Could Do Better

Album: Right Now (2008)
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  • Love is a rose it grows when you feed it
    But just as we believed it
    The thornswere tearing at the skin
    A beautiful dream rudely awakened
    But this heart is vacant
    There's nothing left here within
    So before we turn and fade away my love
    Be sure to learn from our mistakes

    So rip us up and start again
    But some day we will love again
    So as a friend it's high time our hearts got clever
    Cause I gave you everything I could
    But we made bad from something good
    And we were good but next time
    We could do better
    Could do better

    Relieve every line every kiss every secret
    But did we do what we needed
    We were so unaware
    So just let it burn but learning a lesson
    Let's make this cofession
    Of all the blame that we share
    And I wish that we could turn back time my love
    Now that we know all our mistakes


    Sometimes love is not enough to stay together
    And we tried
    So let's just learn from our mistakes
    For some other lover's sake
    As I watched you fade away


    Could do better
    Next time
    Could do better
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