If I Don't See You Again

Album: Home Before Dark (2008)
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  • If I couldn't see you again,
    Life would make no sense at all to me.
    I could be a rich man, but why?
    It wouldn't mean much if I could never see you again.

    If I couldn't look in your eyes,
    How'm I gonna see tomorrow?
    How'm I gonna know where to go?
    I need to be at your side.
    Say what you want, babe, but I,
    I need to see you again.

    Things are gonna get serious.
    What a waste of a chance for the two of us.
    What can I do?
    Is it so mysterious?
    I would be much less than I am
    If I couldn't have you.

    And if there wasn't you in my life,
    All my life would be so empty.
    And if I couldn't see you again,
    Be losing more than a friend.
    Don't even want to pretend.
    I need to see you again.


    Know that it's true.
    How'm I gonna make you believe?
    What have I got left to give to you?
    Maybe just a piece of my life.
    It wouldn't mean much
    If I could never see you again.
    I need to see you again. Writer/s: NEIL DIAMOND
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Shem from OzAgain this song from this album (second one tonight that I haven't heard before) - the words are a revelation of his relationship that's breaking up - very candid . But again, the melody is not that imaginative or moving as some of his other songs. Still Neil is Neil, he's got the voice - and looks.
  • John from London, United KingdomFor a man who is probably known for more classic songs than any other artist, Neil has made an album here that is heaving with tracks that could justifiably end up on any future compilation disc. However, despite being head and shoulders above anything on the previous album 12 Songs, this particular track doesn't quite fall into that category, although it is perhaps the most intimate song on the album. It sounds like it's about his relationship with his fans, although he says he has no idea of its meaning. I think he tends to make some rather ambiguous claims about the meanings of his songs, at least in the way he describes them in interviews and on album sleeves. Truly great music.
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