Blue On Black

Album: Trouble Is... (1997)
Charted: 78
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  • Night
    Falls and I'am alone
    Yeah chilled me to the bone
    Turned and you ran
    Oh yea
    Oh slipped
    Right from my hand
    Blue on black
    Tears on a river
    Push on a shove
    It don't mean much
    Joker on jack
    Match on a fire
    Cold on ice
    As a dead man's touch
    Whisper on a scream
    Doesn't change a thing
    Doesn't bring you back
    Blue on black

    Oh now I see
    Lies and in between
    Can't be undone
    From the tip of your tongue

    Blue on black
    Tears on a river
    Push on a shove
    It don't mean much
    Joker on jack
    Match on a fire
    Cold on ice
    As a dead man's touch
    Whisper on a scream
    Doesn't change a thing
    Doesn't bring you back
    Blue on black Writer/s: Kenny Shepherd, Mark Selby, Tia Sillers
    Publisher: Bluewater Music Corp., CARLIN AMERICA INC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Prettyobvious from VirginiaBlue on black. Yes, about a relationship. Blue on black, like a bruise. Domestic abuse. Once you lay hands on someone... and you turned a corner in the relationship you can't return from and there you go.
  • Silentlucidity from Ft. Madison, IowaAs I was driving yesterday a song came on with a guitar playing. I knew I loved this song in the first 20 seconds. Then the lyrics began, woah, unbelievably beautiful. As a commenter said earlier I have 3 or 4 songs that either the music, or the lyrics, or both totally move me. This song takes me to a different place. This has become my girlfriend and mines song. I played it for her a lil later and she got the same emotions I did. We go to a lot of parties and concerts. This is our song. We request it everywhere. When the song begins we embrace, she puts her head on my shoulder and I sing the first stanza of lyrics into her ear in a whisper, we sing the chorus together, she whispers the second stanza of lyrics in my ear. The feeling we get while slow dancing to this song is undesirable, we get lost in each other, we melt into one. Our fave lyric is…Wrong…can’t be undone. This reminds us both to be true to each other. Everytime people see us dance to this, they come up and say ‘omg, you’re dancing was unreal, we could see the sparks flying between you. What moves people the most when watching us dance is the romance that the song brings on, and our undying love and commitment to each other. Thank you Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  • Karries from CanadaI absolutely love the song but the Five Finger Death Punch video even more! As a First Reapinder (Paramedic and Fire Fighter(past)) this song really speaks to me and I watch the video on bad days, if that makes any sense, and know I am not alone. #endthestigma
  • Dollars from ThailandThe obvious reference most might take from the title in these black lives matter days is police (blue) vs blacks. I know it was written over 20 years ago but What's Goin' On was 50 years ago. Still going on. "Whisper on the street doesn't change a thing. Doesn't bring you back. It's blue on black."
  • Eric Davies from Binghamton, New YorkI have been a Kenny Wayne Shepherd fan for a long long time. His Guitar Mastery is more prevalent than ever in "blue On Black" This song is a true masterpiece. it evokes so many emotions, on so many levels. Even now 20 plus years later, I still find the song as amazing as the first time I heard it. I get lost in the lyrics every time and my emotions swell up always. Every aspect of the song is a work of art, and I always include it in my playlist because of its sheer beauty. FFDP did a wonderful cover on the song without damaging the intensity and the beauty. I find it amazing that even 20plus years later that it is still high on the list of requested music. Kenny Wayne Shepherd still amazes me with all his music. he is a Guitar & musical genius! Rock on Dude!
  • Teresa Myers from Maryville, TnI love the song Blue on Black! It reminds me of a few memories through out my life.. a really bad relationship when I was young and also the passing of my mother in 2016., But it doesn't bring me down when I hear it, it's very strange.. it makes me feel better, I guess because through it all I've made it through alot and this song makes me feel like I can go through anything and still stand up and say I'm still here fighting and I'm stronger in the end for having to go through so many things that would have knocked a normal person down. I may fall for a minute but I get back up and I'm stronger than I was before! Thank you God for always being with me and to my gardian angel "Mom", I love you and I know now that you were right! You were and still are my best friend and I miss you more Every minute and second of the day every day! But i know your still with me every day too. Until we meet again that fine day, i hope im making you proud.. Thank you Kenny Wayne Sheppard for an an amazing song and also to five finger death punch, awesome remake of the song! Y'all rock! My dream is to see you all in concert before im too old lol. Come to Knoxville TN soon! #1FAN4LIFE.
