You Belong To Me

Album: Hits Of Jo Stafford (1959)
Charted: 1 1
  • See the pyramids along the Nile
    Watch the sun rise on a tropic isle
    Just remember, darling, all the while
    You belong to me

    See the marketplace in old Algiers
    Send me photographs and souvenirs
    Just remember when a dream appears
    You belong to me

    I'll be so alone without you
    Maybe you'll be lonesome too, and blue

    Fly the ocean in a silver plane
    See the jungle when it's wet with rain
    Just remember till you're home again
    You belong to me

    I'll be so alone without you
    Maybe you'll be lonesome too, and blue

    Fly the ocean in a silver plane
    Watch the jungle when it's wet with rain
    But remember darling, till you're home again
    You belong to meWriter/s: Red Stewart, Chilton Price, Pee Wee King
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn September 3, 1952, Jo Stafford's "You Belong To Me" started it's 12 non-consecutive* weeks at #1 on Billboard's Most Played on Jukeboxes chart...
    "You Belong To Me" was at #1 for nine weeks, then Patti Page's "I Went To Your Wedding" took over the #1 spot for one week, and "You Belong To You" moved back to #1 for next three weeks, finally it was Joni James' "Why Don't You Believe Me" that knocked her out of the top spot for good...
    Seems 1952 was a good year for female singers, they held the #1 spot for a total of 38 weeks; Jo Stafford {12 weeks}, Kay Starr {9 weeks}, Georgia Gibbs {7 weeks}, Vera Lynn {6 weeks}, Joni James {3 weeks}, and Patti Page {1 week}.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn August 14th 1962, the Duprees performed "You Belong to Me" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'...
    A little over two weeks earlier on July 29th, 1962 it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #93; and on September 16th, 1962 it peaked at #7 {for 1 week} and spent 13 weeks on the Top 100...
    Between August 1962 and July 1965 the New Jersey quintet had eight Top 100 records; their next biggest hit after "You Belong to Me" was "My Own True Love", it reached #13 {for 1 week} on December 2nd, 1962.
  • Sherman from Los Angeles , CaIn 2007 an american idol hopeful,sheman pore sang this song as atribute a to his late "Lady Love-Melissa Miller"and then produced a cd called For"My Lady Love"in honor of her.On it are 10 great songs,one of them "You belong to me".He still performs it at shows cases ocasionaly always singing it to his angel!!
  • Joel from Cleveland, OhDean Martin also covered this. I don't recall if it was on an album or just a single but either way Dino's version was right up there with the others who have done this song. I think Dylan did this song for the original soundtrack from the Woody Harrelson film "Natural Born Killers".
  • Louis from Massapequa , Nyjo stafford, one of the greatest girl singers of all time.
  • Butterfly from Hyderabad, --Such a sweet song..!!
  • William from Elizabeth City, NcThis is Redd Stewart's son. The statement above states that Chilton Price was the only writer of Slow Poke, and You Belong To Me. That could not be futher from the truth! It still amazes me the lengths some people will go to to get alittle fame! The thousands of friends, fans, and performers that knew Redd and Pee Wee know the huge talent these two were and the contributions they made to the world of music!
  • Jim from Cleveland, OhGreat song. Danced many times to it at "record hops" My favorite version is by the Duprees.
  • Craig from Memphis, TnBen Taylor (son of James Taylor and Carli Simon) just covered this song on his 2006 release. It's much more like the Bob Dylan version than the older country versions.
  • Nathan from From The Country Of, Canadagreat classic AM radio song, favourite version is the Dupree's.
  • Flower from Shenyang, ChinaI love the Bob Dylon version of this song.Each time I play this song in my office at noon time,my colleages always ask me play it one more.We listen to it together without a word.Though we don't know English well,even we can't understand the words,we all feel the deep and true feeling of the love frome it.
  • Chris from Saline, MiI never knew Jason Wade (of Lifehouse) recorded this song... that's interesting.
    It should be pointed out that Jo Stafford's version was huge not only in England but in the USA where it hit #1 in 1952.
    Anne Murray's version is on her CD of fifties pop covers, "Croonin'." On the CD she covers another song that made #1 for Jo Stafford (in 1954), "Make Love To Me."
  • Chris from East Northport, NyThe Spider nick and the maddogs version of this song is arguably the best version of the song among music critics but they can all agree that the band itsself is underrated.
  • Stacie from Phoenix, AzI love the Jason Wade version of this song!
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