Album: As The Palaces Burn (2003)
  • The knowledge that seeking the favor of another
    Means the murder of self.
    This is the resolution
    The end of all progress
    The death of evolution
    It bleeds all life away.

    Silence speeds the path to the streams of solace that run so few and narrow.
    Brooks that babble the sounds of torture.
    Sounds of torture
    You will one day rise
    To flood the banks of the chosen.
    This is the art of ruin.

    This is the resolution
    The end of all progress
    The death of evolution
    It bleeds all life away.

    It bleeds all life away.

    I will show you all that I have mastered
    This is the art of ruin
    This is the art of ruin
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  • Marcus from Fresno, CaLamb of God are godfathers of New American Metal. Thats why they have an albulm New American Gospel. Its so politically charged and raw. I love ashes of the wake tho.
  • Mike from Denver, CoLamb of God is F--KING AMAZING. they r my favorite band of all time. Although As The Palaces
    Burn is my least favorite CD, IT KICKS SO MUCH A$$ Lamb of God will forever reign as the gods of heavy metal.
  • Roxanne from Dallas, TxI can definitely relate to these lyrics.
    And, just an interesting fact for those who love lamb of god, if you didn't know, they used to be called "burn the priest" and have great songs, such as "bloodletting"
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaJust talking about a different subject here but still talking about lamb of god.. umm any of you heard the solo from "pathetic" off their latest album "Sacrament"?. If you ask me, some parts off it sounds like metallica with the solo using the wah pedal. Apart from that, the bands awesome my favourite songs are: Ruin, Laid To Rest, Now Your've Got Something To Die For, Walk With Me In Hell, Redkneck, Pathetic, and The Subtle Acts Of Murder And Persuasion.
  • Brittany from Rainy River, Canadaahem. might i say, Lamb of God is NOT just 'more scream-o than anything'. in my opinion, the vocals, guitars, bass, drums and lyrics are all amazing and work well together and make the songs flow smoothly...their songs give me goosebumps. Ruin is simply one excellent example of their work.
  • Mike from Fresno, Caanyone who says that Lamb of God isn't metal has some severe mental issues. what do you consider metal? All that Remains? Slipknot?... Listen to Lamb of God with some Necrophagist or/and Amon Amarth and then tell me they aren't metal.
  • Andrew from Bartlett, TnLamb of God rules! their song are good to die to!
  • Blake from Watertown, SdIve been listening to Lamb of God for like 5 years and everytime they come out with a new album its just better than the last
  • Joe from Chicago, Argood headbanging bad.......and good when you wanna let some anger out and stuff i guess but there not gods like everybody thinks they my opinion anyway there barely even pure metal more scream-o than anything
  • Culley from Greenwood, InThey have lots of headbanging songs, this one wasn't great but still a headbangers ball.
  • Syko from Honolulu, HiI love Lamb of God. Their lyrics are awesome.
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