Tuesday's Gone

Album: Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd (1973)
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  • Train roll on, on down the line,
    Won't you please take me far, far away
    Now I feel the wind blow, outside my door,
    I'm leavin' my woman at home, oh yeah
    Tuesday's gone with the wind,
    Oh my baby's gone, gone with the wind
    And I don't know, oh, where I'm goin'
    I just want to be left alone
    When this train ends, I'll try again
    I'm leavin' my woman at home

    Tuesday's gone with the wind
    Tuesday's gone with the wind
    Tuesday's gone with the wind
    My baby's gone, with the wind
    Train roll on, Tuesday's gone

    Train roll on many miles from my home, see I'm
    I'm ridin' my blues, away yeah
    But Tuesday you see, a she had to be free
    Somehow I got to, to carry on

    Tuesday's gone with the wind
    Tuesday's gone with the wind
    Tuesday's gone with the wind
    My baby's gone, with the wind

    Train roll on
    My baby's gone
    I'm ridin' my blues, baby
    Tryin' to ridin' my blues
    Ride on train
    Ride on train
    Ridin' my blues, baby
    Goodbye Tuesday, goodbye Tuesday
    Oh, oh, oh, train Writer/s: ALLEN COLLINS, RONNIE VAN ZANT
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Kitty KillpatrickThis song was perfect for Dazed and Confused as the party is wrapping up at the moontower. Classic song for a classic movie.
  • Rick from FloridaThis song may be the greatest song ever created. It is so emotionally powerful one has to wonder if there is more behind it. This band created several songs that were very emotional and powerful but this was their best. The tragic flight and the misery the survivors went through makes me wonder if payback was in order for coming up with otherworldly music. I am just thinking out loud here but the first time I heard this and even simple man, it's almost like a spell is on these songs.
  • George from TexasI first met late good friend James H. in 1985 while stationed at Fort Riley Ks. My friend James was originally from Green Cove Springs Florida, which is just south of Jacksonville. He remembers hanging out out the weekends at train trestle tracks while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd practice at a nearby cabin when the band wasn’t on tour. He said this song was certainly inspired by the passing trains and this was where Ronnie Vanzant came up with the ideal of the song. James shared this with me back in the 80’s, which was less than a decade after the fatal plane crash that killed Ronnie and other band members. James said the cabin that LS practiced on was still there for years until someone finally burned it to the ground. He said his friend bought the land and built his near the cabin and in fact used the concrete foundation as his back porch.
    James said Tuesday’s Gone was his all time favorite LS song, and it has become mine too over the years. Sadly my friend James passed away last month and I never got to visit him at his home in Florida. He was going to show me the train trestle where he grew up listening to LS.
    James this ones for you.

