The Moon Song

Album: Her (2014)
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  • I'm lying on the moon
    My dear, I'll be there soon
    It's a quiet and starry place
    Time's we're swallowed up
    In space we're here a million miles away

    There's things I wish I knew
    There's no thing I'd keep from you
    It's a dark and shiny place
    But with you my dear
    I'm safe and we're a million miles away

    We're lying on the moon
    It's a perfect afternoon
    Your shadow follows me all day
    Making sure that I'm
    Okay and we're a million miles away Writer/s: Karen Lee Orzolek, Spike Jonze
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Capitol CMG Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Eden MayI think it’s written about dating someone with counter-dependence. When you are counter dependent you push away every form of a relationship as soon as you get close to them, even though it’s actually the last thing you want. It makes you feel detached and alone inside. She’s/He’s lying on the moon because, even though she/he feels close to him/her in proximity, she/he feels far away from him/her emotionally. It’s talking about how his/her ‘shadow’, aka guilt off being distant from the person she/he cares about the most, follows her/him around all day. She/He feels safe with him/her but her/his counter-dependence won’t let her/him open up to him/her leaving her/him feeling guilty and sad. She/He compares it to space because their relationship feels empty. The things she/he wishes she/he knew is why her/his brain does this to her/him, ultimately hurting her/his relationship unintentionally when her/his SO finally realize how she/he really feels.
  • Sally Rmlk from BelgiumIn my opinion, the moon song is about a lost loved one. Even if one of the two lover lost life, death can't tear them apart. The lover waiting on the moon could represent the person who passed away, while their soulmate is still on Earth. "My dear, I'll be there soon" could mean that when the other person will pass away aswell they will be reunited. "Your shadow follows me all day, making sure that I'm okay" could mean that the lover who is still alive thinks about their soulmate all the time and that the memory of them lives with them forever. The lover on Earth feels safe thinking about their lost lover. The love of the two created them a world far from everything "million miles away" and even if they are far from each other because of death they still both live in this world their love created for them.
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