In My Time Of Dying

Album: Physical Graffiti (1975)
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  • In my time of dying, want nobody to mourn
    All I want for you to do is take my body home

    Well, well, well, so I can die easy
    Well, well, well, so I can die easy

    Jesus, gonna make up/out siviers
    Jesus, gonna make up my dyin' bed
    Meet me, Jesus, meet me
    Oh meet me in the middle of the air
    If my wings should fail me, Lord
    Oh please meet me with another pair

    Well, well, well, so I can die easy
    Well, well, well, so I can die easy

    Jesus, gonna make up
    Somebody, somebody
    Oh, oh Jesus gonna make up
    Jesus gonna make you my dyin' bed

    Oh, Saint Peter, at the gates of heaven
    Won't you let me in
    I never did no harm
    I never did no wrong

    Oh, Gabriel, let me blow your horn
    Let me blow your horn
    Oh, I never did, did no harm

    I've only been this young once
    I never thought I'd do anybody no wrong
    No, not once

    Oh, I did somebody some good
    Somebody some good yeah
    Oh, did somebody some good yeah
    I must have did somebody some good yeah
    Oh I believe I did

    I see the smiling faces
    I know I must have left some traces

    And I see them in the streets
    And I see them in the field
    And I hear them shouting under my feet
    And I know it's got to be real
    Oh, Lord, deliver me
    All the wrong I've done
    You can deliver me, Lord
    I only wanted to have some fun

    Hear the angels marchin'
    Hear the' marchin', hear them marchin'
    Hear them marchin', the' marchin'

    (Oh my Jesus)
    It's got to be my Jesus
    Oh, it's got to be, it's got to be my Jesus
    it's got to be my oh
    it's got to be my Jesus
    Oh take me home
    Come on, come on I can hear the answer, sing it
    Oh, here they come
    Here they come
    Here they come
    Oh, feels pretty good, don't you?
    Pretty good, I feel
    (Oh, Georgina)

    Oh, yeah
    Oh, I see him
    Come on
    (Take it)

    Oh, don't you make it my dyin', dyin', dyin'
    Cough, "that's gonna be the one, isn't it?"
    "Come have a listen, then"
    Oh yes, thank you Writer/s: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 77

  • Michael from New York To the man who said bob dylan must have laughed at Led Zeppelin for taking writing credits... I guess one of the most amazing slide guitar solos must’ve wrote itself!
  • Carlos from OrlandoYou guys this song imo is about Heroin, I mean listen it, read it, its not georgina Im spanish and Heroin here we call it the Achechina "Assasin" cause its H and means Ache and also this drug is the most lethal and addictive so its an assasin, so imo he is saying "Achechina! Achechina! Achechina! Feels pretty good right? Oh... ohhhhh....ohhhhh... OOOOHHH" Those are the effects of that drug, you feel 1000 orgasms in the same time, what you guys think lmk... and he is telling Jesus that meet him while he is on the clouds, he never did anything wrong he was just taking some drugs like God loves us if we use drugs or na so he knows Jesus wont dislike him for that.
  • Adman from Johns Creek, GaNo way the lyric is "Oh Georgina." It makes no sense. It is most likely, "Oh Juh Jesus" or "I'll touch Jesus." IMHO.
  • Louis from Drexel Hill, PaHeard this for the first time at their concert at the Spectrum before the Physical Graffiti album was released. Everyone was recognizing each song as soon as the first notes were played, and then...this. Wow! Kashmir was performed in the same concert. Just wow!
  • Therese from Ohio, Usa0:27 is love.
  • Patrick Aloysius from Hell,caBob Dylan must have laughed when he saw Zep cover this 100 year old song and take writing credits for it.
  • Marcos Trujillo from Miami , Fl@Casey, Richmond, KY, I'm an atheist too and I should confess that I got a little disappointed when I saw the lyrics for the first time (I couldn't understand what Plant was saying because English is not my native language), but I have to admit that this song is EPIC. It's a shame that I can't relate to its lyrics though. I guess that for those who believe in the god of the bible and are fans of LZ as I am feel in Heaven while they listed to this.
  • Collin from Rochester, MnPlant had just returned from an African safari, thus:
  • Collin from Rochester, MnAt the end, someone (probably Bonham) starts coughing, Plant says "Cough."
  • Edan from Orlando, FlPlant is definitely saying "Oh, my Jesus," but he is slurring it to where it sounds like "Jeez-uh." It is not that hard to understand.

