Real Friends

Album: The Life of Pablo (2016)
Charted: 92
  • Real friends, how many of us?
    How many of us, how many jealous? Real friends
    It's not many of us, we smile at each other
    But how many honest? Trust issues
    Switched up the number, I can't be bothered
    I cannot blame you for havin' an angle
    I ain't got no issues, I'm just doin' my thing
    Hope you're doin' your thing too
    I'm a deadbeat cousin, I hate family reunions
    Fuck the church up, I'm drinkin' at the communion
    Spillin' free wine, now my tux is ruined
    In town for a day, what the fuck we doin'?
    Who your real friends? We all came from the bottom
    I'm always blamin' you, but what's sad, you're not the problem
    Damn I forgot to call her, shit I thought it was Thursday
    Why you wait a week to call my phone in the first place?
    When was the last time I remembered a birthday?
    When was the last time I wasn't in a hurry?

    Tell me you want your tickets when it's gametime
    Even to call your daughter on her FaceTime
    Even when we was young I used to make time
    Now we be way too busy just to make time
    Even for my

    Real friends
    I guess I get what I deserve, don't I?
    Word on the streets is they ain't heard from him
    I guess I get what I deserve, don't I?
    Talked down on my name, throwed dirt on him

    I couldn't tell you how old your daughter was
    Couldn't tell you how old your son is
    I got my own Jr. on the way, dawg
    Plus I already got one kid
    Couldn't tell you much about the fam though
    I just showed up for the yams though
    Maybe 15 minutes, took some pictures with your sister
    Merry Christmas, then I'm finished, then it's back to business
    You wanna ask some questions 'bout some real shit?
    Like I ain't got enough pressure to deal with
    Please don't pressure me with that bill shit
    Cause everybody got 'em, that ain't children
    Oh you've been nothin' but a friend to me
    Niggas thinkin' I'm crazy, you defendin' me
    It's funny I ain't spoke to niggas in centuries
    To be honest, dawg I ain't feelin' your energy
    Money turn your kin into an enemy
    Niggas ain't real as they pretend to be

    Lookin' for all my real friends
    How many of us? How many of us are real friends
    To real friends, to the real end
    'Til the wheels fall off, 'til the wheels don't spin
    To 3 A.M., callin'
    How many real friends?
    Just to ask you a question
    Just to see how you was feelin'
    How many?
    For the last you was frontin'
    I hate when a nigga text you like, "what's up, fam, oh you good?"
    You say, "I'm good" then great, the next text they ask you for somethin'
    How many?
    What's best for your family, immediate or extended
    Any argument, the media'll extend it
    I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was fuckin' bitches on
    Paid that nigga 250 thousand just to get it from him
    Real friends

    Real friends
    I guess I get what I deserve, don't I
    Word on the streets is they ain't heard from him
    I guess I get what I deserve, don't I
    Talked down on my name, throwed dirt on him Writer/s: Lawrence Joseph Smith, Rupert Thomas, Kejuan Mechita, Darren Charles King, Glenda Proby, Jalil Hutchins, Mike Dean, Noah D. Goldstein, Adam King Feeney, Cydel Charles Young, Matthew Jehu Samuels, Kanye Omari West, Tyrone William Jr. Griffin
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., BMG Rights Management, CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, MIKE CURB MUSIC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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