Ordinary Average Guy

Album: Ordinary Average Guy (1991)
  • I'm just an ordinary average guy

    My friends are all boring

    And so am I

    We're just ordinary average guys

    We all live ordinary average lives

    With average kids

    And average wives

    We all go bowling at the bowling lanes

    Drink a few beers

    Bowl a few frames

    We're just ordinary average guys

    Ordinary average guys

    And every Saturday we work in the yard

    Pick up the dog do

    Hope that it's hard (whaf whaf)

    Take out the garbage and clean out the garage

    My friend's got a Chrysler

    I've got a Dodge

    We're just ordinary average guys

    Ordinary average guys

    Ordinary average guy

    Ordinary average guy

    Ordinary average guy

    Ordinary average average guys

    Writer/s: JOE WALSH
    Publisher: Spirit Music Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 9

  • Vince H from JakartaMaybe he's using irony to illustrate that there is no single universal depiction of "ordinary, average" guys, that the term itself is a myth created by pop culture and commercial media aimed at middle-aged suburban men. I mean, some of the descriptors in the song apply to some, maybe all apply to a few, but are they really "average" and "ordinary" in the truest sense of the words? To go a step forward, they're almost depicted as hollow "ideals".... Or maybe this is just the 2020 in me talkin'.
  • Chase from Miami, FlI think that what Joes tryin to say is that he may be rich, famous, and be amazing at guitar he is an average Joe literally. And trust me dog doo is better to pick up when hard.
  • Geo from Altoona, PaJoe Walsh is just another average Joe..But he does have money than I do..
  • Ryan from Cleveland, Ohworse or just pretty damn funny??
  • Andrew from Indianapolis, Inpick up the dog doo, hope that it's hard. THE ABSOLUTE WORSE LYRIC IN ROCK N ROLL HISTORY
  • Jon from Oakridge, OrHey Stefanie
  • Jon from Oakridge, OrWalsh-the ultimate CLASSIC rock star.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI thought the song "Life's Been Good To Me" was the parody. I've never heard this one, so I didn't know it's the parody.
  • Jonathan from Oklahoma City, OkCool song...hits home to me...i go bowling every so often, i drive a dodge dakota, and i work in the yard all the time. Very Cool song!!!
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