  • TuesdayMy name is seriously and actually Tuesday. It wasn't until I was about 10 when my dad played this song I finally liked and understood my name.
  • Dean M from Riverview, FlThis is one of all time favorite songs!
  • Sam C from SeattleMaybe a late comment. But I do believe this is one of the best songs ever created, it certainly goes down as one of the all time best right next to let’s say stairway to heaven. I like sad songs and this song brings tears to my eyes almost every time I hear it. Something about this song, that other songs rarely have. I can’t imagine being one of the first to hear this song in 1973. If I had three wishes one of them would be to go back in time and see a lynyrd skynyrd concert. I’m sure it wouldn’t be any less than epic.
  • Mark from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada (outside Of Toronto)I am late to the party on this song. Did not come familiar with it until it was played in an episode of 'Seal Team' earlier this year, 2020. Reading some of the comments below, I have to agree, there is a certain feeling that builds from within you - great tune.
  • Cinbad from OklahomaI LOVE Lynyrd Skynyrd . My mom's nickname was Skinny Linnie god bless her soul .I think my mom new the band on a personal level . I remember going on a road cruise with a couple of them . I was to young to remember witch ones . it was the late 60s .
  • Andy from San Diego CaI have been a fan my whole life, They're the only band I have ever seen over and over again, I love this song, It's my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd Song. I understand the words literally and metaphorically, I feel the Train in the actual notes being strummed out in every instrument used to create this song, You see I hear the song in the actual music being played, Its haunting sound is indescribable, almost as if its from some other place that we have never seen, been or even heard of.. Ronnie Van Zant is obviously a musical genius and figured out how to put what he heard in his head into the band members minds then hands, The music for me is everything, how its played out and then combined into what we all hear, but much more than that the music itself is telling the story and has used the band members to speak out the words through their instruments, and then Ronnie interprets for the music, that's the only way I can explain it. I truly believe those old souls buried in all those unmarked graves throughout Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi, old Souls of Native Americans whos bones are restless in the beautiful Everglades of Flordia, the winding trails throughout Alabamas mystical Appalachian mountains and countless moments in time spent in cotton fields of Mississippi's Delta plains that inspired a generation of blues singers that spawned Rock & Roll itself, The rich combination of music songs and spirits flowing into a few humans, Ronnie was one of those spirits, He was the true blue deal. Always a Fan.
  • Rod from California Lot younger than most you you guys but for me this song means that he had to leave the love of his life behind. The train he is referring to is just his will to keep going on in life no matter how depressed he is that it didn’t work out with the person he loves the most. Life’s a screwed up thing. Sometimes the closest bond you have with someone doesn’t work out and that’s why he’s leaving her at home. Sometimes even if it makes life hell you have to let go and be alone. I miss my girl so much everytime I hear this song I get all teary eyed thinking about how I broke up with the love of my life so she could be happier and this is how I interpret how he feels as well. I thought life was about sticking it through, through the ups and downs. But it’s about being able to be a better person and you can’t do that if you are stuck. Why he’s riding the blues. Sad af but carrying on because that’s just life.
  • Mike from OaklandThis song means this to me...a loss of your women to death, either by accident or suicide...he always refers to her as My Women...and she is gone forever and nothing can bring her back....and a train ride to clear the mind and move on is all one can do. My Tuesday is gone.
  • Dena from Williamston, ScThis song was written by Ronnie and Allen when they signed their first record deal signifying their "normal" life as they knew it was over. It was on their first Album.
  • Matt from PittsburghGreat song. However reminds me of 9/11. Since it happened on a Tuesday our local classic rock station played it a few times throughout the night mixed with the sounds of that day. Same with Pink Floyd's On the turning away.
  • Dan from Newton, KsFor many years, I thought the 'strings' in this tune were a cheesy recording of an orchestra - even though 'I loved that cheese'! When I realized it was actually a melotron, I completely fell in love with that melotron sound. Some other VERY cool melotron sounds can be heard at the beginning of 'Strawberry Fields Forever', & in Red Hot Chili Pepper's 'Snow' (Hey-Oh). Seriously - listen to RHCP's 'Snow' if only for that melotron!!
  • Ken from San Mateo, CaNo matter what the facts or how you interpret this song, I still see it as a sad song...
  • Sherry from Landenberg Pa, PaThis is one of the Best bands to have ever existed. Their music is timeless. I just wish they played more of the "gems" on the radio. I have to admit a personal 'thing' for Ronnie V.S. he is THE MAN.
  • Pj from Twain Harte, CaI was (and still am) a true Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. I remember the night of their plane crash, my (then) boyfriend picked me up at work and told me the bad news. This then came on the radio and I started to cry... he laughed at first until he could see I was really devastated, then he felt bad. I am an older Mamma Bear now, and one of my daughters plays piano. I hope someday she'll play this song for me in one of her bands. She can play just the solo part now, and it still makes me cry....
  • Rich Tancredi from New York, NyThe studio version is incredible. I heard a demo version on You Tube and it was very ruff.. Al Kooper really turned it into a masterpiece.
    I play piano for a few Skynyrd Tribute bands and I play an instrumental piano solo right before freebird at gigs. You can just to go you tube and type in my name and take a listen. My all time fav songs...
  • Weedz from Dunedin, New ZealandGary Rossington plays the main guitar part on his 59`LP. That fat guitar sound is just great. So70s
    I`ve read an interview with Rossington and Collins back in the late 70s and they said the song`s another `road song` about a band member leaving to go on tour, `Leaving my woman.. at home`. Its not about someone getting killed by a train or some unfaithful snag. In the 70s `road songs` were quite popular. Check out Highway Song by Blackfoot, Turn the page by Bob Segar or Skynyrds own Free Bird. All are excellent examples.
  • Randy from Beaumont, TxMy apologies Ed the duplication was not intentional.
  • Randy from Beaumont, TxThis song is featured in the final scene of 'Happy Gilmore' and was also featured in the Discovery Channel Program 'Deadliest Catch' during the Farewell Tribute to Captain Phil Harris. It has also been covered by Hank Williams Jr.
  • Phil from Glasgow, United KingdomI first heard this song performed by Ronnie Van Zandt and the original band live at the Knebworth festival outside London in 1976 . They played just before the Stones finale and boy did the Stones have a hard act to follow . What a band !
  • Dane from Lima,ohio, FlI can't say how much I love & adore this song.It's sad,It's bluesy,It's about a train & "I'm leavin' my woman @ home".My farorite part is the bridge with the piano leading up to where the strings come in.Pure beauty.Also,I think it was Ronnie's best singing ever.
  • George from Bangalore, IndiaI have heard this song 15 times today - truly addictive
  • Emmett from Canadian, TxMicheal from GSO, NC. what do you mean who names a girl "Tuesday", who names a boy Micheal, com on man, and, Metallica's version is good, but no as good as, skynyrd's
  • Ed from Lake City, Flhank williams jr. does a great version of this song , he puts a little twist on it though. billy powell's organ makes the song for me. and all you people who first heard this in happy gilmore my god where have you been? ya'll sure have missed alot of good music
  • John from Welch, WvAll I can say is musical genuises.
  • Justin from Toronto, OnThis song is not only about the name of the girl, but how Ronnie and his friends would always get together on Tuesday night's and all of a sudden it was gone out of nowhere.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InI just love the way Ronny slides his words to match the whammy bar guitar.
    Simply beautiful work from that guitar, too, whether it was Gary or Allen, I am unsure, though.
  • John from Cornelius, NcClearly this song is about a woman named Tuesday who just wont stop nagging Van Zandt. If you look at the lyrics he is wishing a train would take him away before the next nag fest begins which will be shortly since he hears her blowing like the wind outside his door. In the next line he reminds himself that the next time he is on tour he is leaving this bag of wind at home.