    The individual talent and collective chemistry these guys had give me chills.
    I also love how they weren't afraid to leave funny dialogue at the beginning or end of songs.
  • Casey from Richmond, KyOne thing I got to say is although i'm atheist, this is my favorite Zeppelin song of all time, you cant beat Page on slide guitar. Another is i cant see where any of you get where Plant is saying "where's my cheese whiz?" It sounds nothing like that.
  • James from Dublin, IrelandJimmy page,the edge and jack white played this in the film it might get loud
  • Anonymous from Nj, Nj OH my gosh, you all are soo goofy!! Even if he was hooked on dairy products...I really don't think that he says "Where's my cheeze whiz." No matter how funny it would be if he really did! Anyway, like the band, but not the fact that they were all on drugs, that's bad. But, who wasn't on drugs?

    -don't get into drugs. please. or alcohol.-
  • Linda from Lakeland, FlLike almost everyone else here - I have to say, hands down, this is one of thee tightest, most soulshaking, tears-to-MY-eyes Zeppelin songs I think I've ever heard. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking that IF it had NOT RAINED on that June 3rd in 1977 at Tampa Stadium then THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE NEXT SONG THEY PERFORMED. oh well, 3 and a half songs of live Zep are better than none!!!!! Zeppelin Rules.
  • Gerwin from Amsterdam, NetherlandsSometimes Robert said: "Oh Georgina"
  • David from Louisville, Ky"i see them in the fields (mission fields) & i can hear them at my feet (ones in their graves) & know it's got to be real" I loved this song but i thought I may have been just a little biased because I'm a Christian but I knew it was one of their best & I'm glad to hear all the comments that most of you agree. It's hard to describe you just have to experience it. Now I'll have to get the DVD. Rocking right now as I write.
  • Mario Anthar from Tijuana, MexicoIt's established that Plant sings "Oh my Jesus", but I've always had a feeling that just as he figures out that he's falling after stating he's never done any wrong, he should be going up, but he's still going down and suddenly he remembers ..."Oh my cheating". Lament. Then it feels good in the end.... Just made sense.
    One of my favorite songs, since the first time I heard it about 30 years ago.
  • Nick from Seattle, Albaniathis song is one of the reasons why John Bonham is the best rock drummer ever. EVER!
  • Chad from Bath, PaMaybe Robert's a big Yankees fan. "Oh my Jeter!"
  • Tyler from Apple Valley,I hate it when people dont listen to songs because they run long. I, personally, love long songs. Especially by Zeppelin.
  • Lisa from Blountville , TnFour words JIMMY PAGE SLIDE GUITAR.

    This song in is so cool.Jimmy Page is one fantastic thing, but John comes in and just battles with jimmy .Jason Bonham John son played this incredibly well at the 02 show.It must be in the genes.Jimmy Page guitar oohhhh yeah theres a treat. And Jambi- MI. you are so right on it when you said...
    this song defines Jimmy Page as not just a british rock god but a rustic american blues artist who loves the guitar slide.
    I gotta just throw my hands in the air as plants sings oh my Jesus. My Jesus indeed.
  • Rod from Brisbane, AustraliaSounds like the song is a single take. What a band. "cough" = BEST ENDING EVER.
  • Nit from Jerusalem, IsraelSpongebob copied the end of the song!
  • Garrett from Rolla, MoLed Zeppelin performed this song several times after Plant's wreck in 1975. They even performed it at the O2 Arena back in December of 2007.
  • Pete from Kansas City, KsLet's clear this up once and for all - in the end, Plant is singing, "Where's my Cheese Whiz?" not "Oh, my Jesus." While Page was heavy into drugs, it is common knowledge that Plant was hooked on dairy products.
  • Jambi from T-town, Mithis song defines jimmy page as not just a british rock god but a rustic american blues artist who loves the guitar slide
  • Bill from Topeka, KsNever listened to this beacause it is just too damn long
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiAnd this destroys the Stairway to Heaven backmasking theory in my opinion.
  • Johnnyfry from Toronto, CanadaThe drums on this song are ridiculous, his best endurance on any of their official recordings in my opinion. There are parts in the song where it almost seems that Page and Bonham are battling to see who is the loudest and who "gets the last word" in. This is just one of those songs that you know no other band then or now could duplicate.
  • Phil from Fakeville, CanadaThe DVD live version is the best.
  • Freuds-cat from Adelaide, Australia Blind Willie Johnson, titled "Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed". Joshua White, Dylan, Led Zep all covered it. I agree that the the Zep versions title and arrangement is closer to the Dylan one than Blind Willies.

