Album: Souled Out (2014)
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  • I've been coming home late night
    I've been sleeping past day light
    I'm waking up you're not by my side
    Baby that ain't right
    I wanna be there with you
    I really do be missing you
    Everything I do is for you
    And I really do adore you
    You're getting so big now
    You're making me so proud cuz
    You are such a star
    And you know that you are
    So every single little moment
    I can't be there to hold your hand
    I need for you to know that
    I need for you to know that
    Anything should happen, anything should happen
    'Cause anything could, if anything should happen
    Know that you'll be alright, know that you'll be alright

    Just promise you'll be alright, promise you'll be alright
    If anything (Alright, promise I'll be alright)
    (Promise I'll be alright, promise I'll be alright)
    If anything should happen (Promise I'll be alright)
    (Promise I'll be alright, promise I'll be, promise I'll be, alright)

    Swear that I can still feel you here
    I just can't believe you're not here
    I've been needing you
    All I dream is you
    Don't think I can make it
    I don't think I can make it
    But then I hear you say that
    I bet not do nothing crazy
    'Cause Nami really needs you
    And I would never leave you
    'Cause I am in the stars
    And everywhere you are
    And every single little moment
    Every single bit of sunshine just
    Know that I am right by your side
    Know that you are right by my side
    So I'm gonna make you so proud
    You don't ever have to worry 'bout me
    No, you don't ever have to worry 'bout me

    Promise I'll be alright, promise I'll be alright
    Wish that you were here now
    I'm missing you right here but
    Promise I'll be alright, promise I'll be alright
    Promise I'll be alright, promise I'll be, promise I'll be
    Promise I'll be alright, just know that I'll be alright
    Know that I'll be alright, know that I'll be, know that I'll be alright

    Alright, alright, alright
    Alright, alright, alright

    Everything is alright, everything's in your mind
    Life is what you make it, life is what you make it
    And anything can happen, anything can happen
    But you just gotta get past it, you just gotta laugh at it
    And anything can happen, you fall down get back up
    And you better believe that nothing holding me back
    So everything is alright, everything is alright
    Everything is alright, promise I'll be
    Promise you'll be, promise we'll be alright

    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, DistroKid, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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