Rocky Mountain Way

Album: The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get (1973)
Charted: 39 23
  • Spent the last year
    Rocky Mountain Way
    Couldn't get much higher
    Out to pasture
    Think it's safe to say
    Time to open fire

    And we don't need the ladies
    Crying 'cause the storie's sad
    'cause the Rocky Mountain Way
    Is better than the way we had

    Well he's tellin' us this
    And he's tellin' us that
    Changes it every day
    Say's it doesn't matter
    Bases are loaded and Casey's at bat
    Playin' it play by play
    Time to change the batter

    And we don't need the ladies
    Crying 'cause the storie's sad, uh huh
    Rocky Moutain Way
    Is better than the way we had
    Hey, hey, hey, hey Writer/s: Joey Vitale, Joseph Fidler Walsh, Kenneth R. Passarelli, Rocke Grace
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Glenn C. from Howell, Njthis song isn't about pot. "out to pasture, think it's safe to say, time to open fire" is about the record company and band displeasure at him for leaving. "bases are loaded and Kirschner's at bat" - can't argue with a sick mind.
  • Janet M from ConnecticutWatching Eagles on ESPN2 now. Great show!
  • Ken from Louisville, KyAt almost every Eagles concert, Joe performs this song along with Life's Been Good. He's also done Walk Away and Funk #49 at Eagles' shows.
  • Matt from Washington, Dc, Dc"Ozark Mountain Daredevils" ... hence the stunt plane.
  • Matt from Washington, Dc, DcI originally heard this song on an album that credited "Joe Walsh and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils." The latter portion flew under the banner bearing Walsh's name at a thickness identical to the banner that carries the album title "The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get." And this song's strongest hook is virually copied in The Steve Miller Band's "The Stake" which appeared in 1977.
  • Darrell from Dallas, TxThis song is about a bunch of hippies smoking dope in a field. "Out to pasture, think it's safe to say, time to open fire" means lighting up.
  • Scotty from Cheyenne, WyTo Don in Indy, good thing Reagan slammed the ball into RIGHT field for a home run, eh!?!
  • Steven from Storrs, CtMichael Bolton recorded Rocky Mountain Way in the 1970's when he used his real name Michael Bolotin. I remember the local FM station playing it because he was from New Haven. Joe and Barnstorm were the originals.
  • Josh from Westborough, Mai think he meant the guy from Office Space
  • Bazzaman from Johnson, VtAs far as I know, from anything I can find, I don't see how anyone can think Michael Bolton had a darned thing to do this song. It's Walsh and Barnstorm, and as Philip from Akron pointed out, written by Rocke Grace, Kenny Passarelli, Joe Vitale, and Joe Walsh...who of course were all in Barnstorm.
  • Drew from B\'ham, AlI forgot about a song w/ the same riff & 6/8 time as this one all throughout: "The Stake" by Steve Miller Band. Did they plan that? I like the mentions of baseball in this song. For that same reason I like "Centerfield" by John Fogerty.
  • Drew from B\'ham, AlThis riff sounds like the same one from "China Grove" by the Doobie Brothers. Only that's in 4/4 time & this is 6/8 time.
  • Dan from Calgary, AbSaw the "Reagan's at bat" version when Joe did a guest stint at KISW in Seatlle (1987?)
  • Chase from Miami, FlAmen Allie of a little ol town
  • John from Cuyahoga Falls, OhPhilip is right on the songwriters. Michael Bolton??? Pleeeeease.
  • John from Dundee, United KingdomJohn,Queens,NY
    I think that you did the wrong Google search on this one. Yes, it comes up as Michael Bolton lyrics, but I think Joe Walsh wrote this song.
    It's probably an James Gang song.
  • Eric from Bend, OrThis is one of my favorite rock songs. Walsh's 70s stuff was great. I also enjoyed watching the Eagles play this on their Farewell 1 Tour DVD.
  • Allie from A Little Ol' Town In, MiThis is an awesome song to play on guitar, Joe was the best thing that happened to the Eagles!!
  • Don from Indianapolis, InDoes anyone remember a "LIVE" version of this song that Joe performs while a member of the Eagles, in which he replaces the phrase "bases are loaded and Casey's at bat..." with "bases are loaded and REAGAN'S at bat", in reference to then President Ronald Reagan?
  • Don from Indianapolis, InI'm surprised that Michael Bolton hasn't try to RECORD it...or put it on a "love songs" album...
  • Philip from Akron, Oh"Rocky Mountain Way" was written by Rocke Grace, Kenny Passarelli, Joe Vitale, and Joe Walsh.
  • John from Queens, NyAs hard as it is to believe, this great rocker was penned by none other than Michael Bolton!
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