    Blind Willie Johnson also wrote "Nobody's Fault But Mine". Zep were able to play these tunes without worrying about royalties or copyright issues.
  • Ed from York, Pathe solo to this song is amazing, a lot of people dont like this song because its so long, but i really dont care how long their songs are
  • Sean from Dunbar, Cajimmy paige and john paul jones did heroin, but there was nothing said about robert plant taking it, and since jimmy paige gave the controls of the song writing to plant i dont think he would change the lyrics to refer to a drug he didnt do.
  • Hanna from Trondheim, NorwayOh my god (or should I say jesus!), I Loooove this song. Robert Plant sings so sexy, John Bonham is amazing and the slide guitar is so raw, and I also love the bass!
    This must be the best Led Zep song ever!
    Plus the 'cough' at the end is so cool!
  • Jeff from Detroit, MiThe version of this song from Seattle, March 21, 1975 is mind blowing. Special mention to June 25, 1977 as well. What an awesome live song!!
  • Tatiana from Aiken, ScI agree with Wayne. Besides that, I love this song. It is so ramble-y and improvised sounding and I think that's pretty awesome. The lyrics are also awesome. They sound so bluesy. Without Bonzo this song wouldn't be what it is.
  • Wayne from Crockett, TxI'm sorry bloodaxe, but that's about the most farfetched thing I've ever heard regarding this song. Plant is known for slurring his words. He's slurring Jesus. That's it, plain and simple.
  • Chad from Reading, PaZeppelin's version is much like Dylan's in the way that it's sung. Dylan learned it in the Village, Zeppelin probably took and elements from Dylan and Whites' versions and then added there own flair to it. I do prefer Bob Dylan's version of the song, raw and powerful. If it weren't for Bob Dylan Led Zeppelin would still be my favorite but now they're not even in my top ten.
  • Nate from Lincoln, NeI told my fiancee that I want this played at my funeral. "In my time of dying, want nobody to mourn."
  • Ryan from Ashland, Orpagey used the dano for kashmir as well. also, this song is now based on bob dylan, its based on a blind willie johnson song. oh and during the 77 tour, they alternated between over the hills and this one (not every other show though). plant is singing "oh gorgina!" and oh my jesus
  • Zack from West Saint Paul, MnThe reason he used the danelectro is because the song is in a different tuning, low to high, its alot like open G. I like the live version best, Page just blasts into the begaining.
  • Neil from Boston, MaAt the end it seems liek he switches from saying, "Oh my Jesus" to "Oh Georgina"
    This is not one of my Favorite Led Zeppelin songs... But as allways Zeppelin rocks!

    ps The Rolling Stones Suck really bad
  • Eric from Warwick, RiThis song wasn't inspired by was inspired by a down south blues guitarist, song by the same name. I cant remember this guys name, but in the Led Zeppelin DVD, he even says that this song comes forr the American south. C'mon people...
  • Ken from Taegu, Korea - Southhow about, he was sluring his words when he was saying jesus -_-
  • Bloodaxe from Lincoln, NeThe ending lyrics are the most interesting, because nobody seems to list the comments that are actually being sung by Plant... They skip over TONS of comments and lyrics, don't know why. I'm not to repeat them here... but lots of us believe when he sings "Oh My Jesus" he's actually singing "Oh My Chiva" which is a nickname for heroin. CHIVA - CHEEVA = HEROIN.

    Although Plant clearly says "Jesus" during the song, at the end of the song, he seems to be playing games with the words switching then around. CHIVA and JESUS... kind of like showing how many people replace the spiritual connections with Jesus with the physical and illegal connection of CHIVA (heroin). Which choice destroys you or makes you whole? That brings you to the title of the song: "IN MY TIME OF DYING".... die for heroin of die with Jesus? Freaky.
  • Travis from Houston/lubbock, TxIt took me a while, but I think what Plant is saying at the end is 'Are marching'. I'm not able to listen to the song right now, but I think there's a reference to the angel's marching, and then he goes into the 'are marching' "chant".
  • Andrew from Moscow, EuropeAs I saw in the Led Zep's concert in Knebworth on DVD, Jimmy also used his black and white Danelectro guitar playing Kashmir.
  • Xavier from Pune, IndiaPeople often say that Moby Dick is the best drum solo of all time, but im not for solo instrumentals, thats why i dont like Steve vai or Joe Satriani or even Eruption by Van Halen. For me, this song has to be the best drum performance. I love the beats. Thats my opinion.. cheers.
  • Spencer from Richmond, Vathis song has such a sweet drum groove. its not as heavy as is When the Leavy Breaks, but its almost funky
  • Mike from Harrison, NyWhat I thought was funny is at the very end of the song Plant sings Make it my dying dying dyin.......then someone coughs and Plant finshes by singing ......cough, then bonzo says Thats gotta be the one...come listen or wutever.