    If thats not enough proof, just look at the other verses. He says he doesn't care where the train takes him he just wants to "be left alone". Meaning this woman is relentless. Its a rare woman that can drive you so nuts you don't care where the train takes ya, just as long as it is away from all the fricking nagging. Nag Nag Nag. He decides when the train stops he will try touring again but he is definetly not going to do it with this chick. He is going to leave her at home. I'm sure many will not buy into my interpretation, but I'm quite sure that it is accurate. Any man who has had to deal with a "Tuesday" in their life will be hard pressed to disagree with my interpretation.
  • Matt from New York, Brunei Darussalamepic never forgetting guitar who think of these things
  • Aj from Waco, TxIt was also featured on the movie "Prefontaine" when Pre meets up with his ex girlfriend at a local bar. Great song
  • Geo from Altoona, PaBilly Powell on the piano....awesome
  • Hannes from Jhb, South AfricaNo word can describe how great this song is!!!
    First heared this song on Happy Gilmore.
  • Jose from Miami, FlTo Dutch from Montour Falls, NY... the song is pretty much a woman being left behind. its the perfect interpretation.
  • Jon from West Bend, IaI, firstly, am not a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, but I absolutely love this song. Van Zant's voice, the instruments, and what I guess would be the ideas in this song create something very special for me. I don't know what it is, but this song seems to strike every sorrowful or sad heartstring I have. Maybe the bluesy feel? Or the train imagery? Whatever it is, this is a great song.
  • Dd from Indianapolis, InHappy Gilmore? How old are you people? Kidding. I am so old I heard it live - amazing. And I think I'm the only LS fan that hates Free Bird
  • Tim from Deer Park, Ohthis song describes a lot in my life, its a great song and very under appreitieted compared to freebird . i thank that this song is about a girl or something else special going away and nothing can be done to bring it back.
  • Dutch from Montour Falls, NyPS - I named my motorcyle club after this Great song! Tuesday's Gone MC!
  • Dutch from Montour Falls, NyYou are ALL wrong! Tuesday is the DAY. He is saying good bye to the past; it is a carpe diem song. If he is leaving his woman at home then that shows that it is he leaving her but when he writes, "Tuesday it seems, she had to be free, I leave my woman at home..." Then you know Tuesday and his woman are two different entities. Tuesday's gone but a new day approaches. He seemingly picked that name because it can be mistaken for a woman's name.
  • Tuesday from Worcester, MaI was actually named after this song. Granted, my father was a hippie.
  • Richard from Pekin, IlLove this song. I hate to say it Freebird shows what you can do with guitars but I think this song is pure song writing and vocals.

