Hands On The Bible

Album: Here Comes The Zoo (2002)
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  • Hands on the Bible
    Scared like a child
    God holds you liable
    For what you've done
    Stare down your idols
    Pretty baby never born

    You can't believe it
    You didn't mean it
    But they saw you do it and they know your name

    Rats in the attic
    Toys in the cellar
    She's an addict
    He wants to learn
    Hands on the bible
    Egomaniacal as you screw yourself into oblivion

    Worn and faded
    Stoned and jaded
    You'll have to face it on your own
    Smashed on the pavement
    Stunned in amazement
    Everything you made comes crawling back to you

    You can't believe it

    You didn't mean it
    But they saw you do it and they know your name

    So hands on the bible
    Scared like a child
    God holds you liable
    For what ya done
    Stare down your idols
    A pretty baby never to be born

    You can't pretend that you don't know the reason
    For the repent that you saw

    Hands on the Bible
    Hands on the Bible
    Hands on the Bible
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  • Clownzord from LondonL. Grove you're being a bit of a moron there, it's possible to be a Christian while slamming the nastiest kind of Christianity: Fundamentalist Christianity.
  • L. Grove from UsaFunny how whom ever wrote this thinks this song is about slamming fundamentalist Christians. And that Scott Lucas sings the song in a mocking manner. Seeing how no where has the band or Scott Lucas has ever come out against religion.

    If you follow them on Twitter they have even made a Christmas playlist of their favorite Christmas songs for their fans. Not that meaningful until you see 2 of the songs are not your normal "Jingle Bells" but religious songs about Jesus Christ being born on Christmas day. Which would tell anyone with common sense they are more likely than not believers in Christ. Not saying I know for sure, like I said, nothing is out there confirming or denying 100% but how the person whom posted this anti religious statement can sit there & tell us this is a slam song against fundamentalist Christians is beyond me. No, I think it's safe to say the poster just feels this way & instead of using facts is letting his bias feelings get in the way.

    Lastly, I agree with Drew. "Hands on the Bible." You do that in the court room. "They saw you do it and they know your name" Witnesses. The song even says, "Homicidal." "Stare down your idols" - People the person looked up to now looking at him in the courtroom. There you go.
  • Matt from Des Moines, IaThe song most definitely has to do with religion - it's hands on the bible, not hand on the bible. I think this song is about a young woman facing an abortion. The song seems to point out the hypocrisy that exists for a religion that believes that human beings deserve to be treated compassionately and at the same time chastises that young woman for her choice. Which is stronger, a belief that abortion is wrong or a belief that everyone faces tough decisions in their own unique way and each person deserves at least an attempt at empathy? Didn't Jesus hang on the cross next to a murder? I might be reading into it a bit and I may have gotten off topic but this is simply an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own and NONE are worthless.
  • John from Lenex, KsThe lyrics to this song (to me anyway) tell the story of a young, unprepared mother-to-be that freaks out and thinks the best solution is to give themselves an abortion and toss the unborn baby in a dumpster...or at least a story along those lines. I can see how one could interpret it to telling the story of a murdered pregnant woman, but I don't see in any way how this is a slap in the face of religion.
  • Raymond from Sydney , AustraliaThis is a pretty banal way to see God. Like all he does is punish sin. He rewards righteousness -- another word for 'intelligent living'.
    I suppose its tapping into a negative bible culture created by simplistic interpretations of the bible. I show the way, seek me.
  • Cassie from Valles Mines , MoJust because it says "hands on the bible" and saying horrible things about the situation that they are in it doesn't mean that they are slandering the "good book" I hate it when people assume such things.
    Do you research next time. Don't just put that down as information about the song if it is only how you feel about the song. Opinions are worthless really.
  • James Hanley from Chicago, IlYou are right drew
  • Drew from Kansas City, MoThis song is not about religion at all! The song is about a murderer who killed a pregnant woman and being in court and you have your hands on the bible and you are promising to tell the truth.
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