  • Lmc Squared from VermontAfter reading all the comments below I think my take on Blue on Black is quite different and it how I felt when my Father died. His death was due to medical malpractice but because the hospital he died in has a monopoly on the state and the fact that my Father was in his 70's meant that no lawyer would touch it. I didn't want the money I would have been happy to receive $1 and a judgment that indicted the hospital and more specifically his surgeon who tried lying to me as to why my Father had lost brain function. I told him to his face that he was a lying sack of s--t that I had personally seen people who suffer heart attacks and are down for upwards of 4 minutes and don't lose that amount of brain function while receiving CPR. That afternoon the hospital sent out an email to every doctor, including my own physician, to never lie to the family of patients because you never know how much knowledge of medicine they have. I had even tried to bargain with God and was willing to try the devil next to take me instead of him. Just to bring him back to us. He died when they attempted to give him a blood transfusion that was too much for his poor battered body. I am the one who closed his eyes. When I heard the lyrics to Blue on Black I felt it down to my soul. Regardless of which version you listen to the words are the same and the feelings don't differ. When I die I have a few songs that I want them to play at my funeral and Blue on Black is one of them because I blame myself for his death. When someone you love dies a torturous death you seek the truth but the truth didn't make a difference other than that I know how long he suffered before his heart gave out. That beautiful heart that I love so much and would have traded my life for.
  • AnonymousSeriously bill this was 1998 and they said it didn’t have any meaning and was ambiguous. It’s just a cool song by some drunk probably drugged out rockers with an existential crisis.
  • Ladd from Billings MtI just listened to and watched the video of FFDP (WOW!) I agree with Jared from Dallas. There interpretation of the essence Kenny Wayne Shepherd wrote is preposterous at best and embarrassing in reality.
  • Becky from TexasGreat Song & great Band. Husband & I have followed this band since it’s first recordings and we’ve seen them in person once in Fort Worth, TX ( band members were different or Kenny was by himself; I forget. We love everything they play. We’ve got several CDs. Kenny is amazing and we love Noah’s bluesy voice! Never stop making blues rock!
  • Bill from DenverI've heard this song dozens of times, but in 2020 when I hear "blue on black" it can only mean police violence against Blacks. It's no stretch for the lyrics to fit this interpretation.
  • Brant from Los AngelesI think it means: Be bold or suffer the consequences of being insignificant.
  • Wendy Hinck from Kansas This song has touched me to my core for so many reasons. It is possibly the most powerful song I have ever heard. It deserves every award out there. GOD BLESS ALL INVOLVED!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
  • Sam from TexasI disagree with the interpretation of the lyrics. It IS about a relationship and a mistake of some kind. All of the examples are how one thing does not cover up for another. There are some mistakes that you can't come back from. Blue on top of black is still black. Tears on a river don't make any difference to the river. Ice is already cold, more cold doesn't change that. And apologies for some mistakes, "Don't bring you back."
  • Patrick Bogan Iii from DallasI decided to work this song up. Being a vocalist from 70s folk rock pop,... And a style of Acoustic that can be likened unto driving a Mac truck. It's fun to play and I love the sound I'm getting out of it..; )
  • Julie from Ohio This is one of the best remakes I've heard them do, I absolutely love this song and the collaboration they did with Brantley Gilbert, Brian May, and Kenny Wayne Shepard!!! I am a huge fan of all of them and this has become 1 of my top 3 favorite songs of all time!!!
  • Jared from DallasI like Five Finger Death Punch, but there remake of this is absolute garbage. There are quite a few remake songs that I like the remakes better than the original, but FFDP didnt touch this one with a 10 foot pole.
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