Home Before Dark

Album: Home Before Dark (2008)
  • Home before dark
    Before the night comes falling
    The sun going down
    And I can hear you calling
    I followed my star
    Just to be where you are
    But I couldn't get far
    In the dark

    Home before dark
    Before the day deserts me
    I looked for my truth
    Knowing the truth might hurt me
    Been traveling light
    Just the head of the night
    And I'll be getting home right
    Before dark

    I've been searching
    Can't explain
    Looked for reasons
    But what I found in me
    Know for certain
    Things are changing
    I've been changing
    Now I need you to be
    Home where I can see

    Home before dark
    Before the light escapes me
    To be at your side
    That's where the journey takes me
    And I've been afraid
    If I lost my way
    Then I wouldn't be save
    Before dark

    I've got stories
    I wanna tell you
    You need to hear them
    Maybe then you'll see
    That I've found them
    Never knowing
    They were going
    On inside of me
    It's where I had to be

    Home before dark
    Know you'll be waiting for me
    To be at your door
    And talking to a fool
    In the morning
    Been so long
    The places I know
    But I knew I'd get home
    Before dark

    Because of you
    I get home
    Before dark Writer/s: NEIL DIAMOND
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • John from London, United KingdomFor years Neil has lived in the long shadow of his late sixties and seventies songs, and for many of his fans it may have seemed his time for writing classics had passed. When I listened to 12 Songs I was largely disapointed, not because it was a bad album, but because it had nothing to compare with the likes of Brooklin Roads, Cracklin Rosie, I Am I Said, etc, so I approached the album Home Before Dark with scepticism. At first I believed it had reached #1 on the basis of a very ear-catching promotional track, Pretty Amazing Grace, but then I heard the album. It is full of excellent songs about God, goldiggers, past loves, and returning to his first love, his audience and music. After about five plays I discovered the reason why it had been his first UK #1; it just happens to be his best album. But is there anything on the album to trouble those early classics? Well yes, there is actually, in fact the album contains something I would have thought impossible; his best ever song, and it is the title track. It is so beautiful, so full of the weight of a lifetime's experience, it could bring tears to a glass eye. If you used to be a fan, even if you just liked a few of the old songs, buy the album and listen to it a few times; you won't be sorry.
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