Independence Day

Album: The Way That I Am (1994)
Charted: 12
  • Well she seemed all right by dawn's early light
    Though she looked a little worried and weak.
    She tried to pretend he wasn't drinkin' again
    But daddy'd left the proof on her cheek.
    And I was only eight years old that summer
    And I always seemed to be in the way
    So I took myself down to the fair in town
    On Independence Day.

    Well ,word gets around in a small,small town
    They said he was a dangerous man
    But mama was proud and she stood her ground
    But she knew she was on the losin' end.
    Some folks whispered and some folks talked
    But everybody looked the other way
    And when time ran out there was no one about
    On Independence Day.

    Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing
    Let the whole world know that today
    Is a day of reckoning.
    Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong
    Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay
    It's Independence Day.

    Well,she lit up the sky that fourth of July
    By the time that the firemen come
    They just put out the flames
    And took down some names
    And send me to the county home.
    Now I ain't sayin' it's right or it's wrong
    But maybe it's the only way.
    Talk about your revolution
    It's Independence Day.

    Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing
    Let the whole world know that today
    Is a day of reckoning.
    Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong
    Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay
    It's Independence Day.

    Roll the stone away
    It's Independence Day. Writer/s: GRETCHEN PETERS
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Camille from Toronto, Oh"Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay." The abuser pays for his sins and also the abused wife pays for her radical actions with her life. Maybe it's right, maybe it's wrong. "Maybe it's the only way." Martina spectacularly captures the emotion when her voice cracks the last time she cries, "Let the wind Be-EE strong!" Strong winds fan the flames. Let everything crash and burn; you see the fury. Let the winds of change be strong, too; let's work towards better support for domestic violence victims.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhIn 1994 when Independence Day was released, domestic violence was big in the news because of OJ Simpson. It was the year he was charged with murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman who were killed in June 12, 1994. As the story unfolded, the public was made aware of Simpson’s extensive history of domestic violence towards Nicole.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhIndependence Day—
    CMA Video of the Year, 1994
    CMA Song of the Year 1995 for songwriter Gretchen Peters.
    In 2003, it ranked 50th in CMT's 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music.
    In 2004, this ranked #2 in CMT's 100 Greatest Videos in Country Music.
    In 2014, Rolling Stone magazine ranked the song #77 in their list of the 100 greatest country songs.
  • Howard from Los Angeles, CaI would like to say that, first, this is a truly beautiful, evocative song. Kudos to Gretchen Peters. And,
    like her, I too despise Sean Hannity. He is a true male bimbo and does nothing but create divisiveness
    among Americans. But I disagree that this song is not about patriotism. It is a tragic twist of a classic
    American phrase ... Independence Day ... whose power to evoke emotion would not even exist if we
    had not fought a bloody war to gain a measure of independence. Of course, that revolution has long
    since been sold out and women, who are victimized by their males, pay the price of the sell-out.
    "Indepence Day" and "Born in the USA" are both phrases fraught with latent patriotic emotions
    and both are tragic commentaries on modern America. The real gist of songs like these have more
    to do with the fact that Americans have lost control of their destiny .. than with the victims they
    portray. Wake up, people. It's getting late.
  • Don from Fairbanks, AlbaniaIndependence Day is a song about becoming independent about anything. It can be 4th of July, abuse, a bad habit you quit, a sin you repented from.Anything that you broke free from.
    It no longer controls your life, You now have Independence Day.
  • Karen from Manchester, NhMax, have you never thought that maybe the crowd went nuts over the song because they KNOW and LIKE the song? If you're going to have such a low opinion of your audience, maybe you shouldn't be a performer. Also, if you look at JUST the chorus apart from the verses, the words ARE very patriotic. It's call "irony".
  • Ra from Asheville, NcIt is pretty hilarious how often this gets mistaken for a generic patriotic song...
  • Roy from Virginia, Va Martina McBride's signature song,she has the listener captivated throughout.
  • Roy from Virginia, VaThe best song ever about spousal abuse,Martina McBride, being very conscious of the world around her has covered a myriad of subjects in her songs and has done it well.
  • Rick from Kansa City, Ks The musician who called his listeners ignorant stupes is an a hole musician. That's no way to refer to your audience.
  • Pete Hines from Tulsa, OkEugene Darrell you are an idiot, no one cares about your studebaker-- Great song, probably one of the strongest vocal performances ever. The clarity of her voice is unequaled, and the power is magnifcaint, I wish there were more performances by Martina McBride that allowed for her to belt it out like she does this song.
  • Steve from Hermitage, TnNashville singer/songwriter Helen Lewis Moore did a parody of this song called "Codependence Day" on her 2006 solo album "Harold". It's told from the point of view of a woman who keeps compromising for the sake of her no-good boyfriend.
  • Cindi from Seattle, WaThe first time I heard Martina McBride sing "Independence Day" was on Sean Hannity's radio show. It prompted me to search out the lyrics. I was not surprised when I read them. I think everyone has their own personal story of Independence. If you're a contemplative person, on the 4th of July you are not only celebrating our nation's independence, but all the freedoms afforded to yourself personally through that. So I think it's appropriate to celebrate the song "Independence Day" on the 4th of July to remind yourself that you don't have to be a prisoner to anyone or anything--you are free! (In my mind, in the video the mom is seen in the background as the smoke clears and she and the daughter go off to have a peaceful life together.)
  • Max from Philipsburg, PaThere is a cruel ignorance in the public music listener. I bet 99% of the people who listen to Sean Hannity's radio show have no idea that Independence Day isn't a patriotic song. I bet a large portion of McBride's fans don't pay any attention to what the song is about. As a musician in a band, I can tell you I am amazed at how ignorant and unobservant listeners are. Most of them say, "Oh, I never listen to the words anyway."

    As a bit of anecdotal evidence, my band played a July 4th Festival, and we did Independence Day. I said, "They'll never notice, ignorant stupes. They'll love it just because it says "Independence Day" in the words."

    Guess what, I was dang right. It went over big. Nobody has any idea what the song is about.
    Pathetic, really.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhAn all-time classic. The video shot in black and white, well, that clinced the deal, giving that timeless appeal and a dramatic effect. McBride's voice mixed with Gretchen Peter's lyrics are P U R E perfection. No bout a dout it.
  • Darrell from EugeneI don't know how much it was, but the damn bicycle from the video's burn scene fetched a five-figure price at auction several years ago. All that money for a 1970-something little girl's bicycle? My God! I recently found a 1932 Studebaker sedan that was very similar to my first car except for having the original drivetrain rather than a Rambler (AMC) V-8 and push-button shift in a Hemmings magazine ad for that much, and a '32 Studebaker is a sound investment.
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