    It is a very under appreciated song.
  • John from Wilmington, NcHey Tuesday-the actress your named after is Tuesday Weld, not Welds. Congrats though-cool name.
  • David from Green Bay, WiPure, unadulterated Southern Rock!!! Wait, I think I read that in a review or somethin' bout Lynyrd Skynyrd once. Anyway, on of their best.*****
  • Mitch from Vicksburg, MiThe episode of "My Name is Earl" that this song appears in is "Randy's Touchdown", the third episode of the first season.
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhThis song makes me very nostalgic fo no reason at all. Anyway, it's my favorite Lynard Skynard song EVER. This song is sad too, and almost makes me cry(Just kidding.)
  • Tuesday from Baton Rouge, LaMY NAME IS TUESDAY..so yes, someone would actually name their daughter Tuesday, thank you! I am named after Tuesday Welds--not Wells--and a high shool teacher of mine gave me this song because she thought it was so cool that my name was Tuesday--it's been my favorite song since!
  • Joseph from Wise, VaI first heard this on an episode of My Name is Earl, Later i realized it appears on Happy Gilmore. A truly underated Skynyrd song.
  • Brittany from Hamilton, CanadaThis song is one of my favorite songs of all time! I first heard this song in Dazed and Confused and I love it!!!!! This song was also in an episode of My Name Is Earl.
  • Tj from Woodbridge, Vathis is an awsome song. even if the girls name is tuesday, in terms of days of the week, there is always wednesday
  • Heather from Irving, Txgood movies and song!!!!
  • Dan from Amsterdam, NetherlandsFirst time I heard this song was on the car radio after I had just left my wife on a flight out of Denver Intl. We had problems, and I felt sad and depressed. This song just about finished me off. We came through though.
  • Martin from Santa Monica, CaThis is an awesome tune arguably the best musical arangement of all Skynyrd songs. This would be awesome with a full orchestra! I agree it is about a girl named Tuesday (anyone remember the actress Tuesday Wells?, and in French Mardi is Tuesday, as in Mardi gras) But Tuesday left him, not the other way around... so he had to catch a train to get away for awhile.
    Hank Williams Jr. also covers this song, although he changes a few words and relates it to the death of his woman.
  • Andy from Pittsburgh, PaThe fact that her name is a day of the week seems to signify that she is a stage in the speaker's life which is fading into the past. The speaker must move on to another day of his life's week and must pick up and leave town, in the nomadic tradition of Southern rockers. I don't think the relationship between the girl's name and time can be ignored.
  • Sean from Private Info :), NeProbobly the GREATEST band ever. Tuesday's Gone is an amazing song and is there best song next to the over played ones. Like sweet home and freebird. I also agree with Jessica fomr NY with it being about a day of the week. I always thought that too. This song is a very moveing song, next to claptons song like tears in heaven and fathers eyes. Tuesdays gone is an Awsome and unapreciated song.

