God Was Never On Your Side

Album: Kiss Of Death (2006)
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  • If the stars,
    Fall down on me,
    And the sun,
    Refused to shine,
    Then may the shackles be undone,
    May all the old words cease to rhyme
    If the sky,
    Turned into Stone,
    It would matter not at all,
    For there is no heaven,
    In the sky,
    Hell does not wait,
    For our downfall!

    Let the voice of reason shine,
    Let the fires vanish,
    For all time,
    God's face here,
    Is unseen,
    You can't ask him,
    What it all means,
    He was never on your side,
    God was never on your side,
    Let right or wrong,
    On our own decide
    God was never on your side.

    See ten thousand ministries
    See the holy righteous dogs,
    They claim to heal,
    But all they do is steal,
    An illusion of faith, cheat, and wrong,
    If God is wise,
    Why is he still,
    When these false profits,
    Call him friend,
    Why is he silent,
    Is he blind!?
    Are we abandoned?
    in the end?

    Let the sword of reason shine,
    Let us be free of prayer and shrine
    God's face is hidden,
    Turned away,
    He never has a word to say,
    He was never on your side,
    God was never on your side,
    Let right or wrong,
    On our own decide,
    God was never on your side!
    No, no, no.

    He was never on your side,
    God was never on your side,
    Never on your side!
    Never on your side!
    God was never on your side,
    Never on your side Writer/s: Ian Fraser Kilmister, Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou, Philip Anthony Campbell
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Dan Gillespy from Courtenay BcA very good Motorhead ballad about someone who is down on their luck.
  • Joe from London@Micplo both songs sound rather like I'm Not Like Everybody Else by The Kinks.
  • Micplo from PolandHi guys, Im blown away by it but the melody belongs to a Polish Singer from 70's
  • Nedkelly from Sydney, AustraliaLemmy (RIP?) was agnostic, atheist, anti-paedophile and a woman lover ever since his early days in Hawkwind.
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