One More Drink

Album: Theater of the Mind (2008)
Charted: 24
  • It was Friday night,
    And I was feelin' aight, (yep)
    Downtown atlanta, big city, bright lights,
    Mixin' henny wit the sprite,
    While I'm drinkin' and drivin',
    No police lights,
    No police sirens,
    I'm headed to the club, lokin' for a freak,
    To spread a lil' love, to spread a couple cheeks,
    Pull up to the spot, 26's like beam,
    Eyes on me like "bitch, do you see em'"?
    Stroll to the front dor headed to the vip,
    Bought a couple bottles and I tok a couple sips,
    Strokib' out the room and what do I see?,
    A nice round butt and a pair of double d's,
    So, I crept up like shawty what's happenin'?,
    You killin' that dress and I love it with a passion,
    Then she turned around and her face was aight,
    She had a gap toth and a mean overbite,
    But I was like hm!

    If I take one more drink,
    I'm gon' fuckin' you,
    Is that what you wanna do shawty?,
    If I take one more drink,
    I'm gon' fuckin' you,
    You too!

    Woke up the next mornin' and all I can remember,
    Was takin' shots and tippin' the bartender,
    Surrender to the woman, end up bringing me home,
    Cause' she started lokin' better, every shot of patron, (yep!)
    I jumped up wit a devilish grin,
    Cause' tonight, damn right! I might do it again!
    So I called up the homies, (whaddup??) let's ride,
    We can hit the sports bar, over on the southside,
    Get a couple of coronas, couple of limes,
    Went up to the bar, saw a couple of dimes,
    So I, slowly walked up and said hi!
    My name is ludacris and I'ma hell of a guy,
    One said I know who you are,
    I'm your number one fan,
    And right now, it's to bad, I got a man,
    And I said I understand,
    But where the hell is he at??
    Cause' in a minute, if he dont show up, then man

    If I take one more drink,
    I'm gon' fuckin' you,
    Is that what you wanna do shawty?,
    If I take one more drink,
    I'm gon' fuckin' you,
    You to

    Aye pain holla at em right quick man!

    You gon get in trouble with your man giiirl,
    (don't get in trouble girl)
    Talkin bout how you're my biggest fan giiirl,
    (i know what I'm doin')
    Now I don't wanna do,
    What if you gon make me do?
    (don't make me do it, don't make me do it!)
    If I had one more drink

    One more drink I'ma get cha,
    Home, then I'll split cha,
    Grab the camera phone,
    And take a bunch drunk pictures,
    Cause' hennessy mixed wit a whole bunch of buddha,
    Equals you, mixed with a whole bunch of luda,
    And you know how far one drink could go,
    Start slurrin' my speech, slowin' up da flow,
    Hikin' up these skirts,
    Climbin' up your shirt,
    It's mr latenight luda and I like to flirt,
    So guess what babygiiiiiirl

    If I take one more drink,
    I'm gon' fuckin' you,
    (just one bok)
    Is that what you wanna do shawty?,
    (that's all it gon take)
    If I take one more drink,
    I'm gon'fuckin' you,
    (who else t-pain?)
    You to

    You hear what I'm sayin'??
    People to picky these daysdamn it!
    To tall, to short, to fat, to skinny,
    Have a couple of drinks and quit discriminating,
    This is been a luda service announcement

    Hahaha Writer/s: Alexander Mosley, Christopher B. Bridges, Jean Olivier, Samuel Barnes, Theo Bowen, CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES, THEODOR BOWEN, ALEXANDER MOSELY
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Royalty Network
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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