  • Stephen from Calgary, CanadaThis song is so emotional. I love to listen to it when I feel depressed, especially when I'm on the train, and moreso if it's raining out. They really did a fantastic job.
  • T from J'ville, FlHere is the story I was told about the song by someone close: Tuesday was the name of one of the band member's girlfriends. Tuesday was on her way to one of the bands gigs and was hit by a train and died. The lyrics were written by Collins and VanZant for their pal.
  • Paul from Ithaca, NyThis song also appears in Prefontaine. Great movie, great song.
  • Sandy from Sudbury, CanadaPlease people, I cover this tune in our set and it is a very simple and hard hitting song.
    Everyone seem to think that he is going away and leaving her "Behind". It sound like yall are confusing this song with Free bird.
    It is simple... This song is about the girl that would not be true. she couldn't be burdened with being tied down. with him, as one. she had to be free...meaning doing what she wanted to do. be what she wanted to be other than what he wanted.
    SO HE LEFT Town and is gonna try to move on...Because she's gone out doing what she what to again. he can't deal with it and left. taking him far, away.
    But it's open for interpretation as all songs are. it's really what you get out of it and take for your own that brings you your truth. as all music does.
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaI love this song...I heard it on Happy Gilmore and tried literally for years to find out who did it and was surprised that L.S did. I really like them, and had no clue they did this song.
  • Michael from Gso, NcTwo questions: Who names a girl "Tuesday"?
    Metallica's version is "good"?
  • Jessica from York, PaSure, I agree that Tuesday is the name of a girl and that was the basis of the whole song(which I also believe is a very unappreciated song).

    Yet when I was younger I had always taken the song to mean something else. I thought that 'Tuesday' simply referred to the day of the week and that it meant Tuesday had passed just like every day seems to slip between our grasp and disappear. That perhaps 'Tuesday' was a special day or the day the couple in the song had to go their separate ways. That in all ways 'Tuesday' represented moving on in life for whatever reason, which would make sense to me why it was played at the end of Happy Gilmore when Happy sees Chubs in Heaven and realizes how he has to move on with his own life. Of course, that is just how I saw the song as a child.
  • Chad from Fsj, CanadaMy fourite song for sure- and Metallica's version is a good one to hear if you really like the original.
  • Bob from Boca Raton, FlVery unappreciated song in my opinion. I always felt like this was Ronnie's best vocal performance. I can hear/feel the emotion in his voice, especially when he sings "somehow I've got to carry on". Song has always moved me.
  • Bill from Hillsboro, TxThis is a wonderful song.I have always thought that Tuesday had killed herself for some unknown reason. Ronnie sang that he was leaving her behind, but he also sang that Tuesday had to be free.
    I suppose it could be as simple as leaving a girl named Tuesday but I like to think that it was a little more than that.
  • Jefferson from Nekoosa, Wi"In this song, Tuesday is the name of a girl. It's about going away and leaving her behind."

    Good call.
  • Brett from Moore, OkThis is one of Lynyrd Skynyrd's best songs. I first heard it on Happy Gilmore. I also heard it on dazed and confused. Both of these movies are great. I have downloaded Metallica's Version. It was great. I don't think I heard a better cover of a song. If you haven't heard, I suggest that you do. On the newest greatest hits (thyrty) Blues Medley is a great song. I loved.
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