder
    How all our lives would be
    If they'd'a stayed in love
    (Like they were)
    (In '73)

    Here's pictures openin' presents
    December '83
    Some with Mom and some with Dad
    Two different Christmas trees
    And there's me and my new half-brother
    In his baby-blue outfit
    Winter '86

    Mom and I, we both survived
    Those awkward teenage years
    Graduation '91
    Dad flew back to be there
    There's me in my cap and gown
    Standin' between them
    The three of us again

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  • Robert from Englewood, FlThis song is a classic period piece.I just love this song.The pure quality of the recording, excelent harmonies, and strange lyrics and ending.I am a solo guitar player and I love playing this song but I've never had the courage to perform it in front of a live audience. I know people think the song is bubblegum, but it's way better than that.Plus, a one hit wonder, adding to the strageness of it.Loved it when it hit the charts, and still do.Would anybody out there play the Tamborine while I sing and play it?
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