Born Free

Album: Born Free (2010)
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  • Fast, on a rough road riding
    High, through the mountains climbing
    Twisting, turning further from my home.
    Young, like a new moon rising
    Fierce, through the rain and lightning
    Wandering out into this great unknown.

    And I don't want no one to cry, but tell em'
    If I don't survive

    I was born free
    I was born free
    I was born free
    Born Free

    Free, like a river raging
    Strong, if the wind I'm facing.
    Chasing dreams and racing father time.
    Deep like the grandest canyon,
    Wild like an untamed stallion.
    If you can't see my heart you must be blind.

    You can knock me down and watch me bleed
    But you can't keep no chains on me.

    I was born free
    I was born free
    I was born free
    Born Free

    And I'm not good at long goodbyes but look down
    Deep into my eyes.

    I was born free!

    Hey yaya yayaya
    Oh hoo

    Calm facing danger
    Lost, like an unknown stranger
    Grateful for my time with no regrets.

    Close to my destination
    Tired, frail and aching
    Waitin' patiently for the sun to set

    And when its done believe that
    I will yell it from that mountain high

    I was born free
    I was born free
    I was born free
    Born Free

    And I will vow to the shining seas
    And celebrate God's Grace on me.

    I was born free
    I was born free
    I was born free
    Born Free

    Oh, oh oh oh wah hoo Writer/s: Marlon Ray Young, Robert James Ritchie
    Publisher: Bluewater Music Corp., Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., O/B/O CAPASSO
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Momma Bear from TexasMy son at the age of 21 started battling with bi-polar schizophrenia, the voices in his head tortured him every day causing so much pain. When he finally broke down and went to a mental hospital for help and was denied and turned away he walked straight from the hospital to the interstate and jumped in front of a 18wheeler taking his own life and I feel he is singing this song now.. Born again Free of the voices and pain. I love this song. He died 1 month shy of his 25th birthday.
  • Phil from Neenah, WiThis seems like one of those good road trip type of songs. The type where you could just jump into the car with family or some friends and travel down some back roads past farms and through groves of trees.
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