Album: Rust Never Sleeps (1979)
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  • Are you ready Bryce
    Aurora borealis
    The icy sky at night
    Paddles cut the water
    In a long and hurried flight
    From the white man to the fields of green
    And the homeland we've never seen

    They killed us in our tepee
    And they cut our women down
    They might have left some babies
    Cryin' on the ground
    But the fire sticks and the wagons come
    And the night falls on the setting sun

    They massacred the buffalo
    Kitty corner from the bank
    The taxis run across my feet
    And my eyes have turned to blanks
    In my little box at the top of the stairs
    With my Indian rug and a pipe to share

    I wish a was a trapper
    I would give thousand pelts
    To sleep with Pocahontas
    And find out how she felt
    In the mornin' on the fields of green
    In the homeland we've never seen

    And maybe Marlon Brando
    Will be there by the fire
    We'll sit and talk of Hollywood
    And the good things there for hire
    And the Astrodome and the first tepee
    Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and me
    Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and me
    Pocahontas Writer/s: Neil Young
    Publisher: Silver Fiddle, WORDS & MUSIC A DIV OF BIG DEAL MUSIC LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Bob Falcey from GeorgiaI am 73 years old and I have followed Neil Young from his early days with Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, Stills Young band and his days with Crazy Horse band( who should be in R&R Hall of Fame); and his solo career. The man is a prolific song writer, musician and social advocate. I am trying to get my 21 yr old son to listen and appreciate his timeless lyrics and song to help him with his social consciousness between past and present. I hope he enjoys the ride
  • Joe Sadonis from Palisade ColoradoPeace Love Neil & Science~
    I love you Cassidy!!!
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