Body On Me

Album: Brass Knuckles (2008)
Charted: 17 42
  • [Chorus]
    The way that you walking, the way that you talking
    You're the one I want to spend this night with
    Trying to get in them drawers and bang it out til the morning
    I can already tell you want it
    Cause you shaking it all for me, giving it all to me
    Rubbing that body on me
    Keep on shaking it all for me, giving it all to me
    Rubbing that body on me

    Hey boy
    I think I just might wanna come see you tonight
    And you can have your way boy
    I know its been a while since you made my body right
    Now I've been waiting patiently, anticipating you and me
    And it ain't no question cause boy I love you when you put that body on me


    Hey how you doing mama
    I need to know your name
    You giving me the eye eye
    I'm giving you the same
    It just hit me right now
    What we should do today
    Go tell you friends bye bye
    And lets go hop a plane
    Its no mistaken the attractions ironic
    I wanna make you someone more then just a a bone in my closet
    I wanna win that type of relationship
    Where you gon' wanna come hang when your man done trip
    You say your short this month and you're late on your rent
    He took your car, what you mean? Hold this
    Hey hey you see oh
    You see lil mama outta control


    Now I see you lookin' at my body baby
    Now you wanna come and put it on me
    If I gave it to you, could you promise me
    That you could make it feel like it never did
    'Cause I see (I see), and you see (you see)
    Now if I please you (I please you), you please me (you please me)
    Now I ain't the one in no relationship,
    And I ain't tryna be the other chick (I know you want it)



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