    Make it my dyin dyin dyin........(cough) coouugghh.

    thats funny!
  • David from Orlando, FlThis song was so odd to listen to when I first got 'Physical Graffiti': A Zeppelin number with "Jesus" all over it; it was like I was in another world or something. :-) It took seeing the live performance from Earl's Court for me to really start liking this song.
  • Juney from Chattanooga, TnNot to take anything away from the phenominal slide work here by Page (On eof my musical heros I might add), but I must say that I think the best slide guitar playing ever is by Duane Allman (Another hero) on 'Statesboro Blues.' But don't get me wrong, I love the raw power in this song!
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScSlide guitars are always awesome, but the slide guitars in this one are some of the best!!! I love the vocals too!!! Led Zeppelin had some sexy music!!!
  • Ben from Bristol, EnglandThis is the best slide guitar song EVER!! It's so dark, and moody and the build up to the climax is amazing. The drums are genius as is the slide guitar solos and Plants singing is awesome
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaThe slide guitar in this song is awesome. The version on "Led Zeppelin DVD" is the best. The sound is so big.
  • Kona from Colorado Springs, CoJohn Bonhams drumming on this song is just awesome. Often imitated, and while there are other great drummers, no one since has come close to what he did and how forward thinking and inventive he was.
  • Rick from La, United StatesPlant also performed this on his Fate of Nations tour in 1993.
  • Peter from Everett, MaRobert Plant and Led Zeppelin performed this on the 1977 tour until mid June where it was replaced with "Over the Hills and Far Away". Please take that "fact" off immediately.
  • Kurt from Flemington, NjThis song is definitely not one of Led Zep's mainstream songs but it is one of their greatest rock songs.
  • Blake from Fullerton, Cawhat about white summer he played the danelectro on that song
  • Swansong200 from Calhoun, GaIn my time of dying was not the only song (besides black mountain side and white summer) that Page played the Danelectro on-you're forgetting the most memorable song from that album-Kashmir!!!
  • Brian from Grayson, Gait is actually 11:06 on my Physical Graffiti CD
    not 11:22
  • Blake from Fullerton, Cathe time runs 11:22 actually on phisical graffiti
  • Brendan from Colts Neck, NjJulian is right, Zeppelin and Dylan did take this from an older musician: Blind Willie Johnson (sweet name). The name of the song is "In My Time of Dying (Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed)" but I haven't been able to find the lyrics for it and I can't understand what he says. The guitar does sound similar, though
  • Lucas from Toronto, CanadaThey played this song in Birmingham, Alabama 5.18.1977 (I have footage)
    thus proving fact # 5 wrong
  • Danielle from Swanton, OhYeah it does sound a bit like cheely, but i think it is supposed to be 'jesus'. maybe its just his british accent.
  • Jim from North Billerica, MaI saw Zeppelin play this live and yes, Page did use a Dan Electro. I had one, and nothing sounds quite like it. It's hollow in the middle and the pickups are so loosely wound that they can sustain like crazy. I wouldn't be a bit surprise,d though, if Jimmy's "danny" is in a glass case someplace now. They had no truss rod, but a steel bar going down the middle of the neck. If his was anything like mine, the neck has probably warped pretty badly by now making it unplayable. too bad too, becasue it was surprisingly easy to play
  • Mari from Waldorf, MdThe live version of this song is awesome. After you watch that performance, the album version of In My Time of Dying seems boring in comparison.
  • Janine from Memphis, TnI bought Physical Graffit when it came out but never appreciated this song until I got it on CD and turned it up LOUD. Bonzo, whom I had never appreciated before, became my god.
  • Logan from Abilene, TxI'd have to say that this is hands down my favorite Led Zeppelin song, it chills me to the bone. And the slide guitar solo (I think he played it on a Danelectro guitar) is just mind blowing.
  • Caitlin from Philadelphia, of John Bonhams best, hands down.
  • AnonymousI love this song. John Bonham just pounds the hell out of the drums!
  • Jango from Chennai, IndiaHe did sing it again in 1975 in Earls Court.....or do you mean he never played it after the crash?
  • Ben from Beaverton, Orok, what the heck is Plant singing? its supposed to be "Oh my Jesus" but it sounds "oh my chiley"
  • Pants from Calgary, CanadaI believe the earliest known recording of this song is by Joshua (Josh) White, in 1933.
  • Ac from Winnipeg, Canadalove this song...the first song that really made me take notice of zeppelin...probably cause i had heard their more popular ones so often and took them for granted. then one day i put in a friend's physical grafitti cd and was blown just moves me,man.
  • Geoff from Adelaide, AustraliaJust listening to it as I type...not a Led Zep song that immediatly jumps to memory when i think of the band, but now that I listen to it, it sounds so good.
    Led Zeppelin will always rock...and songs like this are